society is killing us

Dear cis people: I wanna see y'all talk about how great life and peace are when your life expectancy is 36 years.

I wanna see you “calm down” about systematic oppression when teenhood IS your mid-life.

You wanna know why you don’t see many old trans people?

Because you killed them, as a society, and you’re still killing us. You’ve never stopped. Us trans people don’t mean shit to this society, so excuse us if we tend to have a bone to pick with the social order.

I got a lot of dreams. I wanna go into psych, I wanna be a rabbi, and I wanna go into politics maybe. I wanna adopt a kid, live a parter or partners, have a home and be fulfilled. Maybe write a book, do some art, be a lifelong advocate. The most unrealistic goal of mine, however, is that I’ll even live that long.

You don’t get to tell me to calm down when your life expectancy is three to four times longer than mine.

Life of the Zodiacs #2 (unedited)

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“What do you mean the wait is forty minutes?!“ Aries screeched at the frightened waiter facing opposite of her.

He gulped and nervously tapped his fingers against the podium in front of him, "W-Well, we’re very busy tonight ma'am, and your group is just so large we don’t have the room for all of you at the moment.”

“Let’s just go Aries,” Taurus leaned against Libra. “I’m hungry and we obviously aren’t going to be able to eat here. Let’s just go somewhere else.”

“Fine,” Aries glared at the waiter one last time before storming out of the restaurant.

Cancer sighed, “Where are we going to eat now? That was the only place left with decent food.”

Everyone stood in silence. They had already visited multiple restaurants that night, but to no avail. Everywhere was either full or the wait time was too long. Capricorn had been so busy that day he hadn’t had the time to make a reservation anywhere, something he was cursing himself for.

Aries’ face lit up, “How about-”

She was cut off by an unanimous “No” by everyone else. Despite what her fit figure would suggest, the only places Aries ate at were fast food restaurants.

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abled body people really think they’re the bees knees when they donate to disability charities. Meanwhile most of our platforms are on the basis of rejecting charity because it does not address our real issues or even help us. Fuck, we just get peanuts and shit with charity. 

And another thing I noticed is that abled people can’t comprehend that disabled people need physical help with things. Like that requires actually moving and doing something. My social worker just chastised me the other day for not figuring out a way to accommodate my chore to make it more accessible… And she keeps giving me suggestions and being like “what are you gonna do when you leave?” 

Wtf do you think? Why the fuck do you think I’m in a shelter???? This is our reality!!! Individualism in our society is quite literally killing us. 

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comment by DoctorBerghan:

We think of Geralt as being the broken one; the mentally damaged one. He constantly bemoans the fact that he’s a mutant, unfeeling, emotionless, just a mechanical killing machine that society has the right to use up and discard once it has fulfilled its purpose and slain the monster. Throughout many of the stories, Geralt is told that because he’s a Witcher, he either is incapable of feeling emotions, or that he’s not allowed to feel whatever emotions he is capable of. We also think of Yennefer (or Triss, if you prefer) as being the thing that “fixes” him; who teaches him how to love.

The beautiful thing about Geralt and Yennefer’s relationship however, and one of the reasons I prefer it to whatever relationship he might ever have with Triss, is that it isn’t purely one-way. Yennefer doesn’t “fix” Geralt and that’s the end of it; he “fixes” her in an equally meaningful way. For as much as Geralt doesn’t believe he is capable of loving anyone, Yennefer begins the saga equally determined that she is incapable of being loved by anyone. Between being an unwanted baby, abused to the point of physical deformity (Yennefer was not born a hunchback, she became one by being beaten so badly), eventually being abandoned and saved by Tissaia de Vries, and then subsequently being told by her newfound mistress and idol that a sorceress must be aloof, cold, and strong (“Starting now you will never cry. There is nothing more pathetic than a sorceress in tears.”), the Yennefer we meet in the early stories, such as A Shard of Ice, truly believes that she is the Ice Queen the legends in Aedd Gynvael talk about. She believes she is this wanton, chaotic, destructive force of nature who is destined to destroy the lives of anyone she gets involved with, and she believes it because it keeps happening to her. She doesn’t believe she is capable of being loved, and so she feels no remorse for stringing Geralt or Istredd or any other man who claims to love her along and cheating on them because she thinks they are lying to her and to themselves about loving her. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; she doesn’t believe she can be loved, and so she tries to ruin anyone who attempts to love her, thus proving her own point.

A Shard of Ice is where we learn that Yennefer thinks like this, and it makes her all the more tragic of a character. Geralt isn’t the only one with his own mental demons here. Yennefer’s beliefs about herself are equally self-destructive, and it is their eventual union which “fixes” them both. Geralt learns from Yennefer that he is capable of feeling love, and, in turn, Yennefer equally learns from Geralt than she is capable of being loved. Geralt and Yennefer are partners in a way many fictional relationships don’t depict. They are equals, who both learn from one another, plot with and, sometimes, against one another, and both grow together as characters in equally meaningful ways.

People talk about disliking Yennefer in Witcher 3 because she’s too forceful or assertive, usually just simplifying it to calling her “bitchy.” I don’t look at Yennefer that way though. She is an individual with her own agenda and her own ideas of how to achieve what she wants. Unlike Triss, for example, who usually just goes along with whatever Geralt says and meekly waits for the protagonist to tell her what to do, Yennefer is capable of making decisions and getting results on her own. The thing that I like the most about Yennefer as a character is that she is her own person. She isn’t Geralt’s #2, she is Geralt’s partner.


Red Dragon (2002)

Director - Brett Ratner, Cinematography - Dante Spinotti

“My dear Will, you must be healed by now… on the outside at least, I hope you’re not too ugly. What a collection of scars you have. Never forget who gave you the best of them, and be grateful, our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real. We live in a primitive time, don’t we, Will? Neither savage nor wise. Half measures are the curse of it, any rational society will either kill me or put me to some use. Do you dream much, Will? I think of you often. Your old friend, Hannibal Lector.”

Το λάθος της κοινωνίας δεν είναι ότι μας έκανε ρατσιστές προς τους έγχρωμους μας φίλους, προς τους μετανάστες ή προς τους ομοφυλόφιλους. Αυτό είναι προκαταλήψεις του καθενός μας για διαφορετικούς λόγους που ποτέ δεν θα μπορούσα να επικροτήσω ούτε και να επαινέσω. Η κοινωνία μας έκανε να να κατακρίνουμε τον καθένα που έχει διαφορετική άποψη από εμάς. Τον καθένα που υποτίθεται ότι είναι διαφορετικός από εμάς παρόλο που στην πραγματικότητα δεν έχουμε απολύτως καμία διαφορά. Μας έκανε να διώξουμε την αθωότητα μας από μέσα μας. Μας έκανε να αλλάξουμε την εμφάνιση μας για να μπορέσουμε να γίνουμε αποδεκτή στην κοινωνία. Μας γέμισε ενοχές, κακία και ζήλεια για κάποιον που έχει κάτι παραπάνω από εμάς. Σκότωσε την μοναδικότητα μας και μας έκανε να γίνουμε όλοι ίδιοι.
—  Society killed us.
Meet the Former Slaughterhouse Worker Who Became an Animal Rights Activist
The kill line can't stop. Josh Agland learned this from his supervisors during his first week as an employee at a slaughterhouse in Australia, where he w...

Their senses are in overload. They smell and taste the feces, blood and steam in the air. They can hear so much foreign noise: the clunking of mechanical chains, pneumatic control valves, shouting of the workers inside, industrial white noise. One-way gates prevent the animals from backing away in fear. Many get caught as they sprint forward to remain close to a friend for comfort.

Josh says one of the saddest moments he witnessed was an ex-dairy cow with protruding hips and large pink X spray painted on her back. She moved along the kill line without coercion—she knew the routine of being shuffled around from her years spent trudging back and forth from a milking parlour. Exhausted and depleted, she collapsed onto the cold concrete floor of the slaughterhouse. Instead of euthanizing her, on-site vets made the decision to leave her overnight and kill her for meat first thing in the morning, when the line could be slowed. She was pregnant when she was killed, her baby cut from her stomach.

At first, Josh didn’t want to talk about his years spent in the slaughterhouse. He felt ashamed by his own complicity in the killing industry, but he’d also absorbed through experience another uncomfortable reality: society shames those who do the dirty work of killing for us. What kind of person could work in a slaughterhouse, we wonder, while simultaneously employing them to be there.

le-munchkine  asked:

Let's all agree that aphobia is largely an internet thing. I have never experienced it IRL in spite of living in a country where it's still very taboo and a little dangerous to be queer. The LGBTQA+ community here although underground is accepting and loving, and even other non-queer alloromantic friends of mine are accepting of me and asexuality in general. Aphobes are just pissbaby trolls with their own personal issues that they chose to let out on us. We are part of the community 100%

This is an admirable show of optimism but I absolutely disagree with it. Aphobia is absolutely a clear and present danger both on and offline and presents an undeniable threat to ace and aro people. Pretending that it does not, or that it is limited to exclusionists on the internet, is dangerous and prevents us from being able to fight aphobia.

To expand a little–first of all, this assumes that aphobia only exists in the form of exclusionist gatekeeping. That is not true–the overwhelming majority of aphobia is enacted by Straight people, and this is among the most dangerous forms as well. Indeed, this is precisely what makes the exclusionist gatekeeping forms of aphobia threatening–it is not simply that we are being excluded from a community where we belong, but that we are being excluded from the only safe haven and source of life-saving resources we have from the oppression and threat we face from Straight society.

[It is also worth noting that, no, we are not universally accepted in queer communities offline, either. I can speak to that from personal experience]

Aphobia is real, it is widespread, it is pervasive, it runs deep, it takes many forms, it is encouraged by Straight society, it is oppressive, it is killing us, and it must be fought at every turn. This is the bare truth of the matter. 


They raped her, murdered her, and took her organs (allegedly). yall. this was *not* about some $200 sell out shit, it’s so much bigger than they’re telling us, there is a war on black women (and men) that the media, that society refuses to acknowledge. They are KILLING US out here, pitting us against each other and I’m so tired of seeing a new hashtag every damn day. #JusticeForKenneka keep her, her family and loved ones in your prayers yall.

Dumb Googleplier theory

Ok, I know this is dumb and I’m gonna warn you up front but I just wanted to get this idea off my chest. (Also I’m on mobile so the format may fuck up)

Anyway, I have a feeling due to Google’s logic his plan to destroy mankind is not by killing a bunch of people. No, that would be slow and inefficient, not to mention more are constantly being born.
He most likely would destroy any structures humankind has. Not buildings, social structures. Our laws, our economy.
He’s in the Internet, he has the means to mess some shit up that way. Break us down as a society and let us kill each other off. It might take a long time, but he’s patient. He’s a robot, he has all the time in the world.
Not to say he won’t kill someone. He did try to maul Mathias (failing cause Mathias said no). He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, but his plan is far bigger.
He has admin permissions now, and there’s 4 of him. You try to get him to shut down like Mathias did and you will fail because there are 3 more not answering who can kill you. He’s learning and adapting. A pack hunts better than an individual.

(Again, sorry this is just a dumb late night thought)


Why Katara and Zuko understand each other’s anger—and Aang doesn’t

Fresh off @zuzusexytiems​’s post about why she ships Zutara, in which she talks about Zuko getting that Katara is a passionate person, and Aang not quite getting that. There’s a reason why this happens: it all comes down to how each of these characters deals with anger.

Katara: I knew you wouldn’t understand.
Aang: Wait, stop, I do understand. You’re feeling unbelievable pain and rage. How do you think I felt about the sandbenders when they stole Appa? How do you think I felt about the Fire Nation when I found out what happened to my people?

Aang is usually a gentle, kind soul. He turns enemies into friends, and tries to solve situations without violence whenever possible. This means that when he does unleash his anger, it’s a big deal—usually culminating in the powerful Avatar State that is a danger not only to enemies, but to friends as well.

Katara: What happened?

Sokka: He found out firebenders killed Gyatso.

Katara: Oh no, it’s his avatar spirit! He must have triggered it! I’m gonna try and calm him down.

Sokka: Well, do it before he blows us off the mountain!

When Aang is at his angriest, it is a terrible experience for him. He hates feeling that way—he even has nightmares about it. His anger is something he feels he has to keep under control, or let go, because if he doesn’t, it will undo all of his most cherished ideals.

This is where Katara and Zuko differ from him.

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But you agree that a grown tree and a dormant seed are not the same as one another? If you believe they are the same, have the courage to say so. I do not think they are. I think that one is life fulfilled, and one has potential for life requiring soil, water, sunlight, time to grow and be actualised. That is my opinion. And I say these things to you because you have suffered much in isolation, because you have already been misled, because you have no parents to guide you. And a student of scripture really ought to know that on this specific matter, the Bible is silent. Why? Well, that is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the authors do not pronounce judgement because they believe it to be a private matter, or a matter for society to decide. The Bible tells us thou shalt not kill, and yet we do, when there are sufficient reasons. Rather often, as it happens. What about defending one’s city in war? What about the execution of a guilty man? Our church, on the other hand–the one that you and I are members of–is indeed vocal, and would call it a crime. But that is not the same.
—  Katie Ward, Girl Reading

the7black  asked:

I am a lesbian Arab, I have a problem, my society does not accept me and my girlfriend, and maybe kill us if they knew the truth, I want to marry her, I can not live without her

Mm.. I see, is there an option of moving to another place?