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☿ mercury ☿

Aries mercury ~ the mind of mars learns through visualization; it is through action and motion that the senses are stimulated. mental explosions; ideas are immediately verbalized and the head is afflicted with pains from sensitivity and reactivity to the immediate environment; in extremity, this is war ravaging through the mental faculties. communicative abilities are direct, genuine, inventive, passionate, witty and immediate reactions are set-off in the light of the ego. a pioneering mind venturing onward inspirationally, pointing towards new beginnings

Taurus mercury ~ tree roots wrapped around the brain sprouting into blossoms; shows a grounded, firm, unchangeable, traditional, but obstinate mind like that of roots but also an artistic, poetic, youthful and musical kind of old soul like that of the angelic Venusian blossoms, that learns best through the worldly senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing, savoring life experiences with underlying nostalgia. 

Gemini mercury (☿) ~ thoughts and words come and go breathlessly and as fleetingly as rapid heartbeats, matching the swift fluttering of butterfly wings and the quick godly travel of hermes. the mind is keen, curious, clever, intellectual, versatile and overly alert causing restlessness and inconsistency. The speech and approach to others is friendly, animated, humorous and lively, and the transmission of messages from this position reflects a mind driven by logic rather than intuition as well as an urgency for connectivity and an endless quest for learning. childlike wisdom rests here, where there is always a critical questioning of “why” and a constant activation of creative cerebral surges.

Cancer mercury ~ the mind is receptive, nocturnal, emotional, reflective, and is working through an instinctually subconscious level that reacts with immediate feelings. Reality is distorted in magical moonlight, casting nostalgia, moodiness, and nighttime paranoia but gifts the mind with imagination, mother’s comforting soul words and a psychic sense. the lunar mind learns well through absorbing and listening to others. the memories are coated with wistful and bittersweet emotions that come alive with every instant experience.

Leo mercury ~ the heart is intertwined with the brain, making the words true, lively, loving and passionate. solar flares endow the speech with golden words and the mind with creativity and a vivid perception of reality. The sun seldom has a shadow, yet it certainly does cast one; although this position is prone to being domineering, willful, and self-concerned, the solar spirit is proud, dignified, free-spirited, warm, idealistic and glistening with theatrical displays of creative radiance. 

Virgo mercury (☿) ~ the cerebral nerves become focused in this earthy domain, yet there is an nervousness over detail; the eyes are equivalent to magnifying glasses that see what another doesn’t. The trickster nature of mercurial hermes burdens this position with repetitiveness, nitpick, fret and hypersensitivity yet blesses the mind with a thought trend that is cleverly witty, practical, alert, investigative, intellectual, systematic and analytical. The maiden’s voice is kissed with medicinal messages, where healing powers drip  from their words and into another’s broken soul lining. The communication is swift and sharp yet shy and timid at first and the native learns well in any given environment if the concentration isn’t imposed with anxiety tugging at the nerves.

Libra mercury ~ the grasping of reality mimics the justice of the scales; there is an ability to detach oneself from emotional undertones, an internal urge to defend the weak-willed, and an ability to calculate the world through several perspectives. The judgment is clear, diplomatic, impartial and the mind is buzzing with dreamy idealism, aesthetic sense, and able to synthesize oppositions and disputes to middle ground if vacillation is overcome. Makes for a charming and witty chatterer, spilling Venusian sweet song for others to hear.

Scorpio mercury ~ the mind is powerful, sharp, and perceptive of all things unknown working as the master psychologist of the soul. thought course is intensely secretive, willful, intrigued, suspicious, fiercely acute, obsessive, over critical and possesses an intelligent sixth sense. holds unyielding convictions and uses interrogations and investigation to pierce through boundaries and delve into the matters of the psychological, metaphysical, occult and esoteric research. 

