My boys finally getting the full 2-level cage experience this week - complete with fresh foraging toys, new hammocks, new litter pans (yay!), and new/fresh chews :)
Me and my sister have been socilizing them in just the top level of thier cage but now that they aren’t that afriad of us we decided to give them more room to play and climb :D
Also, for those concerned, when their big cage is getting cleaned they have a hamster cage they can hang out in (its basically a minicage they can be comfy in but can’t escape - definatly shouldn’t actually be used for hamsters tho). That smol cage is not thier main play area or living space just limbo :)

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When it comes to an individual right and public good. Where is the line drawn. Do we wait for times to adapt, or say rights out weigh the so called common good. Like, breastfeeding In public past usual ages, transgender bathrooms, and other things that keep coming up. In a society is it not reasonable to say in your own privately owned space do whatever, but in public respect the rule of the majority? This is kind of vague, just wondering your overall view.

I love questions like this, It’s going to be a long post.  Essentially my view boils down to allowing individuals to make their own choices on their own property. So for things like transgender bathrooms, it’s whatever the owner of that property decides. Breastfeeding isn’t really a public good, I think you’re confusing the term.

The following is basically me explaining what a public good really is and why government is shit and why socialism will always fail.

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Sometimes when I'm reading posts about being an INTJ, I feel like a lot of people are misinterpreting what introversion means. While it's generally true that INTJ people rarely care about "small talk", that doesn't mean we are all shy or socially inept. If a person really has a problem communicating with people, it's more likely something to do with insecurities or maybe even socil anxiety, and not their MBTI type. What do you think?

Yes. Introversion is about internal vs. external focus, and about what “energizes” you. It’s not about a lack of need for social contact. It’s not about being shy. I’ll grant that people with social anxiety are more likely to be introverts, and vice versa, but it isn’t always true, and it’s only a correlation. An anecdotal correlation, at best. 

Tumblr needs to stop using the “introvert” label as an excuse for not dealing with social problems that are genuinely harming their quality of life.

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I've never liked superhero stuff, esp DC comics, but... I love... your versions!!! Supes, Bats, and now WW, so cool. Like I actually care about this, there's so much personality and warmth, it's so good. Can you tell a little about how you developed their designs? Like what sorta looks were you thinking of? Because it's not something that ever would've occurred to me but it works so well! Thanks!!

omg thank YOU… i love.. talking.. about that kinda stuff!! and hold on lemme tell you. THIS GOT SUPER LONG SO I’M PUTTING IT UNDER A CUT BUT…. YEA…. . 

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Scan - Brian Epstein, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison at the Our World broadcast, 25 June 1967

Photo: David Magnus/Rex Features

“The BBC’s Steve Race, a well-disposed if ageing straight, was the night’s commentator: flitting about him were the socil butterflies of newly-born psychedelia. He remembers that the guests ‘included some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life. The most rivetingly pretty turned out to be Patti [sic] Boyd.’

[Among the friends there for the recording and broadcast of ‘All You Need Is Love’ were Jane Asher, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and his wife Kim Kerrigan, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mike McCartney, and more]

[Photographer David Magnus names his favorite photos as those with Brian Epstein] [W]ith a rare lack of stiffness, the manager goes tie-less, and beams happily at his boys. But two months later Brian was dead, an apparent suicide, and these are the last pictures of him with his beloved Beatles.” - Paul DuNoyer, Mojo, August 1997

shout out to people who are silent socializers. shout out to people who don’t or can’t provide much substance to conversation because words aren’t their strong point. shout out to people who don’t mind being out of the conversation because their friends understand they prefer to listen. 

shout out to people who are fine sitting quietly with their friends and interacting nonverbally. shout out to people who get exhausted if they converse too much. shout out to people who have trouble interacting online because everything must be said, there’s no quietly sitting by someone and that being just dandy.

shout out to people who just want to listen and enjoy. no matter what others say, just because you don’t have much to say, doesn’t mean you don’t still care.

The Seven + Friends in School

Percy: Loud and weird, but somehow popular. Plays several sports. Average grade: D+

Annabeth: Serious, but fun too. Loosens up after a while. All honors, Science Team, Math Team, ext.
Average grade: A+

Jason: Surprisingly not popular. Likes to read fantasy (and being a fanboy and total geek) and is infamous for getting hit in the head in gym. Plays baseball, student council representative.
Average grade: A-

Piper: Moderatly popular. Keeps a low profile for the most part, but speaks up when need be. In pep squad.
Average grade: B-

Hazel: Semi-popular. In Cheer team and choir. Rarely raises hand and is failing technology class.
Average: C+

Frank: Quiet and flunks biology because apparently, the frogs don’t want to be dicected.
Average grade: B-

Leo: Prankster. Loves his friends, but only has half-hearted conversations with other people.
Average grade: D+

Calypso: Sassy to everyone. Acts like she rules the world. Hot tempered, but still really hot. Cheer team and pep squad.
Average grade: A-

Nico: Cuts class often. Seems to have all the answers but shows no effort. Excells in Socil studies. Gets teased (and hit on but were not going there) alot but shrugs it off.
Typical conversation between a jerk and Nico:
“Go to Hel.”
“Been there, thanks. Wanna arrange a visit?”
Average grade: C+ (no one knows how he’s not failing)

Reyna: Calm, raises hand a lot. Lots of haters, but deals with them similar to how Nico does. Student council’s president.
Average grade: A

Okay so, the witchling chat I hang out in has been having a big issue where some of the members have nasty things hanging out in their rooms. This guide is written for people who have a tendency to attract bad shit. Very few magic folks actually have this problem, but for those of you who do, here’s everything I know. Pace yourself. I can do all of this is one day if I choose because I already have the stuff on hand and I’m a bottomless pit of energy. You do you.


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Social things for chronic illness

What do you do when you have a chronic illness and you want to be social?

The sun is starting to come out for spring and I feel some of the pain lifting for the next few months I think I’m gonna have some stregth and energy until the real heat hits and then back into the hermit ness I will go…. What are some good social things to do? I would love to get out and about and meet some new people… With the help and support of my friends. My life cannot just revolve around doctors and phone calls and the internet although I love you all very much!

Some things I can think of…

Farmers markets…. I can handle a short bit on my feet, and it’s something I love to do. I think with my compression hose will make things easier for me to sit with my legs down and even walk around… I’m finally comfortable in all my gear and I’m ready to go public…

Comedy nights @ bars… I don’t drink.. I might try it but not sure, but comedy nights would give me a reason to be there and something fun to do.

Support groups… Not sure about socializing with people who have severe mental illness but I don’t want to discriminate I just don’t wanna make things harder on either of us. I’m pretty tramautozed from living with my bipolar father and I’ve seen what mental illness does to relationships it’s very difficult. My physical chronic illness support group is great but they are all women in there 50s & 60s. I’d like to socialize with people in their 20s 30s men and women.

Who has suggestions… What are good places to meet people when your chronically Ill and have no disposable income to speak of and just need to get out of the house and have some fun… There’s only so much Netflix a girl can take. And although I love my close friends…. I need some new things to try to do to meet people… I don’t work so I have very little socialness in my life. Just when my married with kids friends want a little break from the hustle and bustle of work, school, kids, significant others, they come to me, but I want to try to get out and do some things. Sick of being a hermit. I need people, physically to look at and talk to and hang out with.

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When a dog is raised around other dogs in an appropriate manner with good training and socilization they will be okay with one another. This is basic animal behavior. This also applies to your precious APBT. They are not dog killing machines.

Please tell my friends who have APBT and socialized them properly but the dogs still decided to hate other dogs… that they did it wrong.