society of goths

The Regent - Hand carved and bound in ink to wood by Drew Meger in Salem, MA. Part of the SECRET CHIEFS sequence.

The Regent is authority, the system, the cold impersonal bureaucracy that keeps reality moving. We know it as Metatron, Greyface, the Lesser YHVH, and so on. Unlike the other Secret Chiefs who began as ambitious individuals who clutched at godhood or impersonal forces given personality through mass belief, the Regent was created. The Chiefs of the time gave up a portion of their power to create the Regent as an adjudicator of their various struggles. That small seed planted in the skull of Enoch grew over time to be an all encompassing force, for the act of giving up some of your own power, your own determination feeds into the Regent and gives it strength.

Some say the Regent’s power is accelerating, that its phantom bureaucracy of blind scribes and muttering functionaries have ascended beyond its original scope. Others say this is as it should be, that the Regent’s aim is to take control of all the functional details of rulership, leaving the pomp and the glory to others.

This started out as one of those expression meme things and then I just blew it way out of proportion like I always do. Which means by the end of the process I was begging for the sweet release of death. Link to the expression meme I used, in case anyone’s interested.


he wants blood— i pour
he wants tears— i implore

weight-ankled blackbird
the red-raw raven knows the word

deus et dei domino, domino
deus et dei nomine, nomine

his waxen grin, the happy scalpel
to sleepy flesh

the mark of possession
those desperate confessions

a w o m a n i n t h e w a t e r

deus et dei domino, domino
deus et dei nomine, nomine

he will give direction to
this motherless girl

a jag in my heart like a promise, a
jag in my heart like

a jag in my heart
like a jag

in my heart