Sagittarius mercury ~ the spirit has direct contact to the Superconscious through cosmic wisdom, treading through the waters of the universe on a dreamy pilgrimage, the mind filled with shooting stars. The currents of thinking and communication are expansive, moral, skeptical, insightful, inspiring and knowledgeable. The mind is often directionless, impatient and disconnected from the world but sincere, honest and filled with infinite understanding.

Capricorn mercury ~ the messages of hermes are filtered through the child of time where one is reticent in sharing ancient knowledge held firmly in the mind. Saturn weighs heavy upon the perception causing one inclined to intolerance, criticism of the self and others, and sullen sternness as well as an unwilling awareness of one’s own mortality, anxieties and fears. and yet through Saturn the fashion of thought becomes methodical, efficient, logical, disciplined, dignified, concentrative and ultimately crystallized, where the seagoat’s unrest becomes definite and clear from reaching the mountain tops, in due course spawning entry into the sky and beyond.

Aquarius mercury ~ the mind proves to be on a futuristic wavelength where one thinks outside the box, through the box, behind the box, between the box and so forth. There is a inclination to progressive societal matters, making the character good-natured, equal and universal. Uranian electrical currents presents the mind with surges of innovative concepts, intelligent comprehension, brilliant analysis, quick thinking, witty remark, and resourceful intuition yet may destabilize the mind with the spirit of the mad scientist, where ideas and perception are incomprehensible, offensively shocking, temperamental, fleeting and willfully intuned with one’s own perception as opposed to others. 

Pisces mercury ~ perception of reality is seen through a dewy gaze beneath the sea’s surface, where the thought shift is molded into a beautiful mist of imagination, empathy, sensitivity, psychic receptivity, and adaptability of environment. The way of speech is poetical, wistful, and mysterious yet conversely, it is paranoid, misunderstood, vague and unclear. Reasoning abilities are not strong here as the mind works through the emotions and extreme instinctual receptors. Neptunian waters can fill the mind with wakeful dreams where one is inclined to escape into the subconscious womb and yet also creates a visionary trend, where one is inclined to hopefulness, compassion and unlocking healing powers. 

Oh, and for the record, there is NO valid reason to be transphobic/anti-trans.

If your religion is “against” being trans, your religion is in the wrong.

If it’s because you “just don’t get it”, you don’t have to; trans people will exist regardless if you “get it”, so just accept it and get on with your life.

If you find being trans disgusting, that’s YOUR problem. That is EXCLUSIVELY YOUR PROBLEM. Don’t blame trans people for your malfunctions.

A timeline of Ted Kaczynski’s life and crimes:

May 22, 1942: Ted Kaczynski born.

October 3, 1949: David Kaczynski born.

1952: In 5th grade a test determined Ted’s IQ was 167, this let him skip the 6th and 11th grade.

1957: At age 15 Ted graduated high school.

1958: At age 16 Ted started college at Harvard. He entered a multi-year psychological study that is thought to have had a negative impact on him.

1962: He attended University of Michigan for his PhD.

1967-1969: At age 26, he became the youngest Assistant Professor hired by University of California, Berkley.

1973: Ted moved to an isolated cabin in Lincoln, Montana (with no electricity or running water). The development of land nearby that affected his ability to live in complete isolation is thought to have triggered his first plan of “attack,” as this is when he started targeting “societal progress.”

1978-1995: Ted killed 3 people and injured 23 others with his homemade bombs.

Ted Kaczynski Work BenchSeptember 1995: The Unabomber manifesto was printed in The Washington Post and The New York Times. Due to the writing style, David became suspicious that it was his brother (Ted) and went to authorities. David gave the FBI $1 million reward money to the families of victims (minus his expenses from helping with the case).

April 1996: Ted was indicted.

January 7, 1998: Ted attempted to hang himself.

January 22, 1998: He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He is in the supermax prison in Florence, Colorado (this is also where Robert Hanssen and Terry Nichols are incarcerated).

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Have you read The Metropolitan Man? I don't know what's your policy on fanfiction but it's a "realistic" take on Superman arriving in the 30s.

