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  • Kesha: *donates to charity*
  • Kesha: *supports many different causes and wants to make a change*
  • Kesha: *is a huge supporter of lgbt rights*
  • Kesha: *doesn't want to be defined by sexuality*
  • Kesha: *expresses that everyone should be themselves and to love themselves*
  • Kesha: *wants everyone to embrace their imperfections and to know that everything is gonna be okay*
  • Kesha: *is the ambassador for humane society international"
  • Kesha: *supporter of woman's rights, she wants to level the playing field and show that woman can do what men can*
  • the general public: she just makes dumb music and is drunk all the time
15 Things Black Trans People Face When Going to the Doctor


The moment when you realize that you are “in the wrong body” is the most difficult because you can’t even imagine how complicated the way of such people is, especially if you are black. This problem concerns not only the sphere of medicine.

Transgender people are facing institutional prejudice from doctors, teachers, the justice system, our society and so on.

We all need to remember that transgender rights are human rights!

“Would it be desirable to create conditions in which all the advantage would be with the righteous, so that the opposite natures and instincts would be discouraged and slowly die out?”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §353 (excerpt).
‘Housing should be seen as a human right. Not a commodity’ | Patrick Butler | Society | The Guardian

It’s not the most extreme example, but Canaletto typifies what Farha calls the “financialisation” of housing, a phenomenon common to cities like London, Sydney and Vancouver, which have seen the construction of swaths of hyper-expensive real estate, often in “regenerated” neighbourhoods. It is housing disconnected from its social function, she says; housing as a commodity. “I look up [at these developments] and I see gleaming towers of glass and steel, I see architects in their machismo building the best, funkiest, coolest buildings. I believe in good design, but I see this and I see huge, huge sums of money, for me staggering sums of money, being poured into these places not as homes but as investment,” says Farha.


“How does it make me feel? One, too much inequality. People talk about income inequality: where it manifests so clearly is housing inequality … I see a society that doesn’t care about the most vulnerable. It’s mind-boggling to me that people could spend so much money and know that at the same time none of that money is assisting the poorest people in terms of housing. It’s a pretty bleak picture.”

Today, Farha, the UN’s special rapporteur for housing, presents a paper on housing commoditisation to the UN human rights council in Geneva. It sets out how unregulated global capital has in recent years not only distorted housing markets all over the world – turbo-boosting prices and rents to a level that excludes and expels poor and middle-income families from so-called prime locations – but has also created housing precariousness on an unprecedented scale.

Good men come in all shapes and sizes. The quality of a man is not determined by the flesh, muscles or physical attributes he lives in. A man’s character should be determined by his soul and his beliefs, as well as his actions and words. A man who is kind, caring, compassionate, loving, loyal, honest, empathetic, authentic, and altruistic can inhabit a body with six pack abs or a beer belly. Beautiful attributes do not always live in beautiful bodies. So fuck all the people that claim if a male is not manly enough because I’m tired of how society has come to determined what is manly and what is not!
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Children need us to protect them and stand with them on the federal and state levels. There are currently 17 states trying to pass anti transgender laws. Some of those laws would allow a teacher to ignore bullying in schools to lgbt students if they are against lgbt based on their religion. It would also allow an EMT to refuse service to someone who is lgbt, allowing them to die. We can be fired in 32 states because we are transgender. Close to half of everyone who identifies as transgender attempts suicide. We face homelessness, job insecurity, rejection of family and friends, rising murder rates, and general safety simply by existing. I don’t care who you voted for, what your stance is on lgbt issues, or your thoughts on children transitioning. We are talking about basic human Rights to exist in society and everyone deserves them, period!

2017: Sherlock.

{For those of you not aware Project Awesomesauce is a campaign that was originally started to raise awareness of certain topics and issues that we feel are not taken seriously in today’s society - for example, mental health & Equality And Human Rights as well as other stuff. It would be cool if you could check us out! This is our first competition and we are excited to announce it celebrates Sherlock!}


The 31st of October 2017 will mark the 125th anniversary of the debut of Conan Doyle’s legendary character, Sherlock Holmes

The genius invention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been amazing us with his deduction and observational skills for well over a century now. First published in The Strand, the consulting detective took the world by storm, making him the world’s most well-known fictional detective. Considered as a British cultural icon, he has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most portrayed movie character in history.

