before this party a poc on this campus couldn’t even think the word “racism” without being accused of crying wolf. but just like it took a SANDRA BLAND, a TRAYVON MARTIN, and a PHILANDO CASTILE to wake some folks up, this party is what it took to wake this campus up. look. i sent the invite. i wrote it, broke into pastiche’s account, and sent it. it was fascinating to see what was lurking beneath the surface when you were given an excuse to suspend your polite, passive liberalism. i considered it a sociological experiment. and guess what. you proved my point. WINCHESTER, WE GOT A PROBLEM.

honestly im thinking that all gendered language should be removed from discussions of biology because theres no intellectual benefit to describing pistels or stamens as male and female and all it does for us is project human biases onto nature which is exactly what us biologists are supposed to not do. its in everyone’s best interest to just admit that a lot of nature evades classification by human standards, especially when we use terms specifically made for sociological experiences (Gender) to describe biology. 

hows this affect humans? well for one thing, trans people exist, and uhhh we dont like our anatomy described as “actually male” “actually female” because 1. its cisnormative 2. its very reductionist and ignores intersex people and 3. THERES REALLY NO POINT TO TALKING THIS WAY 

Some quick musings on the new update

Here is the text, with my first thought comments in bold:

I was going to draw this out longer but the truth is, I’m bored.


There is no Lost Special. There never was, and there never will be.

And you know this objectively?

Once again, in their need to keep this midnight train going, TJLC fans created something out of nothing.

Even if that is that case, why do you care?

Seeing this obsession with “The Lost Special,” even though series 4 was clearly over, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run a sociological experiment with a vicious fandom in denial.

Steven brought it up, not us.  Also, even if the series is over, that doesn’t mean it’s over.  They’ve repeatedly said they have through series 5 mapped out. It was only in December 2016 they started hinting at “we don’t know, this could be it.” Sure Jan.

My poorly assembled website took not more than twenty minutes to cobble together (as some people rightly pointed out) and very little effort to maintain.

This is a lie.  

“By the pricking of my thumbs (something wicked this way comes)”- I edited an ominous message into the code and title, referencing the Macbeth quote used in The Six Thatchers. It was strange to see how many people didn’t recognise the “pricking” quote and even criticised the website because it allegedly didn’t call back to Sherlock in any way- except that I was directly quoting a series 4 episode.

Except most of us did recognize this?  What about your dancing man code reference to Unto the Breach?

Watching fans defend how shoddy the website is, in their need for thelostspecial to be real was especially funny. It was also funny to see the people who guessed the website was fake and said as much, but didn’t even care because they desperately needed something to hold onto, with Sherlock over.

Whichever, why do you care?  Why would it be funny to you?

Then there’s the people who clocked that wasn’t “real”… and yet never question their own dedication to TJLC and/or the existence of a fourth episode of series 4, concepts entirely created by Tumblr.

The lost special site was only one of hundreds of indications something is fucky.  

 Anyhow. Next, I threw a random bunch of numbers and photos out there to see how people would scramble and react, and you didn’t let me down. Mostly I chose the first photo I found of a character that I liked the look of, in Google; there wasn’t real logic. I re-used some images out of laziness. I used an online generator to make the Dancing Men/Henry V code post.

So the meanings we found in everything, tying it somehow back to Sherlock, or ACD canon, or anything else were all coincidences?  

What do we say about coincidences?

40, 27, kra, the various “hints” you think you found on the website and found countless possible meanings of, they were chosen at random. Even the elephant photo was chosen at random. It wasn’t until after I edited it into the main website photo that I discovered the poor thing was named Mary and had been shot and executed for killing a man (on 9.13.16. Everyone overthought that one too much.)  So I used that info because it was serendipitous. “The universe is rarely so lazy?” Friends, the universe is often lazy.

“They were chosen at random.”  “The universe is rarely so lazy?

Sure Jan.

When I added a black image with five pixels of colour to the website, you did not let me down. People played with the image until they became convinced it was QR code spelling something out. It was just five meaningless pixels of nothing, created in MS Paint.

Yet you did the whole thing in 20 minutes.

The static gif was taken from a YouTube video of TV static from some movie, with an old Moriarty close-up thrown in.

We know, 28 days later.  With Moriarty loaded in.  Again, whole thing in 20 minutes.

The photo of John and Sherlock sitting in the watery 221B, I got it from, and scaled it down a little because the photo was large. That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined. I left the big black header on the website as a hint to keep your eye on those, since the thing I changed on 2/11 was in the similar Twitter header.

”That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined.”

Like Murderous Mary being photoshopped into the back picture? Sure Jan:

I changed the plain black header of the Twitter to a black one with a word embedded in it. The profile photo was changed to a plain black photo with XX hidden in it. No one bothered checking it, though clearly the account was active again, so I changed the profile photo to show the Xs, as a hint to look deeper. Finally people found the “clue” today, not that it matters. The word spelled out there is another blind alley that leads nowhere.