Haven’t read that one - looking over it briefly it seems pretty damn depressing, though I suppose that’s kind of the point. I’ll probably check it out sometime.

I’m definitely down for fanfiction, but there’s precious little with Superman I’m into - when I occasionally think of Superman fanfic I hope “cool, maybe there’s finally some cool cosmic adventure stuff in here given the comics so rarely go there, or some really insightful character observations of the kind writers too sparsely touch on!” and then it ends up being 7000 pages on a powerless high-school aged Clark’s torrid affair with Jason Todd behind Congorilla’s back or something. But keeping my eyes open, there’ve definitely been some over the years that worked for me:

* Superboy: A great little moment of growth for a young Clark Kent in a short animated comic by @jordangibson.

* All In A Day’s Work: Good chance you saw this floating around on Tumblr awhile back, this is another really great little short comic by Tom Gimlin and Marcellis Wentz, on the weight of the job.

* Superman’s Story: Opposite Number: An excellent short piece by @spectralspices based on an idea he was nice enough to bounce off me, as Superman goes up against a pair of challenges unusual even for him - one comedic, one very much not.

* Pop-Drama: Superman: I don’t know how much this really qualifies as fanfic in the traditional sense - it’s a broad story proposal by @andrewhickeywriter on an ‘end point’ for Superman - but it’s damn fun and satisfying. There’s also a follow-up article where he elaborates on a major plot point.

* Superman Lives: Another short comic, this time by Joe Otis Costello and Des Taylor, where the Superman of 1938 is beamed in a fight with Brainiac into the world of 2014, and Lois Lane naturally gets the exclusive interview with the returned hero, the story being presented in magazine format. The characterizations may or may not work for you - parts do for me, others not - but it’s an interesting exercise nonetheless, and Des Taylor’s work is absolutely gorgeous.

* @ck1blogs: Clark Kent’s reasonably infamous Twitter account. He is not good at the internet, or humans.

* @filmcriticsuperman: Less well-known than its cousin ck1, which is a shame; unlike most “Film Critic X” feeds, it’s actually…well, really good, courtesy of @charlotteofoz. It maintains the voice throughout and perfectly, and while half the feed is indeed movie reviews - always through the filter of Superman - the other half is just Superman talking about his day, and while it was coming out it was probably the best ongoing Superman material of the last several years. If starting at the beginning of the feed to get a feel for it seems too ominous, worth it though it may be, a good sample would be the more traditional short story she did connected to it, a Superman Halloween spooktacular by the name of Yellowfire.

* Kosmograd Blues: A short story by The Quantum Thief and Invisible Planets author Hannu Rajaniemi focused on a Russian Superman analog, it’s a beautifully written, somber story of a superman who’s long since lost what made his own life worthwhile, but knows he still has a job to do. This was to be one part of a series of superhero short stories set in a larger world he had built - he wrote a little more about the details of it once - but to my knowledge this was all that ever came out of it.

* Kahlil: An ongoing webcomic by Kumail Rizvi in which the last son of Krypton landed in Karachi; it’s been awhile since I last checked in on it, but I recall it being very good, with some spectacular artwork making the few moments thus far of super-ness really pop.

* Superman vs. The Universe: A spiritual cousin to Joe Keatinge’s Strange Visitor, this is the story of an all-powerful Superman at the end of time looking back on his existence as he prepares for his last duty; the prose is stilted in places, but there are enough great ideas and emotional moments in here to make it more than worth your time.

* Repairing The World: I’ll admit some bias up front since the author’s a friend of mine, but starlightify’s DCU series of fanfics - largely centered around Superman and Batman - are a lot of fun, very funny and heartfelt. Some good samplers with Superman would be Salutation and Canidae.

