sock ii

proof i am a dandy

i. loves getting books, expensive watches and socks for Christmas
ii. 9/10 of the house is library
iii. has at least seven different editions of beloved book
iv. wears a dressing robe with a fez while drinking the morning cup of english breakfast
v. going to the mass because of architecture and drama
vi. where are my leather gloves? where are everyone’s leather gloves???
vii. practically lives in coffeehouses
viii. nothing better than large format solid newspapers
ix. always in need of a new pair of oxfords
x. pictures of oscar wilde and dorian gray everywhere
xi. best taste ever (according to themselves)
xii. coats
xiii. recites poetry randomly
xiv. creating dostoevsky themed playlists
xv. bows to people instead of hugging them
xvi. sometimes cries over beauty
xvii. lives from pride and daily skincare routine
xviii. occupation: work of art
xix. ego
xx. wagner


Haven’t seen anyone draw this scene yet 0u0

I got tagged by the lovely Iona @roxanncweasley​, so thank youu.

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i. call me in the afternoon - half moon run

ii. knee socks - artic monkeys

iii. liability (reprise) - lorde

iv. fiction - the xx

v. boy - little mix 

vi. vanilla (ft. ryan hemsworth) - harrison

vii. what did you do - gabrielle aplin

viii. where do we go - solange

ix. phresh out the runway - rihanna

x. meet me in the hallway - harry styles

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A collection of the awards that David Tennant has won in the past 10 years

…and this isn’t even all of them (just the ones I had photos for).

…and that’s not even counting the numerous lovely nominations he’s received (which are also quite an honor), such as the Best Actor Olivier for Lobby Hero & multiple Royal Television Society Programme Award nominations.

All the awards for Tennant!


The man standing
next to me on the A train
keeps taking off his sneakers
& then putting them back on
& then taking them off
& then putting them back on.

He’s either shitfaced
or just really misses/likes
the sight of his socks.


I just noticed that
his socks have little,
yellow ducks on them.

It’s really

Hook and Emma + Socks, Part II

Continuation/deleted scenes for this prompt that I completed a couple days ago. Complete, absurd fluff featuring Henry attempting to explain his shit show of a family to his girlfriend – who also doesn’t know they are all fairy tale characters.

I’m so sorry.

Remember to leave your Hook/Emma/Hook and Emma + __________ prompts in my ask box. I will be answering one a day from now until the premiere of 3b.

Anna and Henry wander down the hallway, Henry shooting a glare that could actually turn them into stone over his shoulder. Killian chuckles low under his breath and she sighs, reaching over and swatting him on the back of the head.

“Cut the shit, pirate.” He gives her a wounded look, smile still flirting at the corners of his lips. “This is important to Henry.”

“Relax, love. She has no idea. This life – “ He tugs her forward with warm fingers on her hip, her belly wedged between them. “From what I’ve seen in your movies, it’s a bit unbelievable that we are all characters from your realm’s stories. She will have no idea.”

“She goes to Columbia.” Killian just gives her a blank look and she resists the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose. “It’s a prestigious school, with very smart kids.”

Killian grins. “Like Henry.”

Emma fights her answering smile at the surge of pride that wells within her. She flicks Killian’s arm lightly, but doesn’t pull away from his embrace.

Damn pirate knows her weaknesses.


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Very Many Sock II contributors featured in new anthology edited by Andy Burkholding.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

The book’s about 100 pages, 55 contributors, will be only available at CAKE - unless it gets reprinted after the event - but that depends on if it sells out at cake & there’s a demand for more. CAKE BOOK 2012 Edited by Andy Burkholder Dane Martin Anna Haifisch Paul Nudd Brecht Vandenbroucke Patrick Kyle Sua Yoo Michael Olivo A. Degen Anders Nilsen Jason Overby Nick Drnaso Sanya Glisic Jason T Miles Ginette Lapalme Blaise Larmee Otto Splotch Eamon Espey Molly O'Connell Paul Loubet Jesse Balmer Aidan Koch John Hankiewicz Jeff Lok Maz Morris Lyra Hill Karneeleus Henry Glover Jaakko Pallasvuo Michael Deforge Jesse Fillingham Edie Fake Jesse McManus Mike Redmond Leslie Weibeler Matthew Thurber Josh Bayer David Alvarado Chris Day Mickey Z Scott Longo Austin English Julie Delporte Andy Burkholder Conor Stechschulte Onsmith Zach Hazard Vaupen Joe Tallarico Bret Koontz Aaron Shunga Noel Freibert Andy Ortmann Shalo P Anya Davidson