society of work

Everything Electric

Neon struck
Sand in the desert
Sand in my eyes
Like midnight perfume
Velvet triggers
Prescription lead
On and on

Who’s this fucking weirdo staring at me in the mirror?
Mouth moving
Arms flailing
What are you saying?
The sky
The sky
The blue sky is failing
The mountain’s sharp
Lovers loving

My head feels like it’s about to explode
I wonder what Jackson Pollock though of his fans
I’d like to think he just laughed
Shook his head
And said,
‘Whatever I guess’

A stupid child flips through the dictionary screaming random words
'Ba da duh da’
'Wah wah wah’
Does anyone have the time?
Does anyone have a minute?

Even the crickets
And the moon
Oh the moon
And the stars
And they shapes the make
Everything electric
Everything buzzing
It’s midnight and I’m running down the street
High and broken


“Daisy, you got me.”

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I really do believe that at least part of the problem of people distrusting science has to do with how we as scientists portray ourselves.

We have actively created a system where we derive authority from being seen as better/smarter/more competent than everyone else and then when people ask why they should trust us we respond with a very condescending version of ‘because SCIENCE IS FACT’ or something along those lines.

Like, consider how that would feel from the outside? Here are a small group of people who you have never met/interacted with who sequester themselves in impenetrable ~elite institutions that you can’t access and don’t feel party to who then tell you that what they say is fact because they’re smarter and better educated than you. And if you ever try to question them (no matter how reasonable your objections may be/seem to you) they condescendingly pat you on the head and say something like ‘don’t worry we know better. you can’t possibly understand what we do.’

Why the hell would you trust them? 

No one likes being told that they’re not smart enough to understand something, and no one likes feeling excluded from something they’ve essentially been asked to accept sight unseen. 

I don’t really have a solution to this, except some vague notion about working harder to portray scientists as people working a job, rather than geniuses who are above it all. 

And like trying harder to understand where people are coming from when they question science. And remembering that being better educated than most doesn’t make us smarter than most. It just makes us better trained in certain types of thinking.

I just think we need to keep in mind what we are asking of people. Which is to put a whole hell of a lot of faith in us.

“You Say, I Say”

Sugar and Spice,
and Everything nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

We suffer, we sacrifice,
But at what price?
That’s NOT what REAL women are made of.

You say I’m Desirable,
I say reliable.
You say I’m Pretty,
I say witty.

You say I’m Attractive,
I say Proactive.
You say I’m Capable,
I say Unstoppable.

You say I’m Curvy,
I say Sturdy.
You say I’m Girlie,
I say I’m Worthy.

You love my physique,
I love how I’m unique.
You love the view from behind,
I love my phenomenal mind.
My Behind?
My Mind.

Some love to criticize,
But I love my size.
Some love control,
But I love my soul.

Real women don’t demonize, ostracize or penalize.
Real women are wise, and they’re easy to characterize.
Real women compromise, optimize, and empathize.
Real women experience both the lowest lows and highest highs.
Real women aren’t perfect, did I catch you by surprise?
Real women are authentic, and it’s their greatest disguise.                                                        

Appearances shouldn’t be scrutinized.
Society needs to stop and realize.
All the youth that we will jeopardize,
All the young minds we will traumatize.                                                          
Eating disorders are nothing to glamorize.
Nothing attractive about being hospitalized.

Makes you think twice.
All this beauty, is it worth the price?

All this stress takes a toll.
Inner beauty is the goal.
Humanize, Synchronize, Harmonize.
Ladies, everybody … let’s rise.

