Thought I would upload my new icon in full, as I think the picture turned out relatively cute, if I do say so, myself. Especially when its rare for me to feel that way about my work.

I’ve been wanting to replace my icon with something Ed Edd n Eddy related, but I was not able to come up with an idea until about 30 minutes ago, when this popped into my head. The “Don’t Touch Yourself” sticky note in Edd’s bathroom always made me laugh, and that, combined with Edd’s overall awkward and shy demeanor, helped me come up with something humorous/tongue-in-cheek (and fitting of my personality, for that matter) for my icon.


Long time, no talk! I’ve been busy in Florida, and unable to post.

SO. I’m finally sharing the last of the Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy photoshoot I did with Kyuu Vixen Cosplay! :D I saved the best for last. I love shippy pictures, if you know me at all, and I just think that kissing one of the two of us is so adorable because Double D is a pure cinnamon roll.

Thanks for following me through this Marie x Double D journey you guys!

Marie Kanker: Kyuu Vixen Cosplay
Double D: Hideyo Mochimo (aka Me)
Photographer: CMG Photography

One of the things I like best about Double D is that despite all of his maturity and his verbose manners, he still holds a childish element to him. Like being excited over a game of truth or dare. Even though he’s undoubtedly the most mature of the Eds, he still has the capability of acting just as much like a kid as they do (which… Well, they are kids).

“Eddy, *hic* shall we k– *hic*”

“..Eh, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink, Sockhead.”

I dunno. Edd’s clumsy even when he’s sober.. I’d imagine he’d be stumbling around a lot when he’s had too much to drink. Not to mention, I bet he’s a total lightweight. xD

Btw, if you couldn’t tell by their extra facial hair, they are both meant to be around my age here. So, 22-23-ish. Legally allowed to drink. lol.

And, yeah, if this looks slashy, thats because it is. THIS BLOG IS GAY, DAMMIT.

…Kiss already, you two. Sheesh.

“Uh, this ain’t how wrestling works, Sockhead.”

Here’s a completely platonic hug between two completely platonic friends.

Okay I’m done being a smart ass. ;P

Had to make fun of myself a little bit because I apparently can’t go less than 24 hours without drawing these two acting a little questionable around each other. Lmao. It’s not like this stuff doesn’t happen in the show! XD

I also wanted to give you guys some fluff to satisfy your sweet-tooths. I’m a giggly, sappy little bitch, what can I say?!

Its nice to see Eddy looking a little vulnerable, too. Give in to the hugs Eddy. You know you like them. >:)