Then accept all our follow requests.  

MMTE: The source code message was a hint toward Murderous Mary the Elephant, which some of you guessed but no one looked for it.

(Don’t bother trying to access it, there’s nothing in there.)


There was no set schedule for changes to thelostspecial. I used intermittent reinforcement to keep people frustrated but coming back for more. That’s why I added and removed things at unexpected times. There is no pattern.


For people wondering, wow, why would anyone take so much time to do this? Well, I didn’t. Creating the plain black squares with a few letters, throwing a message into the source coding,  and uploading the new website photo of John and Sherlock took maybe 5 minutes. Creating a side blog with no posts and keeping it private takes one minute.

Except the photoshopping you DID do as established would have taken more.  Even searching for the first image you found would have taken time.

Overall, it takes less than twenty minutes a week to do this, once it was set up, because really? You do all the work for me. You all did what TJLCers do best- you took a bunch of random data, inflated it into something much more complicated than it really was, and created your own narrative out of it. Even knowing it might be nothing, and was probably just a fan-made site, you’ve still allowed yourselves to get worked up over it and allowed yourselves to hope. You’re reading into nonsense and finding clues where there are none, and naturally most of those “clues” pointed exactly where you wanted them to point to. Confirmation bias at its finest.

Well all I get from this is that we’re smarter than you are.

Learn from this.

Stop falling into conspiracies. Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely. Alternately, find something that doesn’t make you feel sad or heartbroken.

Seriously?  “Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely.”

Instincts are to be trusted, John.  

Also, my instincts have gotten me into a pretty good place. I’ll keep trusting them, thanks, and they tell me something is fucky.  We’ve seen this episode before.  

Goddamn you’re arrogant.

A few final notes:

“And in conclusion *jerk off motion*

I was somewhat entertained by the several dozen times people attempted to reset the password for the website and access the control panel. If I was petty, I would’ve logged your IPs and reported you to your ISP. (Don’t worry, I didn’t. I don’t care that much.)’

You cared enough to look.  

I didn’t send the “mole” anons or any other messages on Tumblr. I think other fans decided to join the game. I imagine they’ll continue until they get bored, too.

Read: I can’t say why everything else is fucky too.  Must be more people like me.

The only twitter account connected to is I have no idea who runs the “contact” twitters but I’m positive they’re fan accounts. (If you think BBC-sanctioned accounts would post like that, I have a bridge to sell you.) As for my twitter, I set up the thelostspecial twitter account, followed some BBC-related accounts and left it alone for a week while TJLC fans went wild trying to suss out who I was following. That’s all I did with it.

Then accept my follow request.  Seriously, YOU’RE SO CLEVER I need to follow you to learn your secrets.

I didn’t start thelostspecial Instagram account. Someone else did that, I don’t know who.

Nobody asked.  Actually, I didn’t even know there was an instragram account.  Did anyone else know?

And if you enjoyed hunting, try a legitimate online riddle game, such as for a challenge! All the fun, none of the TJLC and fandom “fucky” business.

Well, since you brought up “fucky business,” why are they screenshots of the Shrewd Living posts in the “Museum?” Did you do that too? Wow.  In charge of a scam website.  Oh, you don’t know about that?  Then why put it in there?  Why, John?


Sherlock Series 4 is over. This is the end.

Thanks for playing TheLostSpecial! Goodbye and God bless.

Seriously, we’ve seen this episode before.


Pen Pal

The majority of Elsewhere U. students really interest me. Those who live in a liminal space and refuse to see anything out of the ordinary.

This is my first time writing in second-person POV (it happened on accident) and I hope you like it.


It started dully enough. Someone had written ‘Hello’ in the bathroom (in fancy curly purple script, so extra). Juvenile, but it was the single-stall Everyone bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library, so you were willing to write it off as a bored freshman or something. And maybe you were a little bored yourself. Or lonely. Because you replied. You bought a green Sharpie specifically to respond to the purple word on the light orange paint.
‘Hey. W/ u studying?’

You went to check the little-used bathroom a few days later.
'Humans’ was written in beautiful purple handwriting under your green message.
'Psych major, cool. I’m eng-his double major’
You hoped the janitors wouldn’t clean off or paint over this little conversation. It was a little like having a pen pal. A couple days later you had another reply in purple swirls.