* Silver Age Superman: I’ve never gotten my hands on this semi-legendary bootleg 1990 comic by Ed Pinsent and Mark Robinson, but the likes of Al Ewing and phenomenal comics critic Colin Smith have both declared this comic - starring by my understanding perhaps the most alienated version of its title character ever - among their absolute favorite Superman stories, and their word is more than good enough for me; if you see it out in the wild, I’d absolutely say pick it up. And grab a copy for me, would ya?

* Luthor’s Gift/Starwinds Howl: Bizarre as it is to list any Superman work of Elliot S! Maggin’s as fanfiction when he’s one of the characters’ most beloved writers, I suppose that is what these two stories count as given that they’ve only ever been published online and maybe in a fanzine or two to my knowledge rather than with DC’s official sanction, and they’re absolutely of a piece with his novels Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday. The latter is his take on how Krypto arrived on Earth; the former shows how Superman finally left Earth around the end of the 21st century the way he often hinted at in his other works.

* Tales of Smallville: Near as I can tell, I’m the only person on the face of the Earth - other than maybe Elliot Maggin, who endorsed these stories himself - who’s aware that on the site supermanthrutheages, Samuel Hawkins posted a series of 4 Superboy stories; him revealing himself to the world, his first big adventure with the Legion of Superheroes, a memorable dinner with a guest, and Martha Kent on her deathbed. On these stories, I know two things. 1. Posterity will unquestionably not validate him. It’s a handful of Silver/Bronze-Age Superboy fanfics on an out-of-the-way fansite, no one will remember them. And 2. He is a Morrison/Ennis/Maggin-tier Superman writer. If I have ever written anything in my life on Superman that you’ve agreed on, for the love of god at least read Martha’s Story, it might honestly be my favorite Superman story other than All-Star.

So along with those recommendations, I do have to throw a request on top: I vaguely recall having once read a short story somewhere online years ago about a Superman-type hero found in a field as an infant by farmers - one’s an alcoholic and one sleeps around, but they clean up their acts for the sake of the kid. He grows up to become a superhero and occasionally fights a Lex Luthorish scientist with an appropriately alliterative name who accuses him of impeding societal progress. Eventually, the hero flies off into space once everyone he knows dies, returning occasionally to Earth as he feels drawn back, to defend it, or rule it, or just wander it in obscurity; his longest and last stay is when he falls in love with a woman who he meets at a restaurant, when she’s the first in all those thousands of years to make apple pie as good as his mother’s. Eventually, he lives to the end of the universe, where he finds himself rocketing back through time and de-aging, crash-landing in a field and completing the time-loop. If anyone could point me in a direction towards it, it’d be very much appreciated; I don’t even recall if it’s any good, but I’ve been trying to find it for years and it’s the principle of the thing at this point.

Since Snappers are the wisest dragons, and Dragonhome has the highest concentration of them, Earth Flight is one of the most advanced Flights. While not as ambitious or technologically-minded as Lightning, or as curious as Light or Arcane, Dragonhome is known for having the best and most advanced conservation methods, as well as many world-renown thinkers and first-world societies, as we would call them. It would be foolish to call any Earthen Dragon a primitive fool.

Plague and Nature hold the most regressive clans, too busy on survival for any societal progress.

Re: Anxiety and fear in American society: a history

I could go in a hundred different ways with this, but I’ll try to make it as entirely relevant to AS55’s post as I can, instead of rambling about chimpanzees and who-knows-what-else. 

Columbine wasn’t an isolated incident: it was the apex of a string of school shootings which began increasing with Lu Gang and Wayne Lo in the early 1990s. Despite American students committing fewer school shootings in 2000-2009 than they did in 1990-1999, the rate of attempts actually increased beyond their pre-Columbine level. Columbine caused Americans to begin taking the potential for school shootings seriously, and thus many attempts which were expected to have been carried out have instead been prevented. And since 1999, there has been an increase in foreign school massacres committed in countries where, as Sabratha’s Bullet Time phrases it, there isn’t the “operational history” of Columbine.

