sock puppet theater

(Literary) Web Series Tropes

I made up way more of these than I expected so most of them are under a read more. Most of these only apply to vlog-style series.

  • Exposition Episode: Usually the first episode of the series. The Main Character(s) (MC) decide to make a vlog but don’t know what to talk about so they list out all of their friends and family, along with details about where they live and (usually) their school. Notable examples: literally every show.
  • Whose Vlog Is This Anyway: The MC is supposed to be vlogging solo but their best friend and/or significant other is in almost every episode, occasionally even without the MC. Notable examples: Mac and Beth, TAJWASH.
  • Let’s All Vlog: Several characters who don’t know each other all decide to start vlogging at the same time. Notable examples: Like, As It Is, In Earnest. Subtrope: Let’s All Tweet: When all the characters get Twitter accounts at the same time.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sock Puppet theater was filmed in the Nickelodeon offices in New York City.  Each puppet was hand crafted with household items available at your local craft store.  For added entertainment, we made the iconic villain Shredder with an actual kitchen shredder. Funny, right?!  Our set was designed to fit three people, six arms, two backgrounds and a creepy lifelike pizza. So throw on a sock, draw a background, and star in your own sock puppet theater!