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  • Mitsunari: You believe me?
  • MC: Mitsunari, you’re the last good person on this planet. I’d believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning.

The London public transportation system is starting a program that issues a badge and card to people with invisible illnesses. It’s designed for passengers who have trouble standing but don’t appear visibly impaired, like people who have cancer or epilepsy, so they don’t have to feel awkward asking for a seat when they need one. Source

100 things the Lodgers are no longer allowed to do

1.       ‘For the good of science!’ is not an appropriate response to ‘Why is everything on fire?’

2.       Unrelated to the above, Mr Sinnett and Mr Luckett are not allowed to combine their work in any way without written permission from Dr Jekyll.

3.       Related to the above two, Mr Luckett is not allowed in the Chemistry Lab. Ever.

4.       Mr Hyde is no longer allowed to make comment on or imply anything about any of the Lodgers’ sex lives.

5.       Including his own.

6.       Especially his own.

7.       Do not taunt the repair kraken, we don’t want another incident.

8.       Do not make comment on any Lodgers’ height. Especially the blonde ones. We aren’t pointing fingers. Honest.

9.       On that note; don’t make comment on any lodgers’ weight, social background, ethnicity, gender or weight. They are passionate, slightly mad and have easy access to dangerous lab equipment. You have been warned.

10.   Do not mess with Dr Jekyll’s morning cup of tea. Just don’t.

11.   Dr Griffin is not allowed to turn any more mice, rats or similar rodents invisible.

12.   Nor is he allowed to breed the already invisible mice, rats or similar rodents to create more. Seriously we have enough problems with them as is.

13.   Progress Reports SHOULD NOT NEED to start with ‘I can explain…’

14.   Dr Jekyll is to stop leaving his coat, hat and other clothing garments littered all over the society. Or said items will be sold for the good of the society!

15.   If it makes Mr Hyde giggle for longer than 15 seconds, it’s not allowed.

16.   Rachel is not to wander around the society covered in blood, wielding a kitchen knife and/or making ominous sounds when guests are present.

17.   Nobody is to do the above, on that note.

18.   Alcohol is not to be consumed in any of the labs or whilst working. Drunk science may seem fun but it is a bad idea!

19.   I don’t care if Mr Hyde said it was allowed, it isn’t.

20.   Lodgers are not allowed to have a contest to see who can make the biggest “boom”.

21.   Because Mr Luckett will win and the repairs will come out of your monthly research grant.

22.   The Secret Rogue Scientist Fight Club is hereby disbanded and banned.

23.   Mr Doodles’ confectionaries are not to be taken without his permission. Ever. Please, you’ll make him cry!

24.   Please do not laugh manically around members of the public or the police.

25.   Please do not mention potentially illegal activities around members of the public or the police.

26.   Nobody is to suggest, imply or outright state anything pertaining to Scotland being less than great within ear shot of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll.

27.   Lodgers are reminded not to fall asleep in the middle of conducting experiments.

28.   Wine is not a substitute for breakfast.

29.   Nor is tequila, vodka, whiskey or anything other than actual breakfast.

30.   The following words and phrases are never to be uttered within the same topic of conversation in any combination: “Necrophilia,” “I hate everyone on this society and I wish they’d die,” “Dr Maijabi’s mystic powers,” “Experimental lubricant,” “airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow,” “the many uses of cheese,” “it’ll be fine so long as we don’t tell them,” and any mentions of Mr Mosley being part mole.

31.   Adding more ingredients does not always fix the problem.

32.   Tea parties on Dr Maijabi’s floating furniture are banned until further notice.

33.   Please respect that no one in the society shares the same sleeping pattern and keep the noise down at all times.

34.   That means you, Edward.

35.   Unless Rachel has given you permission, the Lodgers are not allowed to cook their own meals. We don’t need another exploded oven, thank you.

36.   Do not make potions in the kitchen. You have your labs.

37.   Do not use Mr Sinnett’s pyrotechnics to cook.

38.   Not even if it’s to make s’mores, we still haven’t cleaned up the mess from last time!

39.   I don’t care what your excuse is, nobody is to steal or ‘borrow’ anyone else’s equipment or experiments without their owner’s permission.

40.   “Hyde made me do it” is not a valid excuse for anything, especially when he didn’t.

