sock hops

can we just take a minute to imagine dean and cas dancing?

  • catching each other’s eye in a medieval hall as they bow to each other and side-step, knowing they’ll sneak off to the stables later.
  • grinning as they clutch to each other and swing around a ceilidh hall.
  • laughing as they press close and spin and swing dance in 20s jazz clubs.
  • holding hands as they jump up and down at sock hops.
  • listening to norah jones in their kitchen as they sway, no space between them.
  • dressed in dirty suspenders and tuxes and pjs and flannel and dancing ancient dances and traditional dances and modern dances
  • just dancing
the signs as iconic degrassi quotes
  • aries: i'm not mean i'm right
  • tauras: you gave me a social disease!
  • gemini: didn't you know terri, you can buy any thing on the net!
  • cancer: i haven't seen dancing this bad since heather sin claire's thrid–grade sock hop
  • leo: I'm going to be an actress, like, academy award winning. And you can sell this for a million dollars 'cause I'm gonna be famous
  • virgo: New year new look new paige
  • libra: well sorry for changing its a good thing you've stayed the same you're still a bitch
  • scorpio: he wont be able to see mu underwear because i'm not wearing any
  • saggitarius: study my but! leaving...
  • capricorn: When in doubt kiss craig???
  • aquarius: I'm so glad that gays can get married! That YOU guys can get married
  • pisces: I'd love to, but I look like crap in a bikini

A #throwback of me at my photo shoot with Mr. Maxwell Bonsu. He’s an awesome photographer and super sweet, funny and professional.

I’m positing it today on my birthday so I can see how far I’ve come since then (God willing that I even see this birthday)

So everybody take a shot for me (preferably tequila)


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1950s credence sneaking out to sock hops. 1950s credence being an honorary greaser and this gang of greasers just defend Cre because they think he's cool. They don't know what goes on at his place, just that he sneaks out and doesn't need to be Bad to be cool. 1950s credence in dorky sweater vests. Bow ties. And awkwardly wearing a leather jacket.

okay this is a blessed image,,,, this concept is near and dear to me now that you’ve brought it to my attention,, i’m yelling so much,,

also i know that being queer in the 1950s would have been scarier than it is now and less out in the open but i can’t help but like,,, credence falling for one of the greasers in the gang that thinks he’s neat and sticks up for him as time goes on. they talk from time to time, as their encounters increase in regularity, and, while the other guys are cool, this one really wants to know what’s up with credence, how he thinks, what’s going on behind the dorky, lanky exterior. one night when credence doesn’t want to go home, this guy makes sure to stay with him because he doesn’t want credence to be alone, and it’s kind of chilly out so this is how credence ends up awkwardly wearing a leather jacket that is entirely too broad for him in the shoulders and the greaser guy just can’t help but think how adorable credence looks in his leather jacket, even if the bow tie and sweater vest look silly with it probably. there’s just something about credence, and no one really seems to overthink it, or the obvious connection that the two have.

Let’s Dance (Reader x PreWar!Bucky)

Word Count: 745

Summary: Seeing other women around Bucky makes the reader’s blood boil, so she takes all precautions to make sure they know who they’re dealing with.

A/N: Sorry this took forever to upload my dears. But alas, it’s here! BUCKAYYY (also shorter than I would like but… sigh)

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it was too cold to be outside, but you welcomed the biting wind with relish as it cooled your feverish skin and blew your carefully curled hair out of your face. the sock hop had been fun, but your dance card had filled up fast and by the time the night was almost over, your cheeks were flushed and you were more than a little winded. so it felt good to take a breather and get away from the loud music and sweaty bodies filling the dance hall. 

but pretty soon, the cold november air got the best of you and you shivered as another gust of wind sent your hair flying and skirts rustling. “cold?” a voice from behind you rumbled, and you jumped at the noise. 

turning around revealed the voice to belong to Luke Hemmings, a tall greaser with a scruffy mop of blonde hair and delicious features that looked like they’d been sculpted by God himself. you’d always been warned to stay away from “boys like him,” but something about him made you want to get to know him. that, and do unspeakable things to him.

“a little,” you admitted, giving him a shy grin. “it’s awfully windy.”

immediately, the greaser began shrugging off his jacket. “here.”

“oh, no, it’s ok. honestly, it’s not that bad.” you protested, but another shiver soon wracked your body and luke raised an eyebrow. 

“not that bad, huh?”

you shrugged sheepishly and gratefully accepted his warm jacket, your eyes fluttering closed as the soft leather caressed your shoulders and luke’s scent flooded your nostrils. “th-thanks.”

“anytime, doll,” the boy replied, giving you a soft grin. “you know, none of the fellas in there could keep their eyes off of you tonight, myself included.”

you felt your cheeks go hot as he continued. “it’s a pity your dance card filled up before i could get to ya. i was really hoping to score a dance.”

“we could dance now,” you blurted out, eyes locked on his. “we don’t have any music but -”

but before you could finish, luke grabbed you by the hand and pulled you flush against him, smiling at the tiny squeak that came flying out of your mouth. “i can be the music, doll.”

for txhohood‘s greaser!5sos blurb night 

okay guys middle school au:

  • quark in terrible suits that haven’t been in fashion since the 70s, like with a paisley shirt and the suit is plaid and like bright red or something, just awful shit
  • does odo have multiple beige suits or does he wear the same one day after day, the world may never know
  • jadzia definitely has one of those LGBT safe space stickers on her door
  • kira is at odds with the school board on pretty much every issue you can imagine - yes kids should be allowed to pray in school - yes they should be allowed to sit during the pledge - yes gay couples should be allowed to attend the dances (is this an issues at middle school sock hops? idk) etc
  • also the school is in San Francisco because every single real world trek au is set there
  • nah I imagine Worf is actually fine with the sex ed thing, just imagine this big long-haired Russian (or Ukrainian maybe) enthusiastically explaining all this sex crap and scaring the shit out of each successive group
  • alexander’s in the back of the classroom, mortified