Hi, everybody!
We wish to ask you a favor.

We have 2 projects about Zoidiakos in mind, and they are pretty interesting, but the problem is… we haven’t any income… so it’s very, very difficult for us to do them.
So, we want to remind you that we have our commissions OPEN, and (it is important) you can ask for an illustration or chapter about the ship of Zoidiakos you want. The price is the same as in the photo.

We have some products about Zoidiakos here, also:

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Thank you!! <3


¡Hola, gente!
Queríamos pediros un favor.

Tenemos 2 proyectos sobre Zoidiakos en mente, y son bastante interesantes. El problema es que no tenemos ningún ingreso… así que es muy, muy difícil para nosotras hacerlos.
Así que, queríamos recordaros que seguimos teniendo las commissions ABIERTAS y (esto es importante), podéis pedir una ilustración o un capítulo sobre la pareja de Zoidiakos que más os guste. El precio es el mismo que en la foto.

Además, tenemos algunos productos de Zoidiakos aquí:

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Muchas gracias!! <3


Since a lot of people commented on my last drawing that they want my Animal Crossing mug, I thought I’d post about it here!

I did it as my work mug but if anyone wants to have it too I have it up on my Society6!!☆彡


Hey guys! ^-^ 

For all you Dramione loving followers: I uploaded some new old pictures on Society6. ;) and there’s still some of my real old stuff as well. XD 

I realised I need to draw new Draco pics…. But I’ve got a surprise for you later on!     (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

And! 20% off & free worldwide shipping on everything today! *0*

☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ MANY HUGS!!!!!