By: Emily Kass

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Please Destroy Me

I’m no masochist
But it’d save us all a lot of time

I’m tired
Sleeplessly sleeping on a antique floral print sofa
Walking in worn down canvas shoes
Worn down everything
Across uneven sidewalks

Everyone I know’s angry
Everyone saying
‘I’m not angry’
‘I’m not angry’
Sound waves shoot through my veins
Into my gut
If you want to hear me say I’m defeated
Well I’m defeated

I have nothing
No sad songs
No four chord progression
Just call my dad
And tell him I might need a ride home later

I’ve been hacked
Torn to bits
Pulverized into a protein supplement
I want to say bad things
Scream back at those who scream at me
But I have no voice
I walk ahead
With my head pointed at my feet
My eyes watering
My spine crooked
Hands shaking

100 people scream at me in unison
And I melt away


1.) do not be afraid. there is a fire in your heart. learn to love the way the flames lick at your chest

2.) kisses cannot heal the parts of you that are broken. kiss the tears goodbye. then learn to love the body that made them

3.) fighting means nothing if you dont know what youre fighting for. draw your sword. just make sure you know who youre aiming for

4.) you are still growing. you are still learning. every day you are born again. you are a pheonix that never stops burning. embrace newness

5.) taking up space is a luxury some women cannot afford. do not be afraid to be vast. there is no such thing as outgrowing yourself

6.) not everyone exists to help you grow. sometimes you have to learn on your own how to put yourself back together again

7.) the stars know your fury. they have seen too many women like you forget themselves. they will guide you through the night if youll only tell them where to take you

8.) take. take from those who would take from you. keep on taking. there is no man on earth who is unfamiliar with wanting too much and having too little

9.) womens first decree was destruction. chaos runs in your veins. never forget

10.) some of us never grow up. only grow older. time is merciless, but shes not your enemy. remember that womanhood is a feeling, not a number

—  a lesson in growing pains (and how to achieve them)

Why people believe conspiracy theories like ‘pizzagate’

“Tens of millions of people believe in conspiracy theories,” Dartmouth political science professor Brendan Nyhan tells CNN. “It’s not a reflection of mental illness or pathology. It’s a common thing that otherwise smart and well-informed people do.”

What has changed, though, since the heyday of the John Birch Society in the 1960s, is the rate of proliferation and speed at which the dark whispers turn to public pronouncements.

All These Old Men And Women

All these young punks
With desk drawers full of something cool they made once
With scrapbooks memorializing dried blood
With social media websites cradling proof they were once creative

All these assholes
All these wallflowers
With antique love letters marinating in some forgotten cardboard box
With lost external hard-drives hiding unfinished manuscripts
With all of the potential and none of the time

All these sketchbooks collecting dust in the back of closets
All these trinkets and mementos weeping under beds
Silently haunting
The great works we’ve bled over
They’ve been rolled into a cardboard tube and put away into a storage locker

These moments
Sour and infinite
Tough and tender

What you’ve created
What you’ve become
A long pause

Society has romanticized the barista. Making good coffee is an art, but it’s also hard work. We use machines, mop floors, scrub dishes, think fast, and move fast. We are underpaid and work long hours.  Next time you see a photo of a pretty latte, know that the art isn’t the only part of our job.
—  Confession #71
3:34 A.M.

I hear sirens out my window
I stare at blue and red lights shining across the tops of bare winter trees
I feel hypnotized
The wind blowing
Dead leaves scattered across the ground
I just keep listening
I listen so long I wonder if I’m still alive

3:39 A.M.
My bones sink
Sometimes the world feels like one long electric hum
I have to get up in a few hours to go to work
I have to go analyze my dreams
I have to become a witch doctor
I have to close my eyes and forget about it all

3:43 A.M.
A cold air blows through my open window
It feels nice
I’m wrapped up inside of multiple blankets
Silent and snug
I got lost because I didn’t want to be found
I fell in a well because I needed some space
Maybe I should go smoke another cigarette
Maybe I should try to smoke twenty cigarettes at once
Maybe that’d make the world stop turning for a second

3:46 A.M.
I stare into my ceiling
At silhouettes of tree branches bending
Branches waving and changing and playing tricks with my head
Is this poetry?
I don’t know
I never seem to know

3:50 A.M.
I suppose every great artist has some specific technique or theme to their work
Something to conquer
What am I conquering?
What am raising awareness for?

3:53 A.M.
I’m raising awareness for deep space