The character has had an immense effect on mystery writing and popular culture as a whole, with further works being written by people other than Conan Doyle and the original stories being adapted into stage and radio plays, televisions, films, video games and other media for over 100 years, including – but not limited to – The New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, the Japanese anime adaption for children, Sherlock Hounds, and the modern-day BBC version, Sherlock.

Type of Competition:

A Showcase Of Creativity.

Competition brief:

We want you to create your very own case for the detective to solve:
• you can choose whether it’s modern day, original setting, or set in any other adaptation you prefer.
• create a new villain and a profile for them.
• write a story with your created character, no more than 5,000 words - it can be any style, but must feature Holmes, Watson and your villain. It can contain as many of the rest of the original cast as you want, whether that be Doyle’s original work or based off the plethora of adaptations.
• make a trailer/poster/a radio advert/other way to advertise your work.
• we will allow people working together to create their entries - however, this is limited to three people.
• entries must be sent in by email to, before the deadline and all your work must be attached and sent with the following details:

- your Wattpad username {or any other social media name if you are not on Wattpad} - if it is a joint entry then the names of all the people involved should be given.
- actual name {optional}
- what adaptation/era your version is based off
- any additional details or notes you’d wish to include.

• please make it explicit if your entry contains upsetting or “R” rated scenes.

• DEADLINE: 1st December 2017, 24:00 {GMT}

Judging/announcing winners:

• Entries will be judged by us and whittled down to five. These will then be published and the one who has the most votes within the next few weeks will have won. In the event of a tie, we will work together to choose our favourite

• The official winner will be announced around Jan/Feb 2018, when we are announcing are next competition. 


• the winner will get an official “2017 Awesomesauce Badge”.
• they will be invited to talk about their entry in more detail - if they want to.
• all the entrants that get published will be given shoutouts. 
• the winning case will be shared on other social media.

If you have any further queries, please message us on this account!

We look forward to receiving entries! Let the awesomeness commence!

- @thefineideayoucrave and @mynameissonotholly

  • Me, talking to terfys, truscumys and other shit ppl: okay guys remember how some people thought "maybe we should come up with names and terms for our experiences?"
  • Them: ahuh yeah
  • Me: you know how throughout time, people created words. And gave meanings to those words. Like not even talking about uh lgbtaqi+ shit or anything that's just how languages have been working for uh. Forever now
  • Them: go on
  • Me: and we can all agree many of these terms are important and many of them are still being used and have been accepted into common words among society.
  • Them: yes of course
  • Me: some of them might've seemed weird to the ppl at the time and yet they are still regarded as valid as they are now right
  • Them: yes
  • Me: what if... new genders... new orientation names, pronouns.... are the SAME thing but just right NOW and are just society, language and the human experience evolving and changing and-
  • me: you know I almost had something there but then I remember the human identity may evolve but assholes won't
A chicago man was kidnapped from his home and tortured.

The man, whose name has not been released yet, was abducted from his home by a group of people claiming to be from the Black Lives Matter movement. As a human being, I care for equal rights, no matter your skin color. I support BLM.

What I do not support are the scum of the earth who kidnap and torture people based on the color of their skin. Be you black or white or hispanic or asian, it is unacceptable and disgusting behaviour, especially when these horrible swines claim to want to be treated like anyone else. I do not accept them as BLM activists. They are criminals.

The video I am talking about is of a woman, Brittany Herring, filming herself and her friends as they stab and beat a man. A person. A human being, with feelings and emotions. A person with special needs. They scalped him using a knife and laughed as he cried and begged for mercy. They forced him to drink toilet water while they kicked and stabbed him, yelling “Fuck Donald Trump, Fuck white people”.

Furtermore, I am deeply disturbed by the lack of coverage on this. I’m talking about Huffington Post, Salon, CNN, and The New York Times. I’ll tell you who are; infowars, Dailymail, ABCNEWS, CBS NEWS, and The New York Post.

BY THE WAY, the Chicago Police concluded that “they were just kids and kids make stupid mistakes”. It’s funny when a black human being gets murdered or arrested, they get tried for adults, even when they are actually children. And when it matters the most, the police department completely pulls a 180. This was not a mistake. They are adults. They will be held accountable.

