sock of the month

  • irene: *dies*
  • sherlock: *smokes 1 cigarette*
  • john: *gets married*
  • sherlock: *leaves wedding early, disappeares for entire month, actually does go back to hard drugs*
  • everyone: wOW wtf sherlock you asshole how dare you do this to yourself and to us WHY would you do this we cANNOT IMAGINE AT ALL WHY you would ever do this!!!!! !!!!! ! !
Kittens and Mittens

With Gabriel gone for Christmas, Adrien is alone. So he decides to spend as much time as Chat Noir as possible, sleeping during the day and hunting around Paris at night. Until Marinette decides it’s time to intervene.  

Here! Have some Christmas ANGST! Actually, I wrote this a while ago and totally FORGOT ABOUT IT! Now it’s inaccurate because of the Christmas Special, but oh well. Enjoy anyway. 

Part 1


Adrien always tried to get excited about it. Frankly, it was hard not to be. The whole of Paris was festive—trees in parks, people bundled up with hot chocolate, store fronts decorated with lights and garlands. Everyone was abuzz for it all through December, planning and exchanging gifts.

Even Adrien had received a few parcels from his friends the last day before break, which was a first. Ever. Nino had gotten him the new Mecha Strike expansion, which he’d been playing religiously since. Alya had given him a pair of Ladybug socks, saying he’d mentioned them offhand a few months before (he didn’t remember doing so, but that didn’t mean he enjoyed the gift any less). Even Marinette had given him something, which he hadn’t at all expected.

But maybe he should have.

The gloves she’d made him were perfect. Not blue, like the scarf she’d given him for his birthday, but dark green with white accents. The cookies she’d made along with them had been phenomenal as well, though he shouldn’t have expected any less there either.

He’d been a little embarrassed when she’d given him the gifts, to be honest. He’d noticed her signature on the scarf a few months prior and promptly interrogated Nathalie on the subject. She’d confessed to the “mix-up” on threat of him telling his father, which would have gone over poorly for her.

His father hadn’t gotten him anything for his birthday—not even a stupid pen.

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A month ago I found on YouTube amazing animation called, “Welcome to Hell”. Since then, my life completely changed. Thank you Erica Wester! And thank you, accident!
Yes. That’s Maxwell, but I’m still not good at drawing like this. He’s in Jon’s hoodie, what also isn’t made very well. But I think…that’s cute? “Wait…that was terrible”…

Because I Love You

It was the middle of the day and you still hadn’t seen J.  You knew he was busy at work in his office and he probably wanted to be alone so he could focus but you just couldn’t help yourself.  You decided a little company wouldn’t hurt him so you made your way down the hall, sliding on the wood floor in your fuzzy socks.  You had been together for almost eight months now, so you decided knocking was on longer necessary.  Surely he would be happy to see you regardless of how absorbed he was.  You stepped in the room and closed the door gently behind you.  A huge grin spread across your face as you saw J, busy as always.  He paid no attention to you as you walked up to his desk and sat on the opposite side of him in one of his large, dark leather chairs.  Since he obviously wasn’t going to pay you any mind you decided to get comfortable by tucking your feet under you, curling up to just watch him at work.

Several minutes passed before he spoke up, “Why are you looking at me like that?” He said, never looking up from the papers covering his desk.

“Well, I was bored and I figured you’d be in here for a few more hours so I thought I’d come watch.” You replied with a smile.

He gave you his low growl that you loved so much before saying, “Doll, I’m really busy and you know I find you….distracting.  How about you go find Frost and stare at him for a while.”

Not wanting to leave, you decided to change the subject to something sensitive that you knew would get his attention.

“J, your hair is looking pretty dull.” you said, trying to contain a giggle.  You knew that you were going to hit a sweet spot and you did it on purpose.

He immediately brought his gaze up to meet yours.  You could see the panic that was setting in as his eyes widened.

“What?” He said softly.  There weren’t many things that he cared about, but his hair was one of them.

“I’m just saying, J….you’re really letting yourself go lately.”  You got up and turned around to walk out of the room, you really wanted to laugh but you couldn’t in front of him.  Before stepping out of the room you hollered back, “Maybe when you’re done working so much I can help you dye it. By the time that happens, though, all the green will be gone.”

Without waiting for his reply you walked out of the office, shut the door behind you, and started running up the stairs laughing.  Just when you were about to reach the bedroom you heard his office door open and steps coming your way.  You ran into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed, grabbing your phone. I’ve gotta act natural, my plan is working! You thought to yourself.

Moments later J stepped into the room, frantically looking in the large mirror by the closet doors.  He ran his fingers through his hair as if he were searching for something.

“Dye my hair. Now.” He growled towards you before striding into the large master bathroom.  You had to bite your lip to suppress your smile as you jumped off the bed and followed after him.

He sat down on the bench in front of your vanity, watching you intently as you brushed the neon green dye through his hair.  He tilted his head back and flashed you his silver smile in happiness, this was always one of his favorite things.  After the dye had sat for long enough you had him turn around and tilt his head under the sink so you could wash it out.

