society ugly

i really REALLY wish the body positive movement had been “you don’t have to look good or be beautiful or pretty to be worth something and to make things happen for yourself and to be happy” rather than “everyone is beautiful!! don’t worry you’re still hot even if you’re not ‘conventionally attractive!!” bc that still puts this superficial idea of ‘hotness’ and ‘beauty’ on a pedestal when really it shouldn’t matter at all it’s literally just our outer meat sack it means nothing it’s going to rot anyway

cute things girls do:

  • dancing
    • literally any kind of dancing. sexy dancing??? girl work it, i’m drooling! the cha cha slide? move ur cute butt over so i can do it with you! classical dancing?? you look like an absolute goddess. awkward dancing, where you’re stumbling over ur feet and waving ur hands around? you’re absolutely adorable. tapping ur foot and kinda moving a lil when you’re listening to music with ur earbuds?? could u get any cuter????
  • playing with their hair. or other another girl’s hair. u are so pretty and cute.
    • bonus points if they do a sassy hair flip
  • concentrating
    • u know when girls are really concentrating, and they make that adorable face?? u know the one. their brows are furrowed and they’re leaning into whatever they’re doing and they might bite their lip or stick their tongue out. and when they’re excited about whatever they’re concentrating on and they make adorable expressions and noises????????????????????? SO CUTE
  • walking
    • those girls that walk like they own the place!!!! and the girls that are tripping every three seconds!!!!! and the girls that walk like they do not give a shit!!!!!!! and the girls that are practically skipping all the time!!!!!!!!!! and the girls that can’t walk!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everything between and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y’all are ethereal
  • laying down 
    • literally for any reason??????????? when they’re tired and sleeping and they look like the most precious things on this earth? or when they’re cold and have blankets tugged up to their chin????? or when they’re trying to look sexy and sUCCEEDING??????? or when they’re physically or mentally exhausted and they just need a break and they’re still completely valid and wonderful and strong??????
  • talking about something they love
    • their eyes light up and they have that huge, brilliant smile!!!!!!!!! and they keep rambling and talking really fast and really loud!!!!!!! and they wave their hands around and they’re so so happy to be talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are so adorable and gorgeous i love u, keep doing what you’re doing
  • laughing
    • OH MY GOD. where do i even start???? laughing. it’s so goddamn adorable. and gorgeous. and wonderful. and radiant. and so many girls are self conscious about smiling/laughing bc society tells them that they’re “””””ugly”””””????? but society also says aliens don’t exist so???????? who cares. u are RADIANT. when girls laugh and all their teeth show and it’s super loud and they throw their heads back!!!!!!!!! when girls giggle super softly and their mouth just tugs into a tiny smile and their shoulders shake a lil!!!!!!! when girls laugh and they’re clapping their hands and crying and holding their stomachs bc they just find it so funny!!!!!!!!! when girls are laughing out of happiness and they look so confident and free and radiant!!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their eyes crinkle!!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their dimples show!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their adorable chubby cheeks get chubbier and maybe a lil extra chin shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u all are AMAZING i love u
  • when girls are girls
    • do i even need to explain this?????? i love u all
  • society: black women are ugly.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are hoes and sluts.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are goldiggers.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women need to stop having all these out of wedlock kids.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are low class.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are welfare queens.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are loud and obnoxious.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are uneducated and ignorant.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: nobody likes black women.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • Black woman: we have it so bad, society just loves to single us out and put us down. We need to uplift ourselves and each other as black women.
  • non-black women: why are you just making it about black women? You should try to uplift ALL women.

Okay but when I say I want to romanticise things that are seen as ugly by society people always reply saying “no normalise it make it normal” and like sure but like also bitch I really just want to look at my flaws and see art like I want poetry to be written about the cellulite on my legs and the stretch marks on my stomach and the hair on my upper lip like bitch let me feel like a work of art when I’m laughing and unaware of my crooked teeth or my double chin and when my skin is oily and my acne is bad. Like let ugly girls feel more than normal let us feel beautiful and extraordinary sometimes please

Ode to the Girls

Ode to the girls with moles on their arms,

Ode to the girls covered in scars.

Ode to the girls who have lazy eyes,

Ode to the girls that get red when they cry.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are deep,

Ode to the girls who snore when they sleep.

Ode to the girls that can’t find their words,

Ode to the girls who are never heard.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are loud,

Ode to the girls who make too much sound.

Ode to the girls who just can’t fit in,

Ode to the girls who aren’t exactly thin.

Ode to those who aren’t beautiful by default,

Ode to them when society says all is their fault.

You’re all beautiful, each and every one,

Ode to the girls who radiate the sun.

Don’t assume that a person is an attention seeker if they tell you that they feel ugly. You have no idea how many times they have cried, looking at themself in the mirror, just wanting to stay home. It’s not their fault that society have teached them what’s pretty and what’s not.