'Would you do something for me?’
The request was weird, but so were college kids; and you could always just not do it, you didn’t know who you were talking with, and were pretty sure you weren’t being followed. Like 75% sure. 70% sure.
'W/ u need?’
'Bells NOT silver candy cream beads appreciation’
It took you a few seconds to understand that the beautiful words written at all angles on the wall were a list. (Seriously? Upside down?) It was a pretty cheap request, aside from 'appreciation’, but most college kids lived off dark humor, so you didn’t pay it much mind. Maybe they were doing a psych-sociology experiment; you didn’t want to screw up their data.

You got some cheap gold-painted aluminum jingle bells, thread, and a package of plastic beads at the craft store. They were the same kind of cheap beads a lot of the art majors wore on necklaces, so you figured that’s what your pen pal wanted. At the grocery store you added a box of unflavored single coffee creamers and a bunch of candy, including caramel with creme centers (you couldn’t tell if 'cream’ and 'candy’ were meant to be combined on the bathroom wall or not). You brought it to the single stall bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library and left the bag in the corner. You threw out the receipts, thought a second, then tore out a piece of paper from your notebook and grabbed your green marker.
'I appreciate you :)’ You wrote, messily folding the paper into a crane, the only origami you know, and leaving it on top. 

You went back to your dorm, finding a small pile of pretty-looking junk on a huge leaf on your pillow. Your roommate wasn’t there. Must be a weird prank or some new internet challenge or something. You sorted through the odds and ends. Pretty rocks, tiny animals carved from wood, marbles, pieces of broken safety glass cracked through with green-blue and so fragile that some crumbled off the sides when you picked them up (you cleaned the miniscule slivers of broken glass off your pillow with some duct tape)… Eventually you found a little purple origami turtle. You opened it to find writing inside. 

'Your assistance is appreciated*’
There was no other asterisk anywhere else on the paper, so it must have been a stylistic choice, not a grammatical one. You put it out of your mind and carefully refolded the turtle and set everything on your desk to deal with later. Maybe you’d give it to an art student, they always seemed to have little trinkets like that. Or trade, the student body really liked trading, or maybe most colleges full of poor college kids were like that.


In the week before midterms you suddenly awoke one night. You almost groaned and rolled over to preserve what sleep you could, but when you grabbed your blanket your hand landed on paper. You squinted at the post-it in the dim light, making out swirly fancy handwriting. Across the room, your roommate was asleep. Whatever. You stuck it to your phone and went back to sleep.

You read the post-it the next morning.
‘*I can help’

“What does that mean?” You asked your roommate, slightly accusingly. He frowned at the note.
“You should probably leave this alone.” He tells you seriously.
“Then why did it you stick it to me last night?”
“What? No I didn’t. My handwriting looks nothing like that.” He had a point. 
“Are you having a friend write the notes? Is a friend of yours messing with me by way of you?”
“No, I have no idea what that’s about. But if I were you, I’d steer clear of it. And make sure you have iron, salt, and cream on you.” Pippin was a theatre major, so he may be lying, but if he wasn’t lying his superstitions were true to his nature. The only group that could rival theatre majors for superstitions were D&D players.

You frowned at the post-it, debating what to do. You decided to stick it to the backside of the dorm door, adding your own post-it below in your green marker.
‘Help how?’ You didn’t think your roommate was the plagiarizing type, hopefully he only meant studying together because of how english, history, and theatre all came together.

You checked the back of the door after lunch to find a new post-it.
‘If you want to find out, come to the pool party tonight. I’ll find you.’
You debated. You knew you needed to study for midterms, but what if your roommate could help? What if he was trying (in a really weird roundabout way) to take your mind off midterms and get you to relax? You decided to go.

The pool party was more fun than you thought it’d be. You jumped in the deep end and swam around there early in the evening, before you could get drunk. They were playing good music, had more than just cheap beer in the coolers. You were genuinely having a good time.
“Hey.” A smiling girl in a bikini put her arm around your shoulders. “You’re Green Marker, right?”
“You’re Purple Marker?” You asked. She nodded. “How do you know Pippin?”
“I know all the theatre majors in passing. And I know anyone down that deep in the library could use a hand come test time. What do you say?”
“You’d help me study? Without plagiarizing?”
“You’d have to provide me with something, too. Fair’s fair.”
“What would you want?”
“What are you willing to offer?”
“More candy?” You tried.
“To help you ace your midterms?”
“Okay, um…”

You tried to think. People were always saying to never wager something you couldn’t bear to lose. What was something valuable enough to get studying help, but that you could bear to lose? You glanced around and realized you’d been slowly walking away from the party, into the darkness.
“I’ll give you…” She wanted appreciation. “I’ll give you my friendship. How’s that?”
“Wonderful.” She sighed, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight.


anonymous asked:

do you think cole Sprouse is problematic? I saw it on a post

Is it the post from that blog that tries to pull receipts out on celebrities’ problematic-ness? I saw that awhile back. Like I’m okay with calling out truly reprehensible behavior that they don’t amend or learn their lessons from (Donald Trump, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Roman Polanski, Azaelia Banks, my best friend’s physically abusive ex bf are a few that come to mind), but the Cole post is so much reaching it’s embarrassing. Like they claim he doesn’t want Jughead to be asexual but the interview link they provide has him saying how he doesn’t think it’s what the writers are going to do but he thinks it would be good to have Jughead be asexual and have that representation.