41.   Likewise, lying that ‘Mr Hyde did it’ when questioned by Dr Jekyll will not end well for you. He will somehow know that you are lying and Mr Hyde won’t be happy when he finds out.

42.   If Dr Jekyll asks to see you, please don’t start the conversation with ‘You can’t prove anything!’

43.   ‘It wasn’t me!’ is not a valid alternative to the above.

44.   Nor is ‘I’ll clean it up! I promise!’

45.   Please avoid intentionally or unintentionally scaring Dr Lanyon. Please, he’s fragile and easily startled.

46.   Dr Jekyll is not to be provoked when he’s doing paperwork.

47.   All the many betting pools found in the society are unofficial. Enter them at your own risk.

48.   This should go without saying but please do not lick any of the lab equipment.

49.   Dr Griffin is banned from the kitchen following an incident where a large portion of food was turned invisible.

50.   Please do not repeat the above for pranking reasons.

51.   Should anyone or anything claim to be from the future, avoid it at all costs and quickly inform Dr Jekyll. He can take it from there.

52.   Glitter is banned within the society. End of argument.

53.   No, neither Dr Jekyll nor Mr Hyde are in violation of the above. They just seem to sparkle naturally. We don’t know how either.

54.   Do not insult Dr Jekyll. He may not react, or more worryingly start agreeing with you, but the rest of Lodgers will find out and will not be happy.

55.   Do not dance on the furniture.

56.   Yes, Hyde does it but he’s screwing the boss.

57.   Do not mention Hyde possibly screwing the boss.

58.   Do not refer to Dr Jekyll as ‘the boss’.

59.   Please remove the above three statements immediately! – Dr Jekyll

60.   It is impossible to keep anything a secret for more than a week in the society. You have been warned.

61.   Gossip in the Society travels at a rate that is just slightly slower than the speed of sound. Again, you have been warned.

62.   If you don’t know what it is or what it does, DO NOT touch it!

63.   If it’s leaking fluid and it shouldn’t, either fix it or back away slowly and hope it doesn’t explode.

64.   Zosi did not eat anyone’s lab equipment, monthly reports or left sock. Stop blaming it on them!

65.   Do not attempt to pick Mr Bird’s plants to make flower crowns. Half of them are poisonous, the other half will eat you.

66.   Do not take Bryson’s hot air balloon on a joy ride.

67.   Likewise with Dr Helsby’s Bathyscaph.

68.   Do not steal Dr Jekyll’s sparkly carriage for the same purpose either.

69.   Also do not steal Mr Mosley’s Hollow Earth Submarine. That man owns a drill and will use it on you.

70.   Please do not mess about with Mr Doodle’s candyfloss machine. Flooding the upstairs with candyfloss might seem fun at the time but it’s a pain to clean up. And it took us three hours to get Mr Hyde down off the ceiling last time.

71.   Clothing must be worn at all time in communal areas of the society. Invisible clothing does not count.

72.   Dr Griffin is not allowed to flip any more table unless all the work on them is his own and he pays for the table if he breaks it.

73.   Dr Jekyll is not to be referred as anyone’s ‘mother’.

74.   The Lodgers must not present any of ‘the wonders of science’ to children without a RESPONSIBLE adult’s oversight.

75.   Mr Hyde does not count as a responsible adult.

76.   Nor do most of the lodgers either on that note.

77.   Don’t ask why Mr Hyde is sometimes seen wearing Dr Jekyll’s clothes.

78.   Or vice versa. It just happens.

79.   Dr Griffin is not to go to West Sussex ever. Especially the area near the village of Iping and the town of Bramblehurst.

80.   The lodgers are to note that ‘It is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission’ no longer applies to them. Dr Jekyll is more than willing to give permission, but do get permission first!

81.   Please do not release the repair kraken on the streets. The general public and the Police do not appreciate its presence there.

82.   Any bake sales hosted within the society grounds are to give at least two thirds of the profits to the society funds.

