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♗:One falling asleep with their head in the other's lap - Shadows and Light Blackice!

Jack Frost/Pitch Black - One falling asleep with their head in the other’s lap


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How is the theater department at Brown? Is it easy to become involved?

Theatre at Brown is a really great and strong community on campus. 

As far as the actual department goes, people definitely enjoy it. The professors are very fun and talented, and students benefit from their experience. The department welcomes actors, techies, directors, and writers alike. Sock & Buskin puts on the official theatre department shows, which include plays, musicals, devised pieces, and a student-directed show.

Apart from the actual department, there are many others ways to get involved in the community. The PW, or Production Workshop, is a student run theatre which features shows produced, directed, acted, and sometimes written all by students. There are also a number of other theatre companies on campus in which people can get involved, including Musical Forum which puts on musicals as the name suggests and Shakespeare on the Green which does site specific Shakespeare. 

It is fairly easy to get involved. Acting, of course, requires auditions while other positions usually require an email. Since there are so many theatre happenings always going on simultaneously, it allows a lot more people to get involved. 

Hope this helps, theatre is awesome!

-Lil Jo