In any event, it’s myopic to telescope on school shootings when they’ve comprised a small percentage of the larger trend of mass murders, which are carried out in all sorts of contexts; but they always occur in contexts which involve some permutation of alienation, which has been part and parcel with societal “progress”. This relationship can be seen with the Chinese mass stabbings. There were some sparse incidents throughout the 20th century, but the rate began to rise in the 1990s and erupted in the early 2000s, corresponding to China’s rapid “economic development”, culminating in the infamous spate of elementary school stabbings of 2010. American mass murders were less prevalent before Richard Speck precipitated their rise in 1966. 

My best estimate for the -absolute- minimum amount of mass murders in the US since 1966 is 960. I would be surprised if there weren’t a minimum of somewhere around 1500 in reality, but we’ll just vaguely say that there have been over 1000. If you were trying to measure alienation in a society, what could be a more blatant indication? And it’s glib to dismiss them as not being indicative of anything just because there have been over a thousand of them instead of over a hundred thousand, or however many you think are necessary, because mass murdering is so ridiculously over-the-top of a response that very few people are prone to do it under any circumstances. 

But just look at how many fans you can find for all different types of mass murderers, not just the Reb & VoDkA bunch, and beyond these fans are countless more people who can sympathize with them; and beyond these are millions more who never think of relating the circumstances of their lives to anyone else but instead just go through the motions of life incessantly dissatisfied with their environment. 

Thinking of this society as the default state of existence is the reason why you think that humans would be “not well” for “no reason whatsoever”. Civilization has not been present for 99% of the existence of hominids, and the only way that it’s ever sustained is by indoctrinating each new child for years on end. The “wellness” that you speak of is solely defined by a child’s submission to this process and their subsequent capacity to propagate civilization themselves. When civilization exists in a form where all forms of alienation (among many other things) are rampant, as can be seen in the most recent incarnation within the last fifty years which AS55 talked about, new children will end up “not well” in all sorts of ways. You don’t even have to touch a topic as cryptic as mass murder to see an indication of this: you can look at a single symptom as egregious as the proliferation of antidepressants. 

And look in your own life. You’ve said that you’re a afflicted by unrelenting anxiety and that you’re afraid to leave your house. Do you really think that the way you feel is not symptomatic of anything other than your own inexplicable defectiveness?

Adam Peter Lanza (Smiggles) 28 February 2012 | 12:51 PM

Hospital Pro Tip #5

There is a lot of talk about transgender acceptance lately, especially with Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair.  Fortunately, most of the reactions I have read are positive - but I know many aren’t.  Then you have the wannabe stand up comedians, at school or on the wards, who are using this effort at societal progress as fodder for their juvenile jokes.  

My hospital pro tip is actually a twofer today.

First, avoid any and all controversial topics when making jokes at school/work/professional settings.  The moment you were accepted into medical school you traded in your ability to degrade or belittle ANY human, especially in public.  Patient’s cannot trust you if they know you openly hold prejudices.  Further, you have no idea who is listening or what their personal feelings are.  Perhaps that quiet nurse in the corner has a transgender brother.  Or perhaps she is transgender herself.  These kinds of comments can seriously hurt people, and could be grounds for disciplinary action

Second, as a healthcare provider you have an ethical and moral obligation to treat everyone equally.  One of the 4 core principles of medical ethics is Justice, or the idea that your medical treatment of humans be fair (though it might not always be equal).  As a healthcare provider you are no longer allowed to pass judgement, that is not your job.  It matters not what the patient in front of you is or does (i.e. pedophile, murderer, or even something as harmless as transgender), you must treat them to the best of your ability without conflicting intentions.  And if you cannot do that, your responsibility is to remove yourself from their care team.

The world is an ugly place with lots of injustice.  There is no room for our healthcare to be unjust too.   

Hospital Pro Tip: No matter your beliefs, convictions, morals, values, etc., do not ever degrade or belittle people with jokes or actions.  This violates the core tenets of being a healthcare provider.


