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Character design challenge assignment from last semester, we got a pretty lengthy character description every week and had to come up with the design based on that. I tried to put super short version of the description in the captions so you can read that there! It was fun, though I really wish we had more time for that, we still had tons of other stuff to work on ;;

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Long ask made short: heavy religion society (because of monsters hunting mankind) it gave off witch hunt (Spanish inquisition) tone and that’s not the premise at all (it’s more survival and loss) so should I dial back the start so it’s not as dependent seeming or make the protagonist disbelieve the faith (I could do that and only change how he talks to one, maybe two people) or is there another way to change how it reads? (Not so hunting vodou witch era stereotype)

I’m afraid I’m having a little trouble understanding what exactly your question is. That’s the danger of shortening a long ask too much, I suppose. But the meat of  your question seems to be “Should I make alterations to the story I have so it gives off a different vibe.”

1.) This is something that is entirely up to you. I mean, if you’re unhappy with the story in it’s current form, then yes. By all means. Change something up. 

2.) The “vibes” your writing gives off are not going to be an objective thing. People who read your work will probably all get different vibes, some will be exactly what you were going for, but others will not. You really can’t control what biases or preconceived notions readers come to your work with. You can just write and be satisfied with the work you’ve done. 

I once wrote a book in which one of the secondary characters, based on the personality of a cousin of mine, was one of my most loved (by me) characters. He wasn’t necessarily the best character in the book, but because of my nostalgia and my love for this cousin of mine, I adored this character who–in my eyes–could do no wrong. 

My now-husband (then bff) read the book. He had lots of great things to say, wonderful critiques, things that helped to sculpt my book into something awesome. But as we were going through character development and I asked him about this character, he kind of pursed his lips and shook his head. “I don’t know. I just hate him. I don’t know why or what he did but he just rubs me the wrong way. He’s irritating and idiotic. Like, I really hate him.”

My heart broke. “Well, he’s not supposed to be,” I replied.

I think he realized how far off his impression had been from my intention. He kind of lightened up. “It might just be me. Like I said, it’s not actually based on anything the character really did so much as….everything about…him….”

Other beta readers later on had no such reaction. Several of my readers expressed that he was their favorite, hilarious and adorable. THAT was what I’d been going for. But even still, for a few readers, feelings were rather indifferent. “Oh, he was fine. But this other character was much more relatable for me. She was my favorite.”

All of that to say: it didn’t really matter how I felt or wanted readers to feel, or even how the character was written, people feel how they feel about things.

I was happy with him, and that’s really all that matters to me. Even to this day, my husband hates this character, but as the story went on, he began to see the character’s draw. “I still think he’s an idiot, but at least he adds something to the story. I wasn’t sure he would at first.”

That’s good enough for me.

Happy building!

The Groundhogs


A hundred years ago, Monsters surfaced from Mt. Ebbott, much to the surprise and confusion of the humans in the surrounding area. After all, weren’t Monsters just the stuff of legends?

With their ambassador leading them, a human child that had been missing for months beforehand, monsters reintegrated into society. Friendships were formed, trade agreements were made, and monster towns sprung up around the mountain.

Then, a year later, it all vanished. The buildings lay empty, the monsters were all gone. The human child was nowhere to be found.

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“You’re like an animal. Leave!” - Queen Yoo (EP04)

“He brings misfortune to anyone near him.” - Queen Yoo (EP04)

“You’ll ruin everything in the end. Leave! Go far away!” - Hae Soo (EP09)

In the end there is a hint of truth in the saying that men do fall in love with women who resemble their mother. It’s heartwrenching because the reason why So fell in love with Soo was because SHE WAS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF HER. However, as she rejects him, pushing him away both physically and emotionally, she is no different from Queen Yoo, because she is doing to him the exact same thing - PUSHING HIM AWAY, REJECTING HIM, ABANDONING HIM! IN THAT MOMENT SHE SCARS HIM LIKE HIS MOTHER - SHE SCARS HIS HEART! They even reject him for similar reasons - because in Goryeo society his scar made him into a monster which was useless to Queen Yoo and because Soo thinks that he is a monster based on some distorted historical facts. In a way, Soo is even worse because So’s mother never cared for him, but Hae Soo was has been kind to him and cared for him and now she is taking it all away AND HE HAS NO IDEA WHY BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T GIVE HIM ANY EXPLANATION! 

“You frighten me.”

“You said you weren’t afraid of me.”

HE BECOMES DESPERATE BECAUSE HE REALIZES HE’S SUDDENLY LOSING HER AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE HAS DONE WRONG! In the year they’ve known each other he was utterly selfless with her - silently protecting her and never expecting anything from her in return. HIS ONLY SIN IS THAT HE HAS ONLY EVER LOVED THESE TWO WOMEN - he committed a mass murder for his mother and was ready to go against the whole world to protect HS, but he only received rejection from them in return. The fact that he loves them gives THEM THE ABILITY TO HURT HIM. This time his mother didn’t tell So to leave, he left on his own accord, looking for HS to give him comfort and it’s her rejection that hurts him more than Queen Yoo ever could, because while he has already given up on his mother, HAE SOO IS HIS HOPE, HIS NEW HOPE AND HE LOVES HER MORE THAN ANYTHING.