The Debbie Ryan thing is also a reach. She doesn’t say which friend was manipulating her, so to say it’s Cole is all speculation (and if it was Cole, why are they still hanging out and friends today?)

The gf stuff, idk maybe he was a douchebag emotionally. We’re not part of that relationship, we don’t know what it was like. It’s possible.

The Tumblr sociology experiment and his comments about race all sound like he’s talking from a sociological and anthropological perspective (which was his focus in college). He comes across as intellectual hipster type (also how he came across to me in person) but not a terrible person.

Saying he called BLM activists “cannibals” is also a reach. He was saying them stopping Bernie’s speech was counterintuitive. Like way to crucify him for a metaphor and not liking his word choice for it. He didn’t say “I think BLM activists are like cannibals”

I don’t remember the rest of the claims. Anyway, I’m not saying Cole isn’t problematic, I’m saying he just seems as problematic as most of us are.

Like I recently found a bunch of tweets of mine from high school that were insensitive to the trans community (misgendering people, using terms that are probably considered offensive). I didn’t do it out of intentional prejudice, but out of total ignorance of knowing appropriate terms and words to use. It was 2007 and I was a sixteen year old idiot who had never even met an transgender person before or even talked to one online. But after joining my school’s GSA, I was educated on terminology. And I’ve never made that same mistake again.

But if I was a celebrity, I can guarantee the receipts would be pulled and I would be “forever” cancelled even though I’ve learned from my mistake.

I just hate how everyone on Tumblr is on some mission to permanent cancel™ people 24/7.


Keith Haring creating street art in Japan. Photos by Juan Rivera, 1988.

“The context of where you do something is going to have an effect. The subway drawings were, as much as they were drawings, performances. It was where I learned how to draw in public. You draw in front of people. For me it was a whole sort of philosophical and sociological experiment. When I drew, I drew in the daytime, which meant there were always people watching. There were always confrontations, whether it was with people that were interested in looking at it, or people that wanted to tell you you shouldn’t be drawing there…”

“I was learning, watching people’s reactions and interactions with the drawings and with me and looking at it as a phenomenon. Having this incredible feedback from people, which is one of the main things that kept me going so long, was the participation of the people that were watching me and the kinds of comments and questions and observations that were coming from every range of person you could imagine, from little kids to old ladies, or art historians.”  - Keith Haring 

(Keith Haring: The Last Interview,” Arts Magazine, September 1990)

anonymous asked:

hey! so you say you are doing an 'experiment.' Where is the control group? What is your sample size? How are you recording the data, and what data are you recording? I'm just a little confused about the research design

This is a sociological experiment with hierarchical mixed effects. The data being collected is varied: the primary focus is a “yes” or “no” answer. The subject reads whatever data I have provided which is rather extensive and varied; the subject can interact with me, or other subjects to whatever extent they choose. They then, ideally, decide if I or my species is real. I record the “yes” or “no” answer. But as I said, this is only one layer of the model. I am also recording the behaviors I see up to the point of decision and sometimes after it with fixed markers of behavior, such as specific questions asked, whether or not the subject does things like give me their address, etcetera. However, as this is a thought/opinion based opportunistic survey of sorts, the confines and parameters are purposefully undefined for the subjects. Meaning that the subjects’ determination of my truthfulness is a part of the experiment, and so I cannot reveal all my data points.

This is an experiment to quantify the general behaviors of the population, the sample size is determined by experience, and “snowball” or “chain” sampling is the working model. I want as narrow a confidence band as possible, and so will collect until I see a reason to stop. Thus far, my several methods of collecting data have produced about 3000 results for just the superficial layer of the “yes” or “no” response.

There are several control groups (again taking into account the layers of the parameters and the fact that my truthfulness is one of the decision factors, I cannot list all of them here). One of these are those people who already know the truth, and are in contact with me in my everyday life.

I have been criticized (or berated at times) for not crafting an experiment that is reproducible. I would argue that is inaccurate.

Any monster could duplicate this, assuming they’re literate.

You’re welcome to participate, and if you choose not to, please do me and the subjects the courtesy of being polite!

Thank you, kindly!

anonymous asked:

Do you have an opinion on sociology? I personally think it's as laughable as gender studies (and the same type of people major in both from my experience)

Yeah sociology is the laughing stock of college degree programs, along with any of those ending with studies. It is the subject you go into after high school when you have no fucking idea what else to do, it sounds intellectual so it draws in grand numbers of mostly young, airhead, untalented women but in reality it’s a shitshow of theories and typical feminist social justice nonsense, much of their focus is on exactly what you find in gender and women’s studies so I agree, it attracts the same type of person. 

