sock bun tutorial


The Sock Bun - It’s Easier than it Looks!

All you need is an old sock that’s similar to your hair color (since I’m blonde, I used a white sock… if you’re brunette, pick a black or brown sock).  Cut the toe of the sock so you create a tube.

Put your hair up in a ponytail wherever you please.  Sock buns can be done at the back of your head, at the top, to the side, on each side… whatever you like.  Next, pull your ponytail through the sock.  Starting at the top (the ends of your hair), carefully roll your hair and the sock over itself a few times… this will create the bun shape.  At first it can get a little crazy… just tuck it all in there and it will turn out okay.  Even if you don’t get it perfect, you can easily take it out and try again.

This method holds the sock bun in place all by itself, but you can always add a few bobby pins at the base of the bun for extra security.

If you don’t understand what I’m saying, have some video tutorials… here and here

+  Putting your hair in a sock bun while it’s wet, and letting it dry that way throughout the day, will give you luxurious, heat-free waves when you take it down!

+  To dress up a sock bun, tie a ribbon or some other accessory around the base.  Instant glam!

+  You can make your sock bun very sleek, or keep it voluminous and messy for an effortless look.

Have fun!!

Hot Sock Buns

I love doing sock buns. They are so elegant and mature. It turns heads I will tell you that much. Its super simple and it even leaves your hair with great body once you take it down. Here are some pictures of what it should turn out like and how awesome your hair could look after you take the sock out. 

And here is a great tutorial to help you reach your hair potential!