society's expectations are unrealistic

IMO one of Steven Universe’s themes is very much about making boys feel comfortable with being true to themselves. And this is good.

Society forces little boys to conform unrealistic expectations of Herculean masculinity. “Boys DO NOT CRY.” “Boys MUST BE tough.” “Boys CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING REMOTELY feminine.” This hurts our boys, it messes them up real bad.

Steven Universe tells them otherwise. It’s okay to cry, to feel, to wear pink, to look up to the awesome women in their lives. This is beautiful.

And I’ll post the unpopular opinion du jour: romantic stuff, as it’s generally understood by society, is pointless and actually hurts relationships by creating unrealistic expectations. It invariably leads to disappointment and resentment. Dating an unromantic ogre woman is way more fulfilling than dating a romantic girl.

The only way to accept yourself, is to embrace yourself. Embrace the fact that you don’t look like the model on the cover of a magazine, embrace that your skin is flawed, embrace the fact that you are perfectly you. It’s easier said that done. I know it can be very hard to accept ourselves when our thoughts are consuming of are happiness. We are steadily comparing ourselves to others and ruining our self esteems. Society puts such unrealistic expectations on the word beautiful. Beauty to me is imperfections that make you who you are and unlike anyone else. That is the amazing thing about life. We all have our strong and weak points and that’s what makes us all beautiful and human.
—  cwbrooke

Things meninism SHOULD be about:

  • supporting trans men
  • supporting non-het men
  • supporting men of color
  • supporting physically/mentally disabled men
  • supporting all men who feel undermined by society’s unrealistic and harmful expectations of what masculinity “should be”
  • just bros supporting bros, because a little love in someone’s life can go a long way

Things meninism SHOULD NOT be about:

  • shitting on feminism
  • shitting on women in general

Come on guys, here’s an opportunity to make a movement into a promotion of love and support. Grab it by the forelock!

THIS is ugly.

It’s disgusting that you guys have to put down someone just to get out a positive change. You people are absolutely insulting to the cause of any type of justice.

This is nasty behavior. Although it’s clear that you’re trying to make a positive change in the world, you’re making yourselves look like disgusting human beings with no respect for a fellow human being.

You can call Driver himself out for being white, but that still won’t do anything. You should be criticizing the media, not an individual who was chosen because he decided to audition for the role. You won’t do anything but make him feel like shit, alienate rational people from your cause, and make yourselves look like horrible people.

We still live in a society where both sexes struggles with unrealistic images and expectations.

By insisting that an ‘ugly’ guy shouldn’t get as much media coverage as anyone else (regardless of others’ race/looks/sex) you’re yourself adding to the disgusting unrealistic images that the media portrays and you complain about.

How about you practice what you preach and stop attacking people for their looks? Let’s take it up a notch, too, and goddamn stop bringing other people down by using social justice as an excuse.

And the 7k+ people that may be supporting and reblogging this post without criticizing it are no better. Stop being nasty human beings.