Sociology is constantly ranked throughout endless polls and research as one of the worst college majors you could choose and one of the last hiring managers want to see. I mean, unless you want to be a correctional officer at a prison or a prohibition officer making criminals give urine samples, they’re the only real career prospects you can gain from sociology which by no surprise shows sociology has some of the highest rates of unemployment after graduation and even if they do get employed as a social worker or correctional officer, they are still some of the lowest earning careers they are restricting themselves to.

The sad thing is, these people aren’t going to college to be educated properly, to learn and to be challenged and acquire new practical skills, they couldn’t care less what happens after graduation, they are pissing away daddy’s money. They go to college and take these ridiculous courses because it’s what their best friend from high school has chosen, it’s the easiest choice for them as they know they can breeze through it unchallenged as long as you believe women are oppressed victims and men are privileged savages and come out with what resemble’s a child’s participation certificate. Then they blame men and the patriarchy when they can’t get a job and they earn less than others. 

Just finished taking the new MCAT! ^__^

I don’t know if this is appropriate to post, but I wanted to share my thoughts and IMOs and perhaps it may benefit those who plan on taking the MCAT. Also, a thousand pardons in advance as this post is lengthy.

Here we go…

I retook it only to improve my “verbal” aka Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section (CARS). It is definitely more conceptualized and heavily passage-based in comparison to the old MCAT exam. Everything was sprinkled with bio and biochem.

I felt very confident with the first section (Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems). This time, I prepared by not even bothering to memorize any physics formulas/laws/etc and just worked on practice passages to build my endurance for 95 minutes. I took my time in answering each question and still had 40 minutes to spare. I spent the remainder of the time writing concepts on top of my head for the biochem and biology section (blood flow in the heart, how the eyes work, how hearing works, the respiratory system, categorizing Amino Acids, hormones, etc…) Ironically, there were barely any physics problems and a majority were focused on biology/chemistry labs and techniques, some general chemistry, a good handful of biochemistry, and a pinch of organic chemistry. In addition, you were essentially a unit converting calculator. However, this doesn’t mean that it will happen again on the upcoming exams. I wasn’t really concerned with this section as I have been tutoring general chemistry for 3+ years, apply physics in research, and reviewed all the lab techniques. I felt very very confident and sure with 57 out the of 59 questions.

I utilized every second of the 10 minute break in between PS and CARS. For the second section, CARS, there were 53 questions split amongst 9 passages. Since I was allotted 90 minutes to complete this section, I divided my time into 10 minute increments per passage. Compared to the Verbal Reasoning Section on the old MCAT, there were no “sciency” passages and it only focused on humanities (with the exception of some art). I kept my focused, looked for answers in the readings for each question, and kept at a good steady pace. I spent a majority of my studies preparing for this section by buying CARS practice books from several different publishers (The Princeton Review, Kaplan, NextStep, McGraw Hill and Barron’s Prep) What I didn’t do is NOT read The Economist, Time, etc. like everyone told me to do. The only way I felt like I was going to improve my crappy “verbal” score is by reading actual novels and doing more practice passages. I prepared by taking all the time in the world to read a passage and answer the problems by asking myself “why did I answer that?” and “can you provide evidence from the passage that the answer is X?” Even though it took me 20+ minutes, I never got a perfect on a passage until I used this strategy. Over time and practice I was able to finish a passage with this technique in less than 10 minutes. What I highly suggest to those struggling in “verbal” is to take it really really slow, read one paragraph at a time and ask yourself what the f**k did I just read… what happened. Keep in mind about the author’s tone/attitude/main point. Then go to the questions and try to find the answer in the passage. I didn’t bother writing or taking notes on the scratch paper this time because last time… it took a lot of my time. Today, I had only 2 minutes to spare and decided not to change ANY answers like I did on the old MCAT.

Between the second and third section, you are given a 30 minute break/lunch. Use all 30 minutes! I wanted to recuperate from the constant hyper-focusing in CARS. Lunch consisted of bananas, trail mix, salad and water. Entering Biology, there were A LOT of passage based questions. I was able to finish with 10 minutes to spare out of the 95 minutes. I prepared for biology by studying the same books I used to practice PS and CARS (see above). I also got a hold of the Sterling’s 1200 Bio/Biochem Question Prep Book which really helped me answer such questions faster. TPR and Kaplan worked really well for content review. I also noticed that the Kaplan 2014 and 2015 barely had any changes as they just reorganized the chapters and stamped a 2015/NEW onto the book… So it is fine to use the old books for Bio/Biochem/Ochem/Gchem/Physics and just get the CARS and PSB books separately.