This is wrongfully being called The BLM Kidnapping. But they are not BLM. They are scum.

valid reasons to be scared for the world/this generation

  • the systematic racism that continues to perpetuate our society
  • the uncertain future of the economy
  • the continuous lack of basic human rights for oppressed people worldwide

invalid reasons to be scared for the world/this generation

  • pop music
  • people wearing clothes/makeup that you don’t like
  • celebrities showing “too much skin”
  • general pretentiousness

anonymous asked:

How do you have hope for the future?

That’s a really good question, Anon.  To be sure, these are certainly dark times we are living in.  But that said, it’s important to look at this through a more historical lens and acknowledge the huge strides made in most societies towards improving on human rights and thwarting discrimination overall.  There are many, many examples of things that would have been practically-unthinkable 20-30 years ago which are so commonplace today that no one bats an eye at them.  This progress was made thanks to the tireless efforts of the people that came before us to push the envelope, confront bigotry, and move society forward no matter what.

Really though, when we need to find a source of hope, we look at who is on either side of us, and in front of us, and who has our backs; it’s our comrades and friends that are putting themselves out there and fighting alongside us against hatred and bigotry that really give us hope for the future.

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(monster!Vex anon) So. Secret magic society in the normal world AU. The twins are the primary tenders of a bar called the Echo Tree (not the owners, though) which tends to a primarily magical clientele. At a glance, the twins look like half-elves, with their slightly-off facial features and rounded-long ears, and everyone assumes that they just have distant fey ancestry. But. Anyone with magical expertise and a really good look will notice that Vex's braid is woven into complex binding forms [1]

[2] and that the beads in Vax’s hair have tiny runes etched into them. In this AU, Syldor isn’t an elf; he’s a creature more like Saundor, and the twins are actually plant-creatures the way that Vex would’ve become had she taken the deal! Their glamours are carefully constructed in the ways that please them most, and allow them to pass without too many second-glances in both human and magical society. But when Vax removes the right beads, or Vex lets down her hair… their eyes become solid,

[3] their skin becomes bark-like, their hair unwinds into a tangle of vines, and their features flatten into a mostly-smooth face with just a bump for a nose and a wide crack for a mouth, that opens to reveal a row of sharp teeth. Vax has long, thin, smooth leaves that rustle when he’s upset and grow thickest on his shoulders; Vex has rounder, jaggeder ones that bunch up behind her ears and sometimes put forth tiny blue blossoms when she’s particularly pleased. They do eachother’s hair every

[4] morning, to make sure it’s done exactly right, and keep backup beads and ribbons in case some get lost. So they know the rest of Vox Machina through the underground (Keyleth and Tibs they buy supplies through, Pike isn’t just a great healer but a part-time bouncer for the bar, mainly to hang out with Grog who works full-time, Scanlan of course performs there whenever he’s in town and is always ready to talk down any situation that gets out of hand; everyone drinks there on the regular.) The

[5] oddest addition to their little circle of friends is Percy, who just shows up one day and… well. It doesn’t take the stink of cold iron in every pore of his skin to spot a hunter; it’s more in the way he holds himself, the clothes he wears, the hand-built weapons on his belt. Hunters are something of a necessary discomfort, given that the human police can’t exactly be counted on to be able to hold a serial killer who can literally turn into mist, and usually the magic community just gives

[6] them a wide berth, but the twins aren’t going to turn away a customer, especially one who’s polite, tips well, and doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. And he’s charming, and joins in the jokes, and even helps get Keyleth home with them a couple of times when she’s too drunk and only one of the twins can slip away to carry her out. Not to mention, having a hunter on hand often ends a fight just as quickly as calling Grog in, so… just all-around, Percy is helpful. (There may or may not be a

[7] subplot where something gets broken, and Vex goes to a human repair shop and sorta accidentally stumbles across his day job? And it’s awkward, but also hilarious, because she’s used to seeing him in his “uniform,” with his coat and his hat and his button-up, and even though she can still feel the presence of that cold iron pistol somewhere nearby, seeing him in an actual STORE UNIFORM is ridiculous. And for him, well, it feels a bit like stripping away a bit of the mystery when you see the

[8] fey bartender you’ve been crushing on for the entire summer just out an about in jeans and a sweater, under the fluorescent lights of a computer shop, and no where near the secret magic-infused atmosphere of the bar you’ve always seen her in.) But the real key would be when one of his marks (I think the Briarwoods,) books a private dinner room at the bar, and Percy goes after them (already mentally apologizing to the twins and Grog, because this is going to make a MESS,) and they prove

