society is fake

This is the part that scares me: to wake up in the middle of the night and feel a short stab of pain thinking how much I’ve been made to believe we have something special, before throwing it back to normal, as if it never took place. Just as how it’s easy for me to write your name again or let myself fall back to that same place. Have I been hallucinating? If not, tell me that it’s real, and it still is.
—  hanzelwrites
I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine
—  Let it go
anderperry fake dating au
  • neil convinces todd to pretend to be dating because that’s what everyone of their friends is expecting anyways
  • it took todd a while to agree though because he didn’t think it was a good idea (but then he saw the excitement in neil’s eyes and couldn’t say no any longer)
  • so now they are expected to hold hands during dps meetings in the cave
  • neil doesn’t notice that he starts to rub his thumb against todd’s hand while they listen to meeks reading a poem
  • todd does notice (and it’s a good thing it’s dark in the cave because he can’t help but blush and wishes neil would never stop)
  • neil is constantly giggling in todd’s presence and he’s also very handsy, which made even Knox roll his eyes at one point
  • and - you know the drill - the moment they realise they aren’t faking after all is GLORIOUS
The False Friend

The false friend draws you into their flock to add to their numbers.
They want your assistance in achieving that shallow title, “popular”.

The false friend smiles in secret as you cry and blunder.
They silently hope that you only rise to once again falter.

The false friend grows angry and envious each time you smile.
They wonder why you’re so happy, as their soul grows darker.

The false friend never asks how you are because they care.
They only ask in hopes that your life is much harder.

The false friend calls you up for countless favors.
They will never offer a hand to help or a comforting shoulder.

The false friend is quick to point out and whisper of your sins.
They will never mention and thank you for the goodness you harbor.

The false friend is the worst kind you can invite in.
They lurk in the shadows as you begin to wonder,
What friendship really is.

How to..."Fake Identity"

There are two kinds of fake identities:
a) The ones you want to keep for many years
b) The ones that are meant for temporary, “single-use”.
Only a) should conform to your “real life” by more than 50%.

1.Be prepared
Being spontaneous is risky. It is a sign that you have lost control and it makes it very likely that you make a noticeable mistake. Also you can’t pretend to be a Syrian refugee, if you don’t know what Aleppo is. Therefore it will be safer you if you do your research and have more than one identity prepared.
2. Apologize
Have a plan B, or a “back-up lie”. For example, if some notices that you are not a orthodox catholic, as you said you were, apologize and explain that you are a Satanist and that you felt the need to lie, because you were scared of prejudice. Turn doubt into pity by being ashamed and sorry.
3. Be plain
Drawing attention will result in envy and doubt. It should not be the main purpose of a fake identity. Therefore it is not necessary to invent “talents”. Don’t say you can speak russian, if you can not.
4. Character traits
Inventing a fake identity should not be dreaming of what one would like to be. If you loose your focus, you might risk “loosing yourself”. “Negative” traits, weaknesses you yourself don’t possess will “keep you grounded”.
5. Geographic differences
Make sure that the people, who know you as someone else won’t be able to meet and recognize you if you are yourself or playing an other “role”. If they do ->2.
6. Concentration
Don’t start putting less effort into your “costume” or forget what “role” you are playing. You need to be aware of your surroundings.
7. Amount
The more false identities, or the more often you use them, the more likely it is that you will become “addicted”, “loose yourself” or that someone will figure you out. Make sure, there is always a difference between the way you see yourself and other’s see you.
8. Names
Don’t use too many. They might confuse you, become annoying and are more often than not a waste of effort.
9. Paranoia
People will assume something is wrong if you act like it. Too many lies will make you fear that you will be figured out, which in turn will lead you to lie more and so one. The usual solution is to be “yourself” for some time.
10. A red line
Don’t change everything. It is not only a waste of effort, but people who play an insecure, poor, or spineless “character” for too long tend to develop self-esteem issues. If you have no character trait, that works as a safety bond, you risk loosing who you were before.

Remember the time before the “game”. You can “reset”, “start over” or go “offline” for a while. Control it yourself.

Having a “fake identity” is useful, necessary for some. However it is a toy, too. And if you spend a day as a homeless, an illegal immigrant, a women or men, a homosexual, etc. you might not only satisfy your curiosity, but “learn” something about society.