FRIENDS-themed iPhone Cases

Want to rock out like how Ross does? 

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  • Name-tag iPhone Cases (x)

And quite some number of you are asking for the iconic FRIENDS door-photo-frame thing, so I did an additional one.

  • FRIENDS Door Frame iPhone Sticker/Skin (x)
  • FRIENDS Door Frame iPhone Case (x)

Click the linky-link to go to the store. Take note of which model of the phone case/skin you picked though.


Quotes and Quips and Stuff - The Office

How many references can you recognize? Do you even understand what’s going on? Special points awarded if you can spot something out-of-place in there, but everything’s made up and the points don’t matter so whatevs.

But yeah, Dwight would approve of this shirt.

Click the linky-link to go to the store. Note that there’s many different colours for the shirt base to choose from! 


Daleks VS Weeping Angels

Some Doctor Who themed iPhone cases and skins are available at my society6!

Don’t you just hate it when you take pictures and your friend blinks and ruin the picture? Fret not, the weeping angel will solve your problem. Never again will your friends dare to blink. Never. Not over their dead body. 

iPhone Case: Daleks or Weeping Angel

iPhone SkinDaleks

(remember to select the model of your device!)