society broke her

1) I thought I would never get over you,
and I wasted hours wishing that I hand been;

2) I have worked with kids who could handle there anger more maturely than you have

3) but you’ll still stand and preach that I was the child

4) I thought my love for you would never fade, you were my first love after all

5) a year and half later you make it so easy for the hate to kill all the love I have left

6) and I’m fucking pissed that you’ve turned me into this

7) the worst part is, they told me this would happen

8) so I guess its my fault in the end

9) but fuck that, and fuck you, and My kind heart for trusting you

10) my biggest fear used to be losing you, but now I live each day scared I’ll have to look you in the eye again

—  10 truths about you//kayla

high society ep 7 || changsoo x jiyi

“You’re the first girl I’ve dated that I’ve said sorry to.”

“If everything’s a first, then I’ll think of it as a good thing.”

“I like it because you are so positive.”

“Since you’re smiling, I’ll think of it as a good thing…”

I don’t feel things like most do. I hit lows that you couldn’t even come close to. But my highs are staggering. Looking into my eyes is basically Stargazing. You sit at your pity party and I’m the chandelier above you. Sadness is dopamine, and you’re a drug abuser, and your mind is saturated from all the drug use. Look at your eyes now, look at what those drugs do to you. If you’re ever dragged out of hell, you’ll need to get rid of that drug too. But I won’t touch you. I won’t put my shoulders under your arms and crutch you. I’ve been down that road with you. You gave me no option other than to say “no” and close the door. It’s impossible to love someone who lives life without a meaning. Someone who doesn’t know what they want and you had a choice to make. And you made it that winter Evening.
—  Not once but twice.