emilyevanston  asked:

I'd like a Steve Rogers x reader one. :D

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who hogs the duvet

It’s Steve, all the way. It’s gotten to the point where you keep an extra blanket near the bed so you can grab it quickly after you’ve woken up from the cold. Of course, Steve claims all you have to do is pull it back over, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s got a death grip

who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Depends - if Steve’s not on a mission or training, he’s stuck doing paperwork. And when he’s stuck doing paperwork, he gets bored and texts you. Same with you.

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

It’s actually Steve! He’s always coming up with a meaningful gift that you would never think of. 

who gets up first in the morning

That’s Steve. He’s just used to always getting up early, and it’s a habit that’s stuck with him. You usually prefer to sleep a little later than Steve, but sometimes you rise with him and share a few moments with each other before beginning the day

who suggests new things in bed

Steve may be the more dominant one, but he’s always hesitant to bring up something new. He loves when you ask him to try something different though

who cries at movies

Depends on the movie. Like, you cry at Disney movies, but Steve cried at Old Yeller, The Color Purple, and Dead Poets Society

who gives unprompted massages

Steve is constantly stressed, and his stress always builds up in his shoulders and back. Any time he’s particularly worked up or when he’s on a rant about something or other, you push him onto your bed or into a chair and work the kinks out of his muscles, leaving him feeling much better

who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Seeing as Steve doesn’t get sick, he’s constantly at your beck and call even if you just have a cold. But if Steve’s injured, you’re at his side, always insisting there must be something else you can do until he pulls you into his side and says “babe, i just need you beside me. that’s the best painkiller”

who gets jealous easiest

It’s actually you. As easy as it is for Steve to get worked up, it’s even worse for you. Even though your relationship is public knowlege, that information doesn’t seem to deter people (men and women alike) from being flirty and handsy with your captain. Let’s just say you oh-so-politely told them to fuck off.

who has the most embarrassing taste in music

STEVE. He tries to act like his taste is refined - and sure, he listens to jazz, classical, and some classic rock - but you can often catch him jamming to I’m Too Sexy, N’SYNC, Spice Girls, or even Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On

who collects something unusual

You collect comics about the team, mostly Cap but also some of everyone

who takes the longest to get ready

Seeing as Steve literally showers, dries off, and gets dressed, it’s you. Even on days where you leave your hair to dry naturally, you still take longer showers and 

who is the most tidy and organised

You’re more organized… honestly, Steve’s desk is a huge mess. So is his… everything, really. You make messes easily but at least you usually clean them up

who gets most excited about the holidays

Now that he has you to spend them with, Steve loves the holidays. You get together with Bucky and Sam and their girlfriends, or the entire team and their significant others, or… well, anything really. There’s something about Steve during this time, the way his eyes glow with pure excitement, that makes you fall in love with the holidays, too.

who is the big spoon/little spoon

Usually Steve is the big spoon, but even Captain America needs to be the little spoon sometimes

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Both of you. It’s usually forgotten once the game is over though!

who starts the most arguments

Both, again. Steve has a temper and you’re stubborn as hell which makes for some pretty stupid arguments

who suggests that they buy a pet

It’s not really suggested, Steve just comes home from a mission one day and there’s just… a puppy. And he’s in love.

what couple traditions they have

he leaves a note on your coffee cup each morning with something he loves about you, you make sure to have a date on day of the month you first met. For Christmas, you spend the entire day by yourselves, and later with your children (and grandchildren); when there are kids, you and Steve open your gifts alone on Christmas Eve and let the kids have the morning to themselves.

what tv shows they watch together

You tend to watch movies more, but when you watch tv it’s usually medical dramas or something with crime solving

what other couple they hang out with

When Bucky and Sam finally find someone to settle down with, you spend a lot of time together 

how they spend time together as a couple

Sure, you both love to get together with friends, go on coffee dates, eat dinner at a nice restaurant, or go on a walk in the walk, but your favorite thing to do is spend a day in together. Sometimes you cook or bake together, other times you order in; sometimes you watch movies or sleep all day, other times you work on projects around the house, and still other times are spent in bed doing… other things ;)

who made the first move

It was you. He was staring at you for an entire hour-long meeting and after you asked him out for coffee

who brings flowers home

Steve all the way, he’ll do anything to brighten your day

who is the best cook

It used to be you, but then you taught Steve how to cook beyond boiling everything. Since picking up some new tricks, Steve has become quite the chef!