society ugly

Ode to the Girls

Ode to the girls with moles on their arms,

Ode to the girls covered in scars.

Ode to the girls who have lazy eyes,

Ode to the girls that get red when they cry.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are deep,

Ode to the girls who snore when they sleep.

Ode to the girls that can’t find their words,

Ode to the girls who are never heard.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are loud,

Ode to the girls who make too much sound.

Ode to the girls who just can’t fit in,

Ode to the girls who aren’t exactly thin.

Ode to those who aren’t beautiful by default,

Ode to them when society says all is their fault.

You’re all beautiful, each and every one,

Ode to the girls who radiate the sun.

Don’t assume that a person is an attention seeker if they tell you that they feel ugly. You have no idea how many times they have cried, looking at themself in the mirror, just wanting to stay home. It’s not their fault that society have teached them what’s pretty and what’s not.

nothing makes me more uncomfortable than when someone’s like ‘i feel sorry for [insert person here] because they haven’t done [insert romantic / sexual thing here] by [insert age here]’

not just because i have zero experience in those departments and it makes me self conscious but it’s really……………. not anyone’s business and there’s no time limit on when you do something with another person

Old poem 2

I buy myself some decent clothes
Every night I wash my face
Life’s a beauty competition
And I’m just trying to win the race

Why do I choose to compete
I always finish with sorrow
And no matter how hard I try
It will haunt me till tomorrow

Maybe there is a reason
A reason I don’t know
Beauties strivewith confidence
The ugliest have no room to grow

So maybe it is my fault
For looking this damn way
But I have strived to look just fine
Until the end of day

Since some folks cannot seem to shake the asinine assumption that queerness & blackness are mutually exclusive, lemme shout it out for ya.

Just because she doesn’t have 100+ likes on her profile picture doesn’t mean she’s not gorgeous. Every girl is beautiful, its society thats ugly.
—  oliver sykes