El Tajin, Veracruz

Chronology studies at Tajín and nearby sites show that the area has been occupied at least since 5600 B.C. and show how nomadic hunters and gatherers eventually became sedentary farmers, building more complex societies prior to the rise of the city of El Tajin. The pace of this societal progression became more rapid with the rise of the neighboring Olmec civilization around 1150 B.C., although the Olmecs were never here in great numbers. It is unclear who built the city. Some argue in favor of the Totonacs and the Xapaneca; however, there is a significant amount of evidence that the area was populated by the Huastec at the time the settlement was founded. In the 1st century CE. Monumental construction started soon after and by 600 CE, El Tajín was a city. The rapid rise of Tajin was due to its strategic position along the old Mesoamerican trade routes. It controlled the flow of commodities, both exports such as vanilla and imports from other locations in what is now Mexico and Central America. From the early centuries, objects from Teotihuacan are abundant.

From 600 to 1200 C.E., El Tajín was a prosperous city that eventually controlled much of what is now modern Veracruz state. The city-state was highly centralized, with the city itself having more than fifty ethnicities living there. Most of the population lived in the hills surrounding the main city, and the city obtained most of its foodstuffs from the Tecolutla, Nautla and Cazones areas. These fields not only produced staples such as corn and beans but luxury items such as cacao. One of the panels at the Pyramid of the Niches shows a ceremony being held at a cacao tree. The religion was based on the movements of the planets, the stars and the Sun and Moon, with the Mesoamerican ballgame and pulque having extremely important parts. This led to the building of many pyramids with temples and seventeen ballcourts, more than any other Mesoamerican site. The city began to have extensive influence starting around this time, which can be best seen at the neighboring site of Yohualichan, whose buildings show the kinds of niches that define El Tajin. Evidence of the city’s influence can be seen along the Veracruz Gulf coast to the Maya region and into the high plateau of central Mexico.

At the end of the Classic period, El Tajín survived the widespread social collapse, migrations and destructions that forced the abandonment of many population centers at the end of this period. El Tajín reached its peak after the fall of Teotihuacan, and conserved many cultural traits inherited from that civilization. It reached its apogee in the Epi-Classic (900-1100 C.E.) before suffering destruction and the encroachment of the jungle.

El Tajín prospered until the early years of the 13th century, when it was destroyed by fire, presumably started by an invading force believed to be the Chichimecas. The Totonacs established the nearby settlement of Papantla after the fall of El Tajín. El Tajín was left to the jungle and remained covered and silent for over 500 years. While the city had been completely covered by jungle from its demise until the 19th century, it is unlikely that knowledge of the place was completely lost to the native peoples. Archeological evidence shows that a village existed here at the time the Spanish arrived and the area has always been considered sacred by the Totonacs. However, there are no records by any Europeans about the place prior to the late 18th century.

After seeing a post on my dash about how cisgender straight white males are annoying, stupid, and something else derogatory, I feel the need to speak up against this issue. 

It is wrong to call anyone something derogatory and hurtful just identifying as they do.

Not everyone requires your respect: if someone has harmed you, you aren’t obligated to respect them. If someone has privilege and doesn’t act responsibly and progressively with that privilege, you don’t have to respect their decision to do so. If you are afraid of a specific trait of a person, not because of that person but because someone sharing that trait harmed or traumatized you, your fear is totally valid. In all of these cases, your direct and antagonistic shaming of them is not valid nor conducive towards a collaborative, healing, and progressive total societal mindset. 

Cisgender, white, male, and straight are not evil or wrong traits and identities. They do not make a person an asshole. How a person wields their privilege does, not who they were born being or currently identify as. Please stop generalizing and shaming someone for something they inherently are–that is exactly what all of us who are marginalized are hoping to stop towards ourselves, so we need to not act towards others like we have been shamed; it doesn’t change anything for the better and it can hurt people who are respectful with their identities because they are simply expressing who they are. No one of any identity should be shamed for said identity. 

