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Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

Mellow Frames: Bill Talks About Ships

Reactions after watching Golf Wars:

Me: Wow, it’s nice that Pacifica isn’t just a one-dimensional stereotype and she might develop a good friendship with Mabel.

Fallers: Pacifica is so gay for Mabel. 

Reactions after watching Society of the Blind Eye:

Me: Wendy is such a lesbian.

Fallers: Mabel and Wendy are such great gal pals. Mabel needs an older sister type to confide in. 

Also to note: I’m not hating on any ships with this comic. It’s ok to ship anything you want. Even Pinecest…. You sick fucks. 

a montage of some of stan’s “excellent” parenting skills, as requested here by thejournalsaregone.

here’s a montage of the grunkles being bad influences/guardians on the kids, requested here by anonymous!