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If you’re on Society6 you might be already familiar to the pain of having carefully positioned your designs on a product and put it up for sale only to discover that it’s weirdly cropped and there is an elusive phone camera right over a character’s face. If you’re not there yet but will join soon you might want to save yourself from such annoynance!

To avoid such situations I have created templates for some of these trickier products; now I’m sharing them with you! They have been personally tested by me as I uploaded everything in my shop.

Download the ZIP for free

This zip contains 2 PSD files, one with templates for smartphones cases, another for pillows, tote bags and clocks in their highest resolution. Enjoy!


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Money Man by @Steeze_abiola (Tank Top; go shop for exclusive discount on art prints & other merchandises at (link in my bio) limited sales available.

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As promised here my little serie of prints. I made few corrections on each illustrations from what I posted previously.

This is a limited time print.
I will remove it in 3 months (the 28th of June 2015).


Those two characters are from my comic projet Café Rouge that is in stand by for the moment, I have to reboot the story as I was experimenting a lot on this version. But now I have a clear idea about this project, but I can’t tackle until I finish another project.

You can still check the very old version of the comic here:

french: http://caferouge.smackjeeves.com/comics/1498478/chapitre-1/

english (with less pages): http://caferougeeng.smackjeeves.com/comics/1489023/001a/

I got a lot a very nice & kind messages lately, I’d like to thank you all ! I can’t answer to everybody but I’ll try it later.