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i wouldn't say 'f your book' but maybe you don't need to talk about it quite so much

All book posts are tagged ‘Valhalla’ for easy blacklisting, and most book talk has moved over to The Walrus Squad. But I do need to talk about it exactly this much. Here’s what would happen if I don’t:

Without talking incessantly about the novel, it wouldn’t stand much chance of getting popular. If it doesn’t get popular, I won’t make enough money to support myself through college. If I don’t make enough to support myself through college I’ll need a real job and won’t have time to write the second book.

If I don’t write the second book, the hundreds of people who have already read Valhalla will get angry at the lack of the promised sequel. These people will of course show their anger by releasing walruses from zoos across the country. The walruses will run amok through the city streets, devouring men, women and children.

The walruses will breed uncontrolled and soon they’ll outnumber humans across the globe. The inevitable walrus-human war will be more of a slaughter, as the superior life forms annihilate us with their great bulk and strong tusks. We won’t stand a chance.

By 2025, humans will be totally enslaved by the cruel walrus overlords. As the great beasts indulge in hedonistic orgies and displays of power, humans will languish and wither into nothing but a shadow of what we were in our prime. Art, literature, science, all shall fade in the odobenusian shadow.

2078: By the old human calendar at least. There are no more humans. A disease wiped them out years ago from the unclean zoos to which they’d been condemned. No, this year is the year 29 E.W.- Era Walrusi.

In the walrus future, there are no computers, no tumblr, no email, not even a spark of electricity. The hedonistic walruses are not so wise as mankind once was, mankind- A myth to them now. A legend told to scare children. The walrus society is more like ancient Mesopotamia. Only crude stone structures serve as homes and markets for the pinnipeds. Our skyscrapers have fallen. The facades of luxury that once shone with glass windows and steel buttresses are cracked now, and certainly unappreciated by the new blubbery alpha species.

378 E.W. Societal progress has only turned the sedentary walruses crueler and more vicious. Their world, now devoid of any trace of humanity, has entered a cold war. The walrus has made the same mistake as the man and relied upon mutually assured destruction to keep the peace. But there is no walrus Kennedy, no Kruschev. Yes, the walruses launch their bombs.

1271 E.W. Radiation begins to fade but it’s too late for life on Earth. The last bacteria died on new year’s day. Earth, once the gem of the solar system, blue and green and rich all over- Now a barren waste like Mars. Lifeless until the end, when the sun goes nova and consumes the once brilliant world. No species from that globe ever traveled the starts, though once one might have. Once, there was a chance!

But I stopped talking about my novel. And humankind was doomed from that day forward. So now you see what depends on my promotion of the novel.

Valhalla: Buy it or the walruses will bring ruin to the Earth.

Telling people to “go educate yourself” is the same thing as silence. How have we made progress in the last 30+ years regarding homosexuality in society? By making noise and helping people understand what’s wrong with their beliefs. You, yourself, may not be hateful, but you’re still problematic for not helping the issue when you’re able. Silence and/or “you’re a bigot and I won’t do anything explain why” impedes on progress. Not to mention how immature and childish it is.

Get off your high horse with “It’s not my job to educate an adult”.

I’m just saying.

here’s why i like college & might be leaving tumblr:

today i sat in a room with a veritable cornucopia of women, men, trans* people, gay people, disabled people, and older people of almost every race/descent imaginable. we read literature and we talked about our experiences as marginalized members of society. no one said “YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A DISABLED/TRANS PERSON DOESNT COUNT COS UR A WHITE GUY” or “YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A PERSON OF COLOR DOESNT MATTER BECAUSE YOUR A STRAIGHT BOY” or “YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A WOMAN DOESNT MATTER BCOS YOURE WHITE”. we all sat and we shared and we listened and we developed theories as to why society treats people this way and we respected and validated each other’s experiences through supportive words. we made progressive societal plans and it was never a competition.

