society of the sun


I wanted a lament, I took the world and chemistry as one of //
the last few masterpieces within joy for this lady using spices,
symphonies from the church and slideshows avec son style //
with dedication and precision. I lay beneath the Milky Way //
I see flowers on internet, the names–pourquoi cherchez-vous?
Caterpillars, fashion, the prerequisite en hommage à an ideal–
dejection got to witness the multifaceted beauty of Family Na-
ture (the concept behind the use of eco-foely materials). Come
on be patient as we build gatestops from this perspective, the
fragile one dominating & the Eulogy of Me. What a Romantic
movement ostensibly, antidote to any deliberate prelude (yes:
we can doubt ourselves [L'Allegro, in that mode of it]), I have
identity in delighted sympathy with her national anthem / here
the poet goes drowsy with his whole wide eyes, –un splendide
carillon pour écouter the lyrical community. Even though // a
grand adventure was relegated on the horizon, bound together
to get her both the patterns // from botanical gardens I dreaded
leaving intimations, their own freshness, I was saddened too to
hear about my standard force, constant coefficient, its delicacy
à un printemps verdoyant in heady conversations about how //
nestled in a crook of your elliptical patchworked love, I am–a
flower is a miracle as decor in cheap facilities, the sun against

Kuzuryuu and Ouma Friendship Event

Kokichi Ouma: Ah, hi there, Kuzuryuu-chan! A refreshing and friendly smile as usual!

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Asshole… Do you have fucking eyes? More important, quit this dumbass joke of calling me “Kuzuryuu-chan”.

Kokichi Ouma: Huh~, we are both society’s outcast who can’t freely walk under the sun, let’s be friends~.

Or rather… Kuzuryuu-chan, don’t you think it would be better for you if you were my friend?

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: …Haaah?

Kokichi Ouma: Because I’m the Supreme Leader of an evil secret society…Mafias all over the world do bidding, see~.

If you make hate you, living in the unground world will get a lot harder for you, you know?

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Hmph, was this supposed be a threat? As if I believe your bullshit.

Fuck, the hell is an evil Supreme Leader? …You’re just a kid.

Kokichi Ouma: Aaaaaaa… that’s what I didn’t want you to say. You don’t know?

When you become the top of your clan, Kuzuryuu-chan, don’t think you’ll be able to relax.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Ha-… say whatever the fuck you want, asshole.

Kokichi Ouma: Ah, another thing… you of all people can’t go calling others “kid’!

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: Bastard… What did you just say?

Kokichi Ouma: Kuzuryuu-chan looks so adult and manly! Needless to say, I was lying!

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: …I’ll fucking show the way to hell. Don’t think you can get away with that, gotcha?

Kokichi Ouma: Yay, here starts the dark battle between the Supreme Leader and the Yakuza! I’ll make sure you know you place, so bring it!

Post-scene Narration: …Usami was passing by while they were causing ruckus in the hallways and stopped them!

zodiac facts ☆

Aries: hates you, but loves you
Taurus: lazy, but will do anything for that money
Gemini: fake, but super sweet
Cancer: smiling, but depressed
Leo: thinks they’re right, but they’re really wrong
Virgo: prude, but really wants someone to rip their clothes off
Libra: harsh, but supportive
Scorpio: angry, but protective
Sagittarius: mean, but always kidding
Capricorn : nice, but judgemental
Aquarius : silly, but very intelligent
Pisces: friendly, but secretly wants to murder you

The day I left the moon for the sun,
an eclipse sucked the light from
my throat. I choked on stardust,
spat out tiny universes the moon
would never dream of orbiting.
The sun told me I was the brightest
thing she’d ever seen. The moon
sighed when I told him, saying he
knew the craters in his surface
were enough of a flaw to send me
rocketing across the galaxy.
I think the moon is jealous. He has
always wanted her rays to warm
him but they could never reach
quite close enough. Maybe that’s
why he settled for my hands
instead; tender, quiet things that
fill the holes in his surface.
The sun commends me for trying
to heal him, but promises me
eternal shine, a wine I cannot
refuse. Sometimes I look up from
my home on her fiery flesh, a solar
flare amongst many, feeling sorry
for the moon. I know he blocks
her beams so I can take note of
the dark he feels now. Halos the
light around his frame so I can
see every curve and scar shaping
his being. I tell him, I’m sorry, but I
can no longer see my reflection
mirrored off his reflecting light.
Maybe I never did.
—  how i fell in love with space // Haley Hendrick
The signs while stoned

aries: “this is stupid, where’s the alcohol”
taurus: *opens fridge and eats everything*
gemini: “this stuff smells, but it makes me feel good so idk”
cancer: “wow did I just laugh for once” “am I actually happy” “what is this feeling”
leo: *plays video game without blinking for hours*
virgo: “why did I do this” “why do I feel like this” “I feel funny” “guys when will this end”
libra: doesn’t stop talking (probably about something they love)
scorpio: “I really want to have sex right now”
sagittarius *doing something weird (but funny) af in the corner of the room*
capricorn: chillin, randomly giggles
aquarius: *thinks of some complex theoretical idea* *blows mind of person sitting next to them*
pisces: *scrolls through social media quietly laughing*


And when we
return to dust,
share this earth with me
ride these winds with me,
let us mix
with the rivers
that flow,
let the sun sift
through the cloud cover,
as we nestle
at the bottom of the sea.

© SoulReserve 2016


Favorite Books of 2015

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add up your sun & moon signs for you emotion level ☹☻
I’m a taurus sun & pisces moon so I’m 47% emotional 😈

Aries: 15%
Taurus: 5%
Gemini: 32%
Cancer: 50%
Leo: 35%
Virgo: 40%
Libra: 25%
Scorpio: 48%
Sagittarius: 10%
Capricorn: 20%
Aquarius: 30%
Pisces: 42%

ARIES: mama, like you, taught me how to love my skin no matter the texture or shade. you will find peace. 

TAURUS: you have the capacity to be the smartest person in the room. don’t waste your shot. be amazed at how far we’ve come. 

GEMINI:  pressure will love your company, but i know you can keep you head above her.

CANCER: you have the strongest skeleton that i have ever seen, i will never stop being proud of you.

LEO: no matter where you are, i know i can look up at the clouds and find you there. c’mon you can do this. you’re the truth. 

VIRGO: your voice is my favorite sound. don’t forget to believe in yourself, god knows i do. always will. i promise you.

LIBRA: love is a sucker punch but i promise to take care of these bruises every night you come back to me. you are beautiful and soft and loved. 

SCORPIO: you are pure where it matters most. you can build your own kingdom from the sand of your soul.  i want to love you up close.

SAGITTARIUS: find the silver in the sky. it won’t be the same, but it’ll be something.

CAPRICORN: you are always reaching out into other people’s hearts, this time look inside at your own wonder wall and write me a song of what you find. yourself  is the first person you should love.

AQUARIUS: you are worth living for, you are worth the darkest nights, you are worth starry eyed kisses. it may not feel like this always, but remember you will find what you are looking for some day.  this is not the end.

PISCES: it just happens sometimes,  but i know like i know the feeling of your hand in mine, that we’ll be okay.  don’t drown in your own heart because i need you. you remind what it’s like to breathe again.