Take that break! 10 minutes later… PSB Section. The last section of the MCAT and I was getting a tad bit worn out from Biology. I used up all 95 minutes but I took my time (mostly because I was slowing down haha). A majority of the questions per passage involved recalling theories and concepts applied in a hypothetical experiment. There was quite a good amount of Neurology and Physiology questions. And then again… MORE passage based experiments on theories/concepts left and right. I found the PSB section to be somewhat enjoyable since all I really was doing was to analyze data/graphs. How I prepared for PSB was by going over all the names of those who contributed to PSB and Sociology, theories, experiments, and terminology. I also went through the same books I prepped for (see above). I find Kaplan and TPR on par for PSB. In addition, I used McGraw Hill just to compare and contrast along with Kaplan’s Flashcard Set (which I only benefited in PSB and not the other sections).

Overall, I felt pretty darn good handling this 230-question exam with 3 months of preparation. To summarize this all up, I highly recommend to (1) take a diagnostics practice test and see your strengths and weaknesses (2) lightly review content regularly and if you can afford to take a class, go for it! (3) take a bunch of practice passages and get used to being glued to a computer screen (4) take full NEW tests toward the remaining month of studying (5) don’t burn yourself out and lastly (6) be confident in yourself. Yes it is a 7+ hour test, but you’re not alone! You’ve made it this far in life, and as an aspiring physician, you will overcome this obstacle. The score really reflects on how much you put into it and how much you want it.

Well, time to spend the rest of my weekend as a vegetable and catch up on Game of Thrones, Arrow, Flash, piano, surfing, dancing, etc…


- Alex Lebroski

Psychological Analysis #6 : “Uchiha Sasuke”

Uchiha Sasuke is a character whom I appreciate a lot and to analyze his personality was really interesting and so very complicated. However, I was confronted with a very interesting problem during this analysis. Contrary to Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu or Hidan, I do not manage to analyze Sasuke with regard to his individual behavior. I found several points of view to analyze him, but all worked on a principle of confrontation with other characters to manage to encircle Sasuke’s personality. That I thought as a problem at first, turned out to be the most important and revealing point about Sasuke. I will let you discover this analysis, hoping that it will please you and hope that the many mistakes will not disrupt your reading.

To begin Sasuke’s analysis, I am going to begin with his childhood and especially with his relation with the person who had the most impact in his life : Uchiha Itachi. The brotherly bond establishes one of the three big links (with the conjugal bond and the parental bond) which structure the family. It plays a considerable role in the intrapsychic, emotional and social life of the subject. The hatred, the competition, the passion, the jealousy and love involve in the brotherly relation. I took the next quotations in a French public site of psychology and sociology. 

“The brotherly experience has a fundamental role in the construction of the personality by means of the process of differentiation of the sibship. The place of every child within the family system is very different: the first child sees himself as the love child, the second of the disappointment one.”

The disappointment? That reminded me of the relation between Fugaku and Sasuke. Fugaku was persuaded that his younger son would be exactly like Itachi, but finally, Sasuke progresses more slowly than Itachi and that disappoints him. Then, as regards the construction of the personality, it’s obvious that Sasuke became what Itachi made of him. All Itachi’s choices influenced Sasuke’s personality. Itachi said it :“It’s my fault if you are like that […]” 

However, how could we understand this phenomenon between Itachi and Sasuke? Well, I suggest you going further into human psychology with Freud. 

Freud went deeper into the brotherly jealousy when he describes the normal jealousy in Œdipe or the brotherly complex. This complex contains in one hand the mourning and the suffering for the supposed lost object and in the other hand, a narcissistic humiliation bound to the hostile feelings to the rival (Itachi). Freud puts then in a report : the homosexuality and the strong brotherly jealousy, to the older brother in particular. (ItaSasu fans, it’s for you! ahaha) This jealousy can aggravate to arrive until the desire of his death. Then this rivalry can be overtaken and brother-rival is then transformed into an object of very deep love. Even if Sasuke doesn’t want Itachi’s death, when he was a child, Sasuke said that there was a tiny part of him who didn’t love his brother because he was really jealous of him. 

“The ban on the incest puts itself in the center of the brotherly relation (Totem and Taboo, in 1913). The incestuous feelings of the brother towards his brother can establish a dynamics conflicts. The brotherly link is constituted as well by tenderness as by sexuality (if we take into account the erotic games during the physical closeness of the sibship).”

The physical closeness? Well, the novel “Itachi Shinden” taught us that Itachi slept in the same room and the same bed as Sasuke. Then Sasuke made many hugs to Itachi when they were children. They were always very close.