It’s been difficult to stop thinking about Obama’s choice to include “communists” in his speech at the 2016 DNC. “That’s why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end.”

Over 150 years ago in the Communist Manifesto, Marx used the term Gespenst (meaning “specter” or  “ghost”) to describe the imaginary fictional entity - this tale of communism that obscures reality - that reactionaries utilized in their efforts to dismiss and control opposition to their established political power. They materialized this ghost out of both fear of internal weaknesses within their own ranks and the desire to inspire fear in others. 

In an introduction to the Manifesto, John E. Towes writes that the ghost haunting old Europe is in actuality the ghost of its future. Hiding within the specter of communism is an actual communist movement that possess the power to assert its own reality; that the imaginary stories circulating in the minds of the ruling powers hide a reality that will be soon brought to light.

With Obama’s mention of the threat communists (among others) pose to the imperialistic neoliberal ideology (that is somehow in ways that I do not have the capacity to understand - a good?? thing?? to value?????) that is currently plaguing any significant developments in actual societal progress, its difficult to see past the way “communists” was used in his DNC speech. 

“… will always fail in the end.”

Seems to me…. like an effort to
control opposition…

I feel like we can measure societal progress by what percentage of One Direction members can express support for LGBTQ+ equality without no-homoing it afterwards. We’re up to 50% now! Halfway there!

(of course we had to reduce the One Direction sample size by 20% in order to reach that, but them’s statistics for ya)

Hi, my name’s André, and I’ve been trying to reply to one of your asks regarding how making fun of idols speaking English is racist, but Tumblr is being silly and won’t let me post it. Here it is, though, if you wanted to look at it:

“I am so done with native English speakers judging ESL folks and non-English-speaking POC just for their perceived inability to pronounce English correctly. Contributing to and encouraging that discussion, whether you’re a KPOP fan or not, and especially if you’re a voice that people listen to (Simon and Martina, as jalmotaesseo mentioned) makes you part of a racist elite — those that see anglocentrism as the be-all, end-all for social and societal progression.

In this world, there are many countries where English is given a heightened status. Knowing English presumably gives one an air of coolness, especially amongst kids and adolescents — this is why the KPOP industry likes to input lots of English words into its songs, rather than any other language. English also seems to make one appear more professional, and this is why parents all over the world make their children learn English in hopes of them having better futures. Hell, when I was a kid I told my mother to stop speaking to me in Tagalog because nobody at school understood anything I said, and now I can’t even communicate coherently in my native tongue. How disheartening it is to say that this isn’t uncommon of POC children of diaspora.

Yes, English is currently a lingua franca, and yes, to some extent it helps one to progress in the scope of the world, but by no means does that make it any more “modern” or professional than other languages of the world. What does that even mean? Does modernization necessitate the use of English? Are there not countries out there that are plenty “modernized” without English being their native tongue? Knowing English is a privilege, but it is not a necessary privilege.

As a prospective ESL teacher, I’m appalled to hear another English teacher say with such confidence that it’s nigh impossible for one “to succeed and/or be taken seriously” without knowledge of English. That message reeks of so much linguistic elitism that it makes me irate. It’s sad that the same message is dispersed so widely by ESL teachers throughout the world. It’s discouraging to students forced to learn the language, it’s concerning for the state of education in third-world countries, and, frankly, it’s bullshit.

English is only a lingua franca as a result of hundreds of years of colonialism. English was forced down the throats of many due to some white men being concerned that they couldn’t understand the language of peoples they were unfamiliar with. English will continue to be a poison for racial and ethnic minorities just because the anglocentric world says so.

And I refuse to make English be the basis of linguistic discrimination.”

André thank you so much for submitting this, I’m sorry tumblr was being a butt and I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting it, but it needs to be seen and read and understood by everyone.