83.   No lodger is to take the laws of physics as a personal insult to their work.

84.   Nor are they to take the laws of reality as a personal insult either.

85.   No unnecessary science in the lobby!

86.   If you see one of Miss. Flower’s butterflies, carefully catch it and return it to her as soon as possible.

87.   DO NOT EAT IT!!

88.   Do not eat any of the science!

89.   Expect Mr Doodle’s, with his permission. As mentioned above.

90.   No fire flies near the chemistry labs please.

91.   No, Mr Penniebrygg is not building an automaton army. Or at least he shouldn’t be!

92.   No lodger is to go within twenty feet of Mr Tweedy or his equipment when he is working. If you ignore this and are electrocuted, it’s your own damn fault.

93.   Do not send threatening or angry letters to the Theatre across the road.

94.   If you must, do not sign them with your’s or the Society’s name!

95.   Making ‘time of the month’ jokes around the female Lodgers or Mr Kaylock is not appropriate.

96.   Do not try to feed Mr Kaylock dog biscuits.

97.   Do not try to feed Mr Hyde cat food!

98.   Do not feed the leviathan. We still aren’t sure what it is or if it eats or what it eats. So please don’t.

99.   Midnight dance parties are banned unless Mr Hyde is invited. All chaos cause by said midnight dance parties must be cleaned up by the morning.

100.                       Do not let any member of the public see this list.

Why do i feel invisible sometimes? I know im an introvert but do i have to shout for people to notice me?
—  T.D

[Drawing of two stick-figure girls walking through a park. The one in front, looking very peppy, says, “Look on the bright side–it could always be worse!” The girl behind her mutters, “Yeah, and you could be even more stupid.”]

I’ve stopped telling myself, “It could be worse,” because I’ve learned that it A) Is a very poor attempt at consolation; B) Trivializes my struggles and suffering; and C) Makes me feel guilty for feeling bad in the first place. Could it be worse? Yeah. Does that make my situation any less awful? Nope. Don’t compare your struggles to somebody else’s–and, if you’ve got a chronically ill friend, please don’t say this to them.

Yurikuma Arashi PSA

To all the people shrugging off or downright despising Yurikuma Arashi as disgusting male gaze fetish porn or something: I think you’re entirely missing the point. I think it’s time for me to explain you a thing, gaugau!

Yurikuma is one of the works of the brilliant but notorious Ikuhara, known for anime like Utena and production work on bigshot yuri-approved Sailor Moon. He’s said time and time again that he will write lesbian characters and yuri relationships into his stories, mostly for the reason that it usually does not detract from the story at hand, allowing him to build a great story without just romance to it to create substance.

You see, Ikuhara uses his stories to make points, and it’s up to us to try and figure them out. Sure, they’re cryptic, but it’s a fun and a wild ride for us as viewers, and that’s something I refuse to take for granted. With Utena there was a lot about adolescence and some important points about various other things that I’m too tired to think about right now, and with Sailor Moon it was a little more of proof that lesbians could be incorporated into a show for a relatively younger audience in a healthy relationship that didn’t define them wholly as people, amongst other things.

And in Yurikuma, Ikuhara makes perhaps his most poingant point yet. It’s all about you guys. Yep, all of you. Why? Because it’s a cleverly made criticism of both the anime industry, and society as a whole, and their treatment of lesbianism.

Society tries to stay inconspicuous, or invisible. Society follows trends. Those who break the trends pay the price.

From the beginning, the girls who are excluded are those who choose to love as they wish. Metaphors aside, it’s pretty clear that they exclude girls for loving other girls, causing girls like those that Life Sexy spies on to keep their love under lock and key. Many even confuse friendship for love, or at least mask love under the guise of ‘friendship‘, like Yuriika does.

Not only is exclusion a key factor, but the fact that the Yuri Court is under the supreme control of Life Sexy certainly is no coincidence. Yuri as a genre, and lesbianism as a theme or trend in the media, is governed by the laws of eroticism and sex, much more than is the case for gay males or those of another sexuality or gender. From the beginning, we have been both loved and hated by you.

We are loved in the sense that we are seen as objects of lust in the eyes of men, but hated in the fact that we exist and yet are not willing to become objects of their affection and so break the rules of society.

You see it all the time. When a new yuri anime comes along, the first general reaction is either ‘is it some male gaze bullshit‘ or ‘regardless of the content, it’s gotta be male gaze bullshit. ew.‘ Both attitudes factor into this, as yuri is so often portrayed for the eyes of those that cannot have us and refuse to acknowledge our sexuality that we automatically believe that everything yuri is male gaze and nothing is ‘real‘. That’s how far it’s gone. Don’t believe me?