Lacan, a French psychoanalyst, was particularly interested in the brotherly relation in his work on “The family complexes”. He studies the family complexes which have a fundamental role in the organization of the bonds and the psychic reality of the subject. He distinguishes three successive complexes: the complex of the weaning, the intrusion, and Œdipe.

“In the complex of the intrusion, the child is in front of his brother and observes him with a big curiosity. He imitates him in his movements, he tries to seduce him or to stand out by becoming a real show for him. It’s something more than a simple game : the child tries to socially position himself by love, by comparison to the other one, to his brother.”

Another fact of seduction? It reminded me of the scene where Sasuke watches Itachi training with shurikens, then Itachi tells him to come back to home but Sasuke smiles to him and tells him : “Nii-san, look at me!” Then twist his ankle. Then as regards the observation, Itachi is a subject of fascination for Sasuke. He is in the shadow of this young man to whom everything successful! He is handsome, strong, smart, kind and appreciated by everyone. Sasuke is really frustrated because to become stronger than Itachi is doubtless the most difficult thing which he could undertake in his life and he feels that he is already late. But at the same time, he cannot stop himself to feel a big admiration to Itachi, an admiration which he will keep throughout his life.

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For me, Sasuke is a teenager who has not yet managed to get rid of his childhood. And this childish behavior is visible only when that concerns Itachi. Sasuke idealizes his older brother just like a child would make it. Nobody has the right to speak ill of Itachi, or to criticize him because, for Sasuke, Itachi is the perfect man. For him, Itachi has no flaws and not only represents an ideal as a shinobi but also a male ideal. Besides, Sasuke has never stopped loving Itachi, even before he discovers the truth. I also think that Itachi was more than a brother for Sasuke but I will make an analysis on the relation between Itachi and Sasuke and there are MANY things to say! I will just finish with this sentence found in this study which reminded me Sasuke and Itachi :

“When there is premature death of a brother, remorse of the survivor become a part of the identity of the subject." 

Sasuke always wanted to surpass his limits to be capable of avenging his family but we fast realize that he also makes that by egocentricity, to surpass Naruto. Because like Deidara, Sasuke has an inferiority complex which had already begun when he was a child, with Itachi. And his frustration repeats itself with Naruto because Naruto puts himself ahead compare to Sasuke, just like Itachi was. Sasuke sees a part of Itachi in Naruto, where from the very strong relation between Naruto and Sasuke. Unconsciously in a lack of his older brother, Sasuke confronts Naruto. For me, that’s it the strength of the relation between Naruto and Sasuke. Even there, I will make an analysis just about them!

What defined Sasuke? Ah, the vengeance. It is not a very vast and not very interesting theme because he is very common in the characters of Naruto. But I found an interesting quotation in one of my French books who is entitled "The Red Moon” (Yes yes “Akatsuki”, aha), written by the talented Jean Lemieux 

“What could be more illusory than the vengeance?”

This quotation takes all its sense when we think of Sasuke. For him, his vengeance in really been illusory. Indeed, Tobi said it to Sasuke, he wasn’t able to thwart Itachi’s illusions and all his vengeance rested only on a lie. Furthermore, the pleasure of the vengeance which promises the happiness and the delivery doesn’t last in reality, that a short moment and after the vengeance: there is nothing more, the nothingness. Exactly, many people blame Sasuke for having a change of heart, and for making stupid and immature decisions.

I think that when Itachi died, the vengeance has left an emptiness in Sasuke who finds himself aimless! Thus, he looks for unconscious ways to divert him from his pain and from this emptiness left by Itachi’s death. And these ways are : To join Akatsuki, destroy Konoha, become Hokage etc… 

Even if Sasuke shows nothing, he hates the solitude. And it sees itself : he goes out of his solitude with the team 7, then he goes with Orochimaru and Kabuto, once alone, there is a Hebi / Taka team. Sasuke was never really alone during his adventures. 

I finished this analysis at a point near, I was not able to speak about Sasuke without speaking about his relations. I really tried but except for the vengeance, I found nothing other who is really interesting to exploit in an analysis. Then, I said to myself that it was revealing. Sasuke alone wouldn’t have been the same man. Sasuke is a very influenceable young man and this is why I can explain his personality only through his relations with Itachi, Naruto, his parents etc… Sasuke is what he is today because his path has crossed some people who have changed him, who have given him a purpose, a dream, and many other things!

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NB :

Thank you for having read this analysis, and still sorry for the mistakes. Send me messages for the next analysis about quotes, characters, relationships, or moments!! Don’t forget to read my others analyzes about Deidara, Itachi and Kisame, Hidan, Kakuzu and Sasori.