[9] more than he can handle on his own. Vex sees the look on his face, the shift in his shoulders, and when he walks off, she waits a few moments before telling Vax to cover for her and follows. She moves as casually as she can to avoid drawing attention, but… we all know how much difference a few rounds can make; when she gets there, Percy is badly wounded, and the mark clearly has the upper hand should she engage. Her magic is weaker when its all bound up in her glamour, so after a few

[10] failed persuasion checks, seeing Percy loosing hit points by the second, Vex yanks the ribbon off her braid. The hair escapes in half a moment, unraveling like living thread as the softness falls away, and her true form is bared, and she may not be able to take the mark herself, but she basically gets a nat20 on her intimidation to tell them to beat it. Percy’s really out of it at this point, from magical impacts and loss of blood, and so she doesn’t bother even tucking the vines out of her

[11] out of her face before rushing to his side. She calls for Pike before preparing a healing spell, going through all the paramedic questions–“Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened? How many fingers am I holding up?”–but maybe it’s because Percy’s so out of it, or maybe it’s because he’s staring at her like she’s a goddess come to save him, but when she gets to “What’s your name?” she expects the nickname he’s been going by all this time; she doesn’t expect him to tell her his

[12] True Name. All of it. He slurs it slightly, but the sound of it still strikes straight through her, and honestly scares her because holy shit, Percy must be even worse off than she thought if he’s giving his True Name to what he knows to be a dangerous fey. And then she nurses him back to health, and gets a rash from all the iron dust and blackpowder on his clothes, and Vox Machina help Percy with his List issues, and eventually the twins get their own bar, but I really only have that one

[13–final ask] scene pinned down, and some world-building, so… *sigh* Just can’t seem to make the thing work. But yeah. That’s my monster!Vex AU. (Sorry for the wait on this last bit; apparently I can only send 12 messages in an hour.) (AND I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT~!)

MY DUDE I LOVE IT i really hope you figure out whatever problems you’re having with not making it work because i would read all of this in a HEARTBEAT

i especially love that the twins are bound by their hair and that vex blossoms blue when she’s happy, because im just imagining percy doing something rather sweet and charming and vex’s ‘hair’ just. becoming a field of blue flowers.

i just?? i love archfey/fey/plant monster vex stuff and this is everything i love rolled into one

During a conversation with Hugh Aynesworth Ted is asked how he feels about being executed and gives his thoughts on the death penalty.

Ted Bundy: Well, nobody wants to die… but everybody will. I may live longer than you. If i don’t, I dont. But i do have strong feelings, humane feelings, about society’s alleged right to take another human being’s life. The death penalty is motivated solely and exclusively by the perceived need of the state, the prosecution, and the victim, or uh, the family, to obtain revenge. It’s an eye and for an eye. There’s nothing more. It’s no deterrent. There’s no doubt it is an effective way of killing a person whom society has adjudged responsible for the crime. It does not and never will, restore any measure of compensation to the victim’s family or the state. None whatsoever.

Hugh Aynesworth: Well, if a person kills and kills and kills, and is finally caught, what should be done with him?

Ted Bundy: I don’t know. I don’t know if anything should happen to… uh,uh.

Hugh Aynesworth: Well, you can’t-well, maybe you can, I don’t know-I started to say you can’t really claim that it’s proper to go around killing people all the time.

Ted Bundy: No. It’s, it’s, it’s ultimately improper (laughs). You know, there’s probably no other behaviour that society condemns more vigorously than killing of the kind, that, uh-well, society condones a lot of killing, in a massive scale war, in abortion, and things like that. Even the slaughter of animals for its own food, but i guess I’m saying that if a given society or community has a reverence for life, it cannot be selective in how it applies that reverence. It cannot have reverence for the two-year-old, but kill the fetus. It cannot have reverence for the victim’s life and kill the murderer. It’s inconsistent. So if the life of the victim is worthwhile, then the life- the life of the killer is sacred is well. If society chooses not to observe that kind of consistency; it chooses to kill the fetus and preserve the infant and kill the murderer in retribution for the victim, then it must accept the consequences for the violence that it self-generates.

the worst part about vegan isn’t being asked stupid questions about where I get my protein, or finding a place I can eat out at, not even the stupid bacon jokes

the worst part about being vegan is knowing that there are people in this world who know what is happening to the animals but still believe that their unnecessary desire for the taste of meat is worth another beings life

that is by far the worst and most disturbing part