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Body Positive Thought for the Day

Being body positive does not mean you will wake up everyday and love your reflection and not give in to societal ideals of beauty. Being body positive does mean that you recognize how flawed societal ideals of beauty are and continuously challenge these norms. Being body positive is kind of like relearning how to love and care for yourself. This kind of healing is not linear, but I promise it is worth the effort.

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What lead to the she-cat's heats being more muted?

The same thing that shriveled up the aggression in toms: society!

When the Clans were first formed, a lot of the internal conflict was due to the instincts that come with being in heat. Toms were fighting the urge to kill kittens that didn’t belong to them, queens and mollies were breeding with wild abandon, there were fights over who laid which lady, so on and so forth. This was where the law against toms in the nursery started, but it wasn’t enough to establish a sense of security for anyone. 

What they needed, as it turned out, was a new societal ideal. As a part of the Clans wanting to be Bigger And Better Than Anyone Else, they were quickly and pointedly claiming to be drawn to milder, calmer cats who could stifle their hostility around stranger kittens, or who selected one mate and stayed with them throughout their life. With these cats getting all the special attention, the aggressive and outlandish ones were forced to change their behavior or lose their spot in the rapidly dissolving totem pole that had defined their lives up to this point. The Clan community had no place for assholes or strumpets, which set them far apart from what came so naturally to their species. 

It followed that, over time, such chill behavior became ingrained into the Clanborn. They no longer needed to fake being sweet and gentle - that’s how they got raised, and that’s who they were. This meant that their instincts were muffled over time, even outright ignorable. An unintended side effect was that the cats became more and more apathetic to the idea of breeding altogether. A lot of cats simply don’t take up a mate or kittens nowadays, which is unthinkable to outsiders. 

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Why do trolls gain wings upon reaching God Tier?, Are God Tiers effected by what the culture of the player's species think a God would be like, like some Fanons claim?, if so, is the change entirely cosmetic or can it grant other abilities?, like say, if a species picture of a God almost invariably involve them being able to breath fire would that species' God Tier Players beable to breathe fire as well?

its stated to be they have wings because thats what a Troll’s cultural Ideal looks like, with some trolls being lucky enough naturally to have that culturally desired mutation without god tiering like Summoner and Rufioh

Its pretty much on a similar beat for how most (western society) humans would consider a societal cultural ideal for what a human should strive to be being “Pretty, Fit and Able”

and we already know what you look like upon god tiering is tied into what you think your ideal self would look like, what you consider your best still trumps what society thinks is best though

For instance Terezi valuing her blindness as part of her ideal self, but Tavros not valuing the loss of his legs as seen in their dream versions of themselves, as well as our two Blood players, Karkat and Kankri, never being seen with wings upon god tier either in any doomed timeline, likely because neither of their self ideals fully embraces their cultural ideals either, both being inherently outside of troll caste society as mutant candybloods (as well the obvious more thematic ties being Blood/Breath and Grounded/Flight)

so the Trolls who have wings upon god tier, its like a baseline similar to how most humans would think Beauty, Fitness and Ability are part of what their ideal self would contain, because that’s what human society values, so I’d imagine most humans god tiering would imagine themselves as being more pretty, fit or able upon reaching god tier, but only if that was truly how they viewed themselves as truly being

there are always exceptions to this of course, if you consider any part of yourself to be intrinsic to the kind of person you are, then you’ll keep it, regardless if it fits into the cultural ideal, because it is YOUR ideal that matters

its just that for 99% of people, their ideal is the cultural ideal because thats just how society works

so as for your questions about other species and other cultural ideals, I would say its similar to what we’ve already seen. It depends on how strongly the species as a whole adheres to that ideal, stronger adherence means higher likeliness random individuals will also carry that ideal

other species, I’m thinking specifically Caliborn/Cherubs here as well, may find their individual self ideals greatly trump their species or cultural ideals. As LE being wingless and hugely buff seems to line up with what Caliborn would want, as well as being a product of his immaturity as stated in canon. His ideal lacking wings, which adult cherubs have, means Caliborn sees himself as fundamentally a child still, which he does, but hes also a big huge super buff man cherub. It honestly all seems to line up with Caliborn’s childlike fantasy of what he wanted to be

I don’t know if there’s a limit to what the changes could be, since physical changes of all kinds are indeed possible, even things like Jade’s Dog ears for a human are possible through other circumstances

and its not the species picture of a god, its what their ideal species member looks like, the perfect man/woman/whatever gender roles they have, which is usually decided by culture, but absolutely can be decided individually and usually just happens to inform what their religious figures look like 

Humans Gods are supernaturally pretty and fit and able most of the time, Trolls religious figures likely all have Wings and Perfectly shaped Horns, another societal ideal we know trolls tend to have, but a perfect instance where individual ideals seems to trump cultural ideals, as most trolls would consider their unique horn shape and sign an inherent core of their identity

so for this random species, if 99% percent of members considered strongly that an ideal member of their society has the ability to breathe fire upon, then 99% of players will achieve that ability to breathe fire when they god tier, with 1% either rejecting that ideal for themselves or being lucky enough to have it naturally before god tiering

so basically, at the core the mechanic itself works from your self ideal, its just that what your self ideal is can be very much informed and influenced by a lot of factors, most often being the cultural and societal ideals you find yourself surrounded in since birth, even within the same species as guaranteed Western Society and say, Chinese society, do not match up with cultural ideals 100%, there are going to be differences and those differences will effect a person in some way

