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Because this whole original race thing has come up: people so often blur the lines between biology and sociology and its starting to piss me off. Heterosexuality was a thing before patriarchal societies existed because BIOLOGY, people adapted to their environments when we spread out of Africa and one of those adaptations was a paler skin tone because BIOLOGY racism wasn't even a fucking thing half a million years ago. I wish people would stop trying to press modern ideas on ancient societies ffs



THE WEEABOO is an upcoming documentary NOW FUNDRAISING ON INDIEGOGO. The film follows an ex-anime reviewer and weeaboo as he travels in order to investigate deep into weeaboo culture; touching onto the subjects of sociology, mainly on the topic of community and the basic human need of belonging, psychology, on the subject of obsession, and racism through cultural appropriation and the topic of racial identity. 


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Chara is a textbook psychopath, Flowey (Asriel) is a textbook sociopath. 
Before I get started, let me just start by explaining so many people get sociopath and psychopath mixed up, someone acting erratic and in a rage and passionately violent is generally said to be acting “psycho” when really that is what a sociopath would do. Many images and sites get this mixed up the other way round. 

Here is how to remember them the right way, the actual meaning of the words. -pathy actually means an ailment, Socio- means social and sociological, and Psycho- means mind. Someone who is a sociopath is likely to stay on the fringe of society and avoid being social, they are antisocial and normally develop the illness because of the social setting they are raised in. they have an illness of the social system. Psychopaths are born with their brains (minds) susceptible to the ailment, they medically cannot feel any empathy because of the way their brain is wired. They have an illness of the mind.

Now to delve into the explanation of why Flowey is a Sociopath and Chara is a Psychopath. 

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2/100 ~ 26/03/16

I worked on my sociology homework and studied a bit. In the afternoon I went to the forest for a walk and when I came back I made a study schedule for finals while snacking on oatmeal cake, and a banana with peanutbutter and honey.
(I really love my planner from HEMA 😍)
Today was not as productive as I wanted it to be, but tomorrow is a new day ☺️