society portrait


Albert von Keller (1844–1920, Germany)

Figures and scenes

Keller was a German historical and genre painter, popular in his time as a society portraitist. Over his fairly long life, unlike a lot of artists who found their style at odds with modernistic trends, he appears to have adapted quite easily to the altering artistic priorities at the end of the 19th Century. In some of his work can be found elements of symbolism and expressionism.

~free spirit~

After much convincing, I was able to photograph my beautiful mother. I was able to catch her in a moment-in-between where she was fixing her hair for the posed shot that she wanted. I adore this photo of her so much that it brings tears to my eyes. For years now she hasn’t seen what beauty she radiates. Her soul is something simply too pure and good for this earth. I am honored to be her daughter, her pupil, and her best friend. I hope that she will realize that though her skin may wrinkle and her hair may turn grey, she will always be beautiful for the love that she gives and the warmth that she brings.