“You wanna know something, J?” You said as you ran your fingers through his hair, rinsing it out.

“Hmmmm?” He growled in response.

“Your hair looked fine, I just wanted to spend some time with you.” You giggled as he opened his eyes and glared at you.  He sat up, clearly agitated.

“Doll, if there’s one thing I don’t like it’s when you play games with me. I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO AND I DON’T NEED YOU FUCKING IT UP!”

You weren’t expecting his sudden change of tone, or your response.


J started to walk out of the bathroom but you grabbed his arm and took a deep breath.

“J, just talk to me for once instead of walking away. Sometimes I just need-”

“That’s the fucking problem Y/N! You always NEED. Why the fuck do you have to be SO FUCKING NEEDY?” J said, raising his voice once again.

“Because I love you god damn it!” You covered your mouth with your hand immediately after the words came out.  You knew you had loved him within the first week of your relationship, but he told you to never fall for him.  His face went blank and he tensed his jaw.  His eyes looked anywhere but at you as he whispered, “Never say that again.” before turning and walking away.

RFA + V + Saeran gifting headcanons

Yoosung - you can bet your bottom dollar he’d try and make you a present (not because he’s a poor college student and spends all his money on LOLOL no what) so expect a sweater knitted with a lot of love ! (Even if it does look like its been through a combine harvester,,,) it probably took him about 5 months to make it, bless his cotton socks.

Jaehee - After annoying everyone around her with constant ‘but would they like this ???’ and ‘is this too predictable ??!’ questions for about 6 months, she finally settles on a matching set of sterling silver rings she saw ((on sale)). It’d put a noticeable dent in her bank account, nonetheless, but it was worth it when the only other opinion she could think of was a tacky tea set.

Zen - framed photograph of his favourite selfie, signed. jk (sort of) but speaking of photos, he’d most likely create a photo book full of all his favourite pictures and memories of the two of you. What a sap.

Jumin - with money not really being an issue in his case, prepare to be showered in fkn diamonds maaan no expense would be spared on you, whether it’s your first Christmas together or thirty-first. That being said though, he certainly wouldn’t be the one choosing the present- he’d get a personal shopper. Definitely. Although he would check over the gift(s !!) before handing them to you.

707 - this boi be craaazy. He’d completely play it off like he’d forgotten about getting you a Christmas present the day before Christmas, even going as far as to make fake text threads in his own phone telling people he’d forgotten. And yeah, after a while and a lot of snooping through his red herrings, you’d end up believing him ! Lo and behold though, when Christmas rolls around he’d invite you to the town centre in the evening where the huge ass xmas tree was just about to be turned on. Instead of the ordinary light show though, a certain someone maaay have hacked into the mainframe and made the lights instead display ‘MC, I GOT NO MONEY BUT IM GOOD WITH COMPUTERS. MERRY XMAS BABE - GOD 707’

V - so V’s totally loaded right ??? Isn’t that a thing ?? Even if he’s not you’re most likely gonna be getting something shiny and expensive, mixed in with something more personal. Something like a heart shaped locket with both of your pictures in ? And ofc they’re his pictures, making the whole thing even more heartfelt.

Saeran - honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this guy turned out to be a whizz with arts and crafts ? And he wouldn’t even know it ?? Literally any aspect of it he’s got down. Popsicle stick birdhouses ? He’s down. Macaroni art ? Fucking obviously. Embroidery ? His longest 'yeah boy’ ever. In the end, you’d most likely get a spice rack decorated rather elegantly with dried, painted pasta shapes.

  • Sock: Honey?
  • Jonathan: What?
  • Sock: Where's my knife?
  • Jonathan: What?
  • Jonathan: I, uh - put it away!
  • Sock: WHERE?
  • Jonathan: WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?
  • Sock: I NEED IT.
  • Jonathan: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running away to do some killing-do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Sock: The public is in danger!

Well my primary school was filthy. Once a guy shat his trousers and proceeded to throw his trousers out of a window and wash his arse in the classroom sink. No one could find the pants until a month later and there was a skidmark on the wall near the sink that only disappeared five years later when they renovated the school.

Then there was a problem with people eating on classrooms, and over the summer a bunch of rats died around the school so when we came back it stank like hell. We waited almost two months for the teachers to fix the problem and it only happened because an inspector almost fainted from the stench.

Finally there was this teacher who was always leaving his nail clippings and hair trimmings around and it was disgusting because once a month he would remove his socks and cut his toenails at the front of the classroom and once he had a face razor and started to shave when a visitor took over the lesson.

My school was pretty nasty

there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes

bucky writing to his ma during the war and rambling about steve in his letters, answering her arsenal of questions about the two of them like “nah he can keep himself warm now,” “yes we could use more socks” “I’m fine, yes I’m getting enough rest” and “you should see steve, he’s massive.”

also getting steve to do a quick sketch to send so she’ll know they’re ok and together bc of the odds of that were slim and everything bucky is saying sounds so outrageous (tho he makes sure to hold back the grimy stuff like almost dying with steve on purpose)