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It’s up! It’s up! \\\ ٩(๑❛ワ❛๑)و ////
My (late) b-day gift to myself, and the rest of the lovely, lovely Stucky fandom.
This was super-exciting to work on. Frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ ˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾✩

You can find this in my S6 store HERE, on a number of cool gadgets. (。•ㅅ•。) ♥

EDIT: you can follow this link for the tumblr post and art for  Captain America: The Mock Poster Project - THE WINTER SOLDIER


Hello, folks! Big ol’ Inktober Post in honor of Cyber Monday!

Society6 is having a Cyber Monday sale, in which everything is 20% off EVERYTHING and has FREE SHIPPING until midnight tonight (Nov. 28)! No special code or link necessary! I also just added a bunch of Inktober 2016 pieces. Great gifts for art loving, bird-loving friends or family members (especially ones who like magic-wielding birds)!

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Attention Society6 Sellers-- UPDATED!

UPDATE! The amazing detective @bluecamellia suggested that it might have something to do with the addition tumblr made a while back to settings involving ‘Affiliate Links’ so I went to my tumblr account settings and turned it (Affiliate Links) off, and tested it out and it looks like thats what was changing all the store links! 

It says that if you put your own affiliate links in, it was supposed to leave your links alone. I tested it yesterday and it did not appear to leave my affiliate link alone and still tacked on that random account info. 

SO if you are a Society6 Curator, or have a store on Society6 (or many of the other common marketplace sites it seems might be connected to this), and you are still having a problem with your affiliate link or store link being affected, go into your Tumblr Settings, and TURN OFF the Affiliate Links switch. Here’s a screenshot:

ALSO– Do note that if this is an issue for your links, you will need to turn this setting off for every tumblr blog you have where the links are a problem. For example: If I have a main blog, and an art blog, and I post my affiliate/store links on both, I need to turn this setting off if it’s still affecting my affiliate links negatively. 

WHEW!! I was super worried some crazy stuff was going on! Thank you to @bluecamellia for being an amazing person and figuring this out! You rock! 

Here’s the original post below:

Hi! Yesterday I noticed a major issue when I clicked on my own Society6.com store Link that I posted on my tumblr blog. 

I posted my natural link which is: society6.com/arondraws

When I made my post and clicked the link, tumblr’s formatting reformats the link to now re-direct to my store but tacks on someone ELSE’S referral. After it redirects, I click on the URL bar in my browser and the url now reads:


What does this mean? This means that someone who owns the account MattVigLink (which DOES exist on Society6) gets the credit for my link referral. This means that this person’s account gets money. MONEY. Actual money for my hard work. My art. My link posting, and my promotional work. Every sale I make, THEY GET MONEY FOR IT. NOT COOL!!

I don’t know who did it, but I found that it effects other links posted on other seller’s tumblr blogs too. Try it out for yourself. Find a Society6.com store post on tumblr and click on the link and sure enough, you will most likely find that “curator=mattvlink” has been tacked on to the end of that URL. 

Here’s what I saw:

I made sure to use the correct URL for my Society 6 Shop. I save the post and it goes up on my tumblr blog.

I hover over the link while viewing my tumblr post, and it throws a long redirect link into the preview box. 

I click it and there it is! What the hell– my store is now giving sales credits to this person’s account!

I don’t know if it’s someone who works for tumblr, or some other shady person who is trying to make money off the Society6 Curator referral system but IT SUCKS. 

I have reported this to both tumblr and Society6 and provided screenshots. I thought it was a glitch and I went back and re-did my links several times and EVERY SINGLE TIME it gets re-coded by tumblr when you click the link, and it transfers you to the intended Society6.com store and automatically tacks on “curator=mattviglink” to your url. 

Fuck that shit. If you are a Society6 Seller who has this same issue, PLEASE Report it to both Tumblr and Society6. Let them know that your links are ending up giving credit to someone else’s account. It’s definitely not supposed to do that, and it’s abuse of the curator system at Society6. 

Thank you.

Update: Don’t get me wrong– I love you Tumblr and @staff and I hope this is something that can be fixed. Tumblr is my favorite social media platform and I really really hope this is something that can be fixed/turned off. I also hope it’s something that has not been going on for very long! I <3 Tumblr!