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anonymous asked:

why is Cole a piece of shit? I mean I'm not surprised, he's a guy after all, but he always seemed pretty cool

I will copy what I found on him from one of the articules

Tried to use MLK to say Reverse Racism is a thing
Says he’s a victim of “ethnocentrism” and says he’s not racist
Abused his ex-girlfriend
Compared dating a black man to bestiality
Says Black Lives Matter is cannibalism
His ex-girlfriend talks and reblogs a lot about abuse
Pranked his fans by claiming it was a sociology experiment and then straight up insulted them in these tweets
Says his character in Riverdale can’t be asexual because it was only mentioned a tiny bit and that fans that think that his character should be asexual “isn’t right”.  Also he says it’s not right for fans to associate Jugghead with simply being asexual

See? Piece of shit baby.

There also seems to be a subset of guys who state not only their height, but the fact they own a house and a car, have no children and no “crazy” or “mental” ex girlfriends. Do they realise they’re coming off like total assholes? That just tells me about the things they have, and if it tells me anything about them it’s that they take pride in owning stuff.

This is more like a sociological experiment than anything else. There’s no way I can take it seriously. I’ll be surprised if someone of a decent moral character emerges from this cesspit of indignity.

Opportunities don’t just come to you, it is very important for you to search it for yourself. There are a couple of alternatives, so I am going to list out some that I know.

Summer School
These are often pretty expensive, needless to say. Universities and colleges (especially the famous ones) usually offer programmes for both high school students and students from their own/other universities. It’s a great way to spend some time in another university, have a glimpse of what it feels like studying abroad, and also experience courses in your dream universities. You can, of course, note those experience down on your CV, especially since these are universities that are of high reputation. And sometimes your dream universities are probably not on the list of partner schools for exchange in your own universities. Since you can directly apply for summer school, that kind of makes you going for an exchange in your ultimate destination possible. It’s definitely a good option.

Short field trips / exchange trips
A lot of the times your school will probably offer short field trips to other places within/outside your country. It’s a great way to explore different places and experience different cultures without having to spend a large amount of money (since your stay is relatively short). And, if you have a very packed schedule for summer, these field trips are great ways to spice up your holiday. I mean, what’s better than visiting a country while actually learning through the trip?

This is pretty obvious, so i guess there’s nothing much to say about it. Volunteering experiences are great, since they definitely offer fruitful opportunities. Not only that, if you are planning to pursue a career/ educational qualification on psychology, education, sociology, social work, volunteering experiences are really important for you.

Research opportunities
This is probably really valuable for university/college students. Of course, having the opportunities to be a research intern (or just being a helper in a research project, really) is super awesome. They are going to let you have a taste of what your future studies/career is like, or even just enhance your academic ability. For most of the times, do actively send emails to professors if you feel like that research project is going to help your career/education path. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of connection. You never know until you have actually tried. Just explain your situation and your passion for his/her research project, and they will probably consider you.

Again, this is usually very competitive. Basically everyone fights for an internship place in some famous firms or business. Internship allows you to increase your connection, and I have heard multiple cases that the employer would ask the trainee to continue to work there after the summer internship (if they perform well).

Part-time jobs
More often than not we usually work for some jobs that have no correlation with what we wanna do in the future, well, for the sake of money. After all, we all need to fund our tuition. Despite the fact that these are sometimes quite dreadful, you may be able to meet some new friends through your part-time jobs! And of course, you can gain communication skills with customers and more.

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i'm doing a sociology experiment to see how little effort i can put into getting notes

reblog if you, i dunno, like dogs or something. or gay people. or gay dogs who the fuck cares get to reblogging people chop chop

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Why is he doing this to us??? can't wait to see what's gonna happen... btw don't change your blog title or your sidebar image I love them

World domination? Some kind of fucked up sociological experiment? For shits and giggles? All of the above??? I’m pretty sure villains are contractually-bound to state their evil plans before actually executing them so yes Misha pls report to the principal’s office immediately and explain yourself.

Re: the blog…part of me’s like idgaf and the other part’s like PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS. I mean Misha joining Tumblr is basically the equivalent of invading our dreams. It’d be like fantasizing about Cas eating Dean out 

and then looking over

and seeing


A sociology experiment

Bleach fandom, of every imaginable faction, hear me out. Just go out in the road, in cafes, at school, and ask people this:

“What would you think of someone that tells you such a sentence:

"I wonder, can I keep up with it?
The speed of a world without you in it?” ?“

If they tell you something on the line of "THAT THEY LOVE ME”, reblog.

Misha Fucking Collins, though.

I’m 5,000% convinced that he’s never stopped looking at the fandom like some giant sociology experiment, and he and Vicki sit up nights like “How can we up the ante? What if you said THIS at the next convention?” “Oooohh, yeah. They’d go apeshit. Let me write that one down.”

Experimentation on human beings is ILLEGAL, MISHA, now will somebody please get me off this DAMN SPINNING WHEEL?