“Can I really trust you? I have always wondered and doubted. In the past, I always trusted people and was always betrayed by them… If it is you I can put myself in your hands. Do whatever you want. From now on I am yours.” 

When So told HS that he is hers, he gave her the power to hurt him and made himself completely vulnerable in front of her; and mere hours after she promised him she would never change she breaks that promise, betrays his trust and uses that power against him.

“Not you too! Don’t try to push me away. Don’t tell me to leave. Don’t say I’m bad luck. Don’t call me an animal either. You shouldn’t do that.”


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in the au where chara and asriel grow up, i was just wondering.. what happend to the other fallen children?

i answered that here a while back but they’re alive still! i dont have specific headcanons about them individually (like idk if all the humans were necessarily children when they fell), but im thinking that either toriel and asgore are/were looking after the children, or they were adopted by other monster families.

the adult humans and the kids that have grown up by the time frisk gets there have integrated into monster society and have made their own lives in the underground c:

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Favorite Candy

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While I love them more in the truffle form, Lindt just melts on my tongue! It’s creamy and so exquisite! When they go on sale, I stock up on them like it’s no one’s business!

Favorite Monster

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While I love the sympathetic version of The Phantom of the Opera from the musicals released over the years, there’s no denying that he’s also a terrifying monster, and any good Phantom work grasps this concept. His terror comes from having such a high intelligence and skillset, but such a small understanding of what love is. And that causes him to act above everyone, extorting, terrorizing, kidnapping, and of course, murdering (Or attempted murder). He’s entitled, petulant, and impatient, and lives are practically nothing to him in his little game. He’s also scary because he was a monster made by society. When we see inklings of goodness in him, we see how he could’ve been so much and that while he’s of course responsible for how he turned out, we played our part too.

Do I Think I’ll Die A Violent Death?

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I honestly hope I don’t, but there would be something really fucking metal about having my heart crushed in front of me while I was helpless to do anything but watch! 

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What would it be like if Gren and Murdoc were to switch lives? :3

i don’t actually think that either of them would turn out too differently from who they already came to be !!

i mean, the traumas they’ve both endured in their lives  –  the tragedies and self-developmental moments that shaped them as people, including how they cope and how they present themselves to the rest of the world  –  are, while not identical, very similar animals.  both are victims of sexual abuse and physical / emotional parental abuse, both have lived in poverty, both understand what it’s like to be seen as sub-human / to be condemned from society based on  “ugliness”  alone, and both understand the existential pain of filling in for a lack of self-worth by pursuing a lifestyle that isn’t true to who they really are, inside.  society has made monsters out of gren and murdoc, and gren and murdoc found each other as monsters and helped each other rediscover their humanity again  –  and they learned, together, how to embrace the parts of each other that won’t ever quite fit the bill.     

( being 100% human isn’t so great, anyways.  human  =/=  humane.  gren reminds murdoc often.  the scar on his right shoulder is a testament to that. )

of course, it’d be  FUN  to see gren as some washed-up, self-proclaimed-promiscuous rockstar  –  and to see murdoc as just an old, sad, quiet drunk at a bar.  but realistically, i feel that gren would still be the compassionate one of the two, the gentler one, and murdoc would still be the crotchety old bastard who needs to be taught how to communicate his kindness  –  especially if he’d gone through the shit gren’d gone through.  gren being reared in a human society, however hideous his upbringing would’ve been, might’ve actually made it easier for him to be soft.  murdoc suffering the living hell of being an immortal who’s best known by the world for a poem told to glorify his death?  a poem built on a foundation of fucking lies?  lies that people still believe?  –  that might just make murdoc even more bitter, and he’d have every reason to be.

their fundamental personalities wouldn’t change, so neither would their natural instincts towards coping with shitty situations.  even if their circumstances were exchanged, they wouldn’t be unrecognizable from who they are as-is!


He didn’t poison Dylan’s mind, society did. He didn’t put a gun to Dylan’s head, he did that himself. They may be monsters for what they did, but people like Dave Cullen and bullies from school made them that way. That which makes society the real monster. It’s really no wonder that Eric’s parents won’t answer calls, the people painting Eric as a demon are the same ones harassing his parents for not being able to stop him. I don’t want to see anyone else saying how Eric forced Dylan or how Eric is the psychotic one.

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One monster ancestor.. Does that mean that monsters and humans can reproduce? How would that work, exactly? How complicated/rare would that be?

I’ve explained this before but here’s the short version…

A human and a monster could reproduce. The resulting children would have a 50/50 chance of being either a wizard or a boss monster. A wizard is essentially a human that is able to wield magic because their soul is a bit more monstery than usual. And a boss monster is essentially a monster whose soul and body are a bit sturdier and more humany than usual. A wizard would seem human by all appearances, but they might have a few superficial traits from their monster parent. A boss monster too would appear the same as any other monster but with some superficial traits from their human parent. For example, if Frisk and Kid were to grow up and have kids, they could have a wizard child with spiky blonde hair, or a boss monster child who looks like a brown lizard with squinty eyes.

The Dreemurrs come from a long line of boss monsters. Boss Monsters came to be revered in monster society because their mixed heritage made them unusually strong. Most of the time, boss monsters were encouraged to marry other boss monsters, because their children would also be boss monsters, and therefore strong. As a result, the Dreemurrs are a mixture of several different kinds of monster… Goat, Fire Dragon, and Lion, just to name a few.