sock dreams quick review

Behold my new socks. From Sock Dreams the Long Cuffable Scrunchable socks in Charcoal.

First off I was not ready for just how long they are. 

Second off they are very easy to get on. 

And wow they are warm and comfy. I can actually pull them up almost to my butt. I am wearing them with leggings and at a glance it almost looks like they are my pants.

They stay up beautifully, I’ve already walked about a mile and a half today and they didn’t budge. I can cuff them comfortable, or just pull em on up.

I am absolutely getting more of these. If you are a haver of big ass hams, I suggest checking their size chart on the product page. I imagine they have enough stretch to be OTK at least on larger calves.


Sock Dreams wins again.