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it's becoming harder 4 me to fully acknowledge people's gender identities in the present world. U r ftm (correct me if Im wrong), but r still willing to do feminine things. I grew up with trans family members, I always saw them fully commit to their gender. If they were ftm, they wouldn't do "girly" things and vice versa so it was easy for me to acknowledge their gender. I can't really see someone as their gender if they don't act like it. Can u help me better understand these things? Am I bad?

The gender binary is a societal idealization that’s totally useless and quite toxic. The idea that masc presenting people showing any femininity, or vice versa for fem presenting ppl, is something “new”, therefore scary, therefore either Bad™ or must be stopped (when that isn’t the case at all) is harmful to so many people in so many ways.

Trans/nb people have existed as long as history itself, many of whom fall under varying spaces/ranges of the gender spectrum (masculine ↔ androgynous ↔ feminine). Take me for example. I identify as male and go by he/him yet if we’re talking specifics, I see myself midway between masculine and androgynous. That means both what I’m interested in and how I like to make myself look can fall under both masculine and androgynous themes. I don’t see it necessary to wear nothing but manly man clothing since being a man doesn’t mean I have to shun everything feminine, just like women shouldn’t have to shun everything masculine. It’s not our fault for “not passing”, it’s others’ faults for dictating someone’s personal identity.

Regardless how I or others look, you ALWAYS respect their pronouns and name. Having a difficult time adjusting to such a big change, even if you’re not the trans/nb one, is fairly common and understandable enough obstacle and it’s good you’re looking for more info so as to not to be disrespectful. But having a hard time respecting someone’s preferred identity just bc it doesn’t meet your passing standards is yeah, a lil Not Good.


Laverne Cox posted a “no makeup” selfie with hashtags like #bodypositive on it.

Somehow, that doesn’t sit quite right with me.

Like, how is Ms. Cox at all a representative of a body positive attitude? Cox has changed virtually every part of her body to fit into the traditional ideal of attractive femininity. 

In my mind, body positive needs to equal body acceptance–no matter what your body looks like. The body positive movement is just not conducive to cosmetic plastic surgery. 

If your self love hinges upon shaping your body into the societal ideal through countless surgical procedures, then that is hardly body positive. 

idk, if it’s just me but I sincerely get upset when someone says or regards someone as “ugly” when they don’t fit the ideal societal view of “beauty and symmetry” like sure someone can’t fit your ideals that’s perfectly normal if you don’t find them attractive…but going so far as to say they are “ugly” is too much

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what classpects would you give the hiveswap kids/trolls

alright i mentoned in stream but ill collect my thoughts roughly here

so far for Hiveswap I’ve got Joey Claire pretty solidly pegged as a Mage of Life, like 85% sure of that

in her introductory sequences and her room, the things and words highlighted have all been things related to MAGIC (SPICE MIX, nothing about the spice was inherently or associated with magic, she just decided that it was and she like it that way) and ALIVE/LIVING/LIFE

when i rewatch/edit my stream video for youtube, ill grab some screenshots of things I’ve noticed for that, but as a whole theres a very strong Life theme going on for her

she’s a junior veterinarian and shes completely abhors killing animals, wanting instead to heal them and feed them treats and watch them grow. Her main focus seems to be on animals themselves as well as food, both strong life symbols but also she has a tangent into healing and medical things as well, as well as a penchant when she was younger for trying to “fix” things she found unpleasant life pictures of her Pa’s dead animal trophies

also her other main hobby is dancing, which is a hobby that strongly involves the physical form moving and being full of energy and she mainly uses her tapdancing shoes to move and shake things down so she can grab them

point for Mage specifically include a lot of her interests being related in someway to magic and have magic related things consistently capitalized like the life things (the shika deer maiden anime, the lisa frank posters, the wizard globe) but also in certain flavor texts also involving her having strong mental intuitions of things she understands that she couldn’t possibly know, but she does somehow, or she doesnt understand why she has those strong mental connections or intuitions/thoughts

not to mention in both of those together, shes seems to have experienced a very rough life and uprbringing and often seems to bring her thoughts back to that very often

but also very rarely she does show a strong poetic kind of intelligence in her flavor text thoughts in certain items

anyway next up Jude Harley, I actually didn’t get as strong of a vibe for him for classpect wise cuz I didn’t get to see much of him, the traits i got out of him were intelligence, paranoia, conspiracy theories, the fact that he marvelled at the fact that his conspiracy theory was CORRECT for once and being unable to process how that felt, a distinct LACK of Mind specifically because he never tried to hide who he was, he was unashamedly himself through and through (and whether he is logical or illogical seems to sway in favor of the illogical, however he is extremely passionate and caring about those he loves (the pidgeons) and has close friends whereas Joey does not and cares about