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I once threw away my own pen and burned my own book. I locked myself that night in my room, told my self that I am no protagonist. That I’m far from being my own heroine.

It took me three years to understand that no matter how small I felt, no matter how insignificant I felt, I am the heroine of my own story. For the longest time, I tried so hard to be a protagonist of a story that wasn’t mine. I became a supporting character. Sometimes, I only got the smallest role. The girl who passed by. The classmate whose pen fell on the floor. The stranger with a loud laugh. I am all those.

And more.

I am my own lead character. And I tell you this: 

My story is just starting to unfold.
—  note to self // mediwriter

I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

this is what being human is like. you wake up one day and they’ve already packed all their stuff and are ready to head out the door. and you don’t know how to do a single thing without thinking of them. and you call their phone and they tell you that they don’t love you anymore. at least not like they used to. and they block your number because you keep drunk texting them and a few months later you see them walking around holding a new hand. and you wonder why they chose to hold that hand instead of yours. and you spend your entire life wondering why you were never enough for some people.


TURИ: What if George Washington definitely told bad dad jokes




I love all things serial killer / paranormal / aliens etc which is why I’ve been wanting to do a series like this for a long time! I’m SO happy to finally give you guys the very first episode of this brand new 90’s inspired video: The Midnight Society Series! In this first episode i will be talking about the female serial killer, Jane Toppan. I wanted this video to be a little bit different than what you would typically see out there! Hope you dig it. I’ll be dm’ing people at random who reblog this! xo