I was sat in front of the TV with my mum once, flicking mindlessly between two music channels out of boredom. One was your standard near-naked twerking sorta deal, the other was a storytelling sort of music video with two girls falling in love. When the two girls kissed, fully clothed and innocently in love, my mum said that the other video, where girls were writhing nearly-naked around a single guy, was more ‘decent’ and less ‘male-gaze-y’. Now doesn’t that tell you something. Not to say that wearing little clothing and twerking isn’t ok, but to say that one video was clearly meant to be sexual whilst the other was clearly not.

The problem that society has with lesbians but not with gay men so much is one that has arisen out of misogyny. Somewhere along the line somebody thought that lesbians were clearly not lesbians, and in fact were ready to pounce onto the ‘right guy’ when the time came, and unsurprisingly it caught on. I went on omegle once (for shits and giggles) and the first thing the guy said to me was ‘so lesbian means you’re just hard to get, right?‘

A guy liked me once. He was pretty sweet and I didn’t know him well so I tried to turn him down as kindly as possible, explaining that I liked another girl and was 100% gay. He must have misheard ‘gay‘ as ‘i wanna take it slow‘, clearly, and decided to spam me with promises that ‘we can be friends first‘ and ‘it’s ok to start off slow‘. I deleted his number when it became too much. I’m far from alone, and many other people have had it worse.

My own family and people I thought I knew have fallen prey to this ‘invisible storm‘ in real life, and the ‘wall of severance‘ that separates us from the rest of society is built around false eroticism and misogynistic sexual colonialism.

It may sound like I’ve gone off on a tangent here, but everything that I have said and experienced is ultimately relevant. Why? Because Ikuhara is criticising the society that we live in in Yurikuma Arashi, and the extents that the invisible storm of society will go to in order to exclude and harm those who do not ‘follow social cues‘. When we get to a point where even lesbian love in its purest form is considered enough to make us all criminal-bears, then where the hell did we go wrong? If we can’t break down the wall, we are forever fated to destroy ourselves from the inside. 

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Reflections on Beyonce’s Grammy Performance:

“It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror — first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys — and see themselves,” she said (Beyonce Grammys 2017).

Beyonce’s Grammy performance speaks to gennerational traumas, to womanhood, to mothers and those who give birth to us and who are then punished for the act of pushing us out of their wombs. Her performance speaks to the Divinity within Black bodies, coloured bodies, marginalized bodies that have been taught that God cannot exist within us.

I see those who say her speech was too long, her words self indulgent, her image overated? I ask then, have you really listened and received what she is saying?

Why is it so contreversial for God to exist in the body of a Black Woman? Why is it so contrversial for Black and Brown and Coloured bodies, on who’s very shoulders our societies have long stood on to be built but is overdue in recounciliation and recognition, to embody the Divinity of Motherhood? To speak to that Divinity? And that glorious celebration of that Divinity?

Beyonce, with all her privileges and under privileges is using this platform to tell her story, and through her story to speak to generational healing of those who have been abused and brutalized by the toxicity of colonial masculinity.

It was perfect to me, Divine, and speaks to the reality of Divinity within bodies that embody God within our blood, our sweat, our tears, our triumphs, our healing, the revolutionary reality of our very existence, in a society that would make us invisible. When we become invisible no more.

I see you. I see you. I see you. 🔥🍯💋❤🔥

#Beyonce #Crying #AllTheFeels
I cried in clinicals today

Not because I was having a bad day & not because it was “hard.” I didn’t bawl like a baby I just had to take a deep breath and let a few tears out

Because as a student (a first semester student!!) I had to advocate so damn hard for a patient who apparently, all the staff who are supposed to be mentoring me, have forgotten is a human being.

41 y/o f GSW to the head in 2005, TBI as a result, pretty major cognitive impairment. Came in through our ED when she because aggressive/violent towards her roommate at her group home. Placed on neuro floor because group home refuses to take her back & no beds in psych. Basically no one knows why she lashed out.

Her speech is almost incomprehensible. Unless you PAUSE AND LISTEN.

She’s impulsive unless you PAUSE, LISTEN & give her CHOICES.

I saw her nurse yell, berate, and intimidate her to the point of tears today. (A male nurse who stood over her shouting as she sat on the commode)

I saw a cna yank her arm and not listen when she asked for a procedure to stop.

I saw healthcare providers all day who minimized her, treated her as invisible, pretended she wasn’t there, didn’t matter, and was a burden, while making jokes and rude comments at her expense.

I also saw her smile, laugh, engage me, talk to me about her life, allow me to do a full neuro assessment on her, she got up and went around the unit with me smiling from ear to ear.

When I left today she bawled. She said please don’t leave me with them, don’t leave me with them and I heard her nurse say “she’s getting agitated I’m getting Ativan”

I was disgusted and sad. I spoke up loudly for her all day. I tried to make her feel important. She’s so much more aware than they realize. I engaged her as a person. Perhaps if “they” paused for just one moment to address the anxiety the Ativan wouldn’t be needed.

She’s only 10 years older than me. She’s been bounced around 10 group homes in 10 years since the GSW. She’s not a ward and doesn’t have a guardian, she’s trying to navigate this earth without an advocate, in a society where she is invisible.

I got told today by my instructor that I have a calling for working with the people no one else wants. She says I need to work with castoffs of society. That I have a gift for seeing patients as whole beings not one dimensional diagnoses.

I needed to hear those things from an instructor I respect so much. I do love the weirdos, the rejects, the “annoying” patients, the voiceless, the burdens. Those are my people.

I hope I can continue to grow and become the strong nurse those people need. Keep your cute old men and sweet old ladies. Give me the underbelly.

What it’s Like to Be Genderfluid

About the flag

The genderfluid flag was created in 2012 by JJ Poole. Pink is for femininity, white is for all genders, purple is for both femininity and masculinity, black is for lack of gender, and blue is for masculinity.

What does genderfluid mean?

When a person’s gender is fluid, and changes often. The change can happen over the course of a few days, weeks, or even months.

What is it like to be genderfluid?

  • My favorite thing about being genderfluid is going from one gender to another after a long time and getting to go through the routine of changing my presentation. I always find it really refreshing and relaxing and when I’m finished I get to look in the mirror and say “damn I look fine today”.
  • What’s it like to be genderfluid and pansexual? Well, you never know if you want to BE the attractive person you just saw or be WITH them, but honestly either one would probably be great ;)
  • Okay, so Blaze here. I’m closeted genderfluid pansexual. I’m actually semi-out, a few close friends know. My parents don’t. I’ve learned that when telling cis people my gender, it’s best just to say non-binary because of the reputation genderfluid people have. I have long hair with an undercut, and my hairdressers wouldn’t let me cut it to my shoulders because I used to have a bob and I hated it. Now I’m stuck with feminine hair, I can’t even really pass it for a man bun cause I’m dying it purple and blue. I’m in my early teens, so I still have no cheekbones, which makes it extra hard to pass. My school has a gender-neutral bathroom, and for months I had an irrational fear of using it. I used it for the first time recently, and it was great. It’s way cleaner than the gendered ones, and I don’t have to worry about someone seeing me or hearing me change a pad.
  • It can get frustrating. The body dysphoria is changing with the gender. One day I can be fine with my feminine body, the next day I’ll want to cut my breasts off.
  • For me being genderfluid means wearing the same dress every week because my mom thinks it’s just a phase
  • Being genderfluid is weird because binary trans folks who get dysphoric don’t really get days off where their bodies fit their body image like we do, but they do (if income/privilege/safety allow) have an end in sight with hormones/surgery. So on days where I’m dysphoric I can’t tell myself it will get better one day when I start hrt or get surgery, I’ll never have that body, all I can do is hope to make peace with that someday.
  • I know some people change genders every day or week, but for me it took a while to know I was genderfluid because my gender changes over the course of a few months. I’ll be a girl for a month or two, then agender for a while, and then a boy, and it keeps going.
  • I was afab and there are days when I strongly feel that I am female. I wear dresses and shorts and feel really girly. That’s usually when I’m more artistic and tend to spend time drawing/painting, whereas I tend to write on my more manly days. Days when I feel like a guy are trickier. Only a couple people irl know, and so I hide as much as I can on those days. I work at a pool and there are many times when I see the cis male [life]guards without their shirts and I feel as though that is what I am. Male, with amazingly sculpted abs, trapped in an awkward female body with large legs and hips. And that’s when the chest dysphoria gets really bad…(My breasts are large c-cups and I’ve always loathed them). On those days I cannot stand to be in the women’s locker room, but since I haven’t come out to the staff yet, I haven’t transitioned to use the gender neutral/family/handicap changing room yet. When genderless, I don’t feel an attachment to any gender, and I mostly watch my cis coworkers and try to figure out how to keep up appearances. I feel as though I am on the outside of everything, and can’t quite manage to belong anywhere. I also have chest dysphoria on those days, but not as bad as when I am a guy. I mostly just feel out of place. Growing up, I couldn’t really explain it. There were days when I wanted to be a warrior, but I could only be a warrior princess because the world could only see me as a girl. There were other days when I literally said that I was a martian (hence the username, on wattpad and deviantart I’m MissMartian4ever) when asked my gender because I didn’t feel a connection to the female (or male) binary. I’ve only recently chosen the term genderfluid to describe myself because I was only able to really start looking into it over the last few months, but it seems to fit.
  • What it’s like to be genderfluid (and french) What is genderfluid? In my case, being genderfluid means that my gender feeling fluctuates on the spectrum, from some extreme to another with different degrees of intensity. Myths: When I explain to unconcerned people most ask if my sexuality changes too. While that may be true for some people, it’s not a constant. But a part of trans associations few French people know that nonbinary genders exists, so I don’t deal with a lot of misconceptions. What is it like to be genderfluid? It’s to wake up or doing shopping or working and feeling like your body isn’t the good one, or don’t fit quite good when you change on the spectrum. And other times feeling like you are okay and happy with your body. It’s putting a suit on in the morning and wishing for a dress later. Or wearing a bra and agonizing for your binder. For me being genderfluid is having to accept that even in my community some people may disdain me for loving “girls” stuff (I was assigned female at birth), and coming to terms with the feeling that I need to justify who I am, being obligatory androgynous. It’s been thankful for having few hard dysphoric experiments more diffuse dysphoria, which is easier to handle In french society it’s to be invisible. Our language is binary (thanks Latin bases), we have centuries of catholic religion and everyone needs to know what you have in your pants. Non-binary community had created neo-pronouns and neutral grammar agreement but even for us it’s hard to use, so we can’t really expect our parents/friends/partners to conform to it. But i’m benevolent in a trans association and there is another non binary people. So they are kind and careful about changing agreements. Tips: Take time to think about what you expect from yourself. Passing is not an obligation. You don’t have to be androgynous. Want to dress like a 50’s actress? Do it. Or like being a skater boy? Amazing. Being undefined? You’re cool. You can have every style, every gender expression you wish (just be careful of cultural appropriation). Be patience with yourself, you will learn to know how identity dysphoria crisis, what make you feel right. Don’t be scared. Go meed your local trans association, message the internet person who seems to feel like you. Be kind and protect yourself. I don’t have a miricle method for coming out. I talk about it or write letters when it was too hard. The only constant was that I always add that even if I put a term on some part of my identity, it is only me, the good old one, and that I wouldn’t drastically change, my heart and mind are the same.
  • I’m genderfluid. It took me almost 2 decades to figure it out, but it was so liberating to realize that sometimes I feel masculine, sometimes I feel feminine, and sometimes I don’t feel gendered at all, and all of that is something that actually happens and I’m not the only one.

Tips for being genderfluid

  • Don’t be afraid to use the gender-neutral bathroom. They don’t bite.
  • Because I’m not out, I don’t have a binder. I’m between a C and B cup, so a sports bra works fine with a button-down.

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“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”  
~ Edward L . Bernays   

People need to stop saying being ace is essentially being straight because it just. isn’t. true. I’m not attracted to the opposite gender (which is fuzzy anyway since I’m agender.) I’m not attracted to anyone. I am not catered to by the heteronormative society we live in. Invisibility isn’t a privilege and I just have to say. Unless someone is holding their partner’s hand or have a huge flashing sign saying I’M GAY, most people will assume you’re straight. So stop using that argument. I’m not straight. And I don’t care what you personally believe my sexuality is because your opinion doesn’t matter. You have not lived my life. You have not experienced what I have. You get NO say in what my sexuality is, especially if all you want to do is erase it.

And that’s not even bringing intersectionality into it.