society is fake

I hate begging people to stay in my life . If you want to stay , cool !
If you don’t go the fuck away from me and never come back
Voi fumare una cicca? Non puoi, fa male.
Vuoi farti una canna? Non puoi, è illegale.
Vuoi scopare come non ci fosse un domani? Non puoi, è immorale.
Vuoi strafogarti di nutella, pizza ed ogni genere di cibo fritto? Non puoi, ingrassano.
Vuoi riempirti di tatuaggi e piercing? Non puoi, è da criminali.
Vuoi farti i capelli rossi, verdi, blu o viola? Non puoi, è da pazzi.
Vuoi amare una persona del tuo stesso sesso? Non puoi, è contro natura.
—  Notanotherstupidprincess

People really need to be more fucking careful of what they say. Especially online. The internet is not the place to express your “opinions”, there are so many impressionable kids out there. Your Snapchat story is not the place to share your thoughts on bi people, your instagram is not the place to comment about how there’s “only two genders!!1!” And don’t even get me started on fucking tumblr. It can be a great place to meet people who share your experiences, but no newly questioning 13 year old should have to come across “aces aren’t valid” when all they want is a label to hold onto.

anderperry fake dating au
  • neil convinces todd to pretend to be dating because that’s what everyone of their friends is expecting anyways
  • it took todd a while to agree though because he didn’t think it was a good idea (but then he saw the excitement in neil’s eyes and couldn’t say no any longer)
  • so now they are expected to hold hands during dps meetings in the cave
  • neil doesn’t notice that he starts to rub his thumb against todd’s hand while they listen to meeks reading a poem
  • todd does notice (and it’s a good thing it’s dark in the cave because he can’t help but blush and wishes neil would never stop)
  • neil is constantly giggling in todd’s presence and he’s also very handsy, which made even Knox roll his eyes at one point
  • and - you know the drill - the moment they realise they aren’t faking after all is GLORIOUS

If they ask, just flash that smile,
The one that says “I’m dying”,
The longer and stronger you hold that smile,
The more you’ll keep from crying,
They’ll say “she’s happy”, “she’s smiling”, “she’s fine”,
They’ll never know you’re lying,
So whenever they ask, just give them a grin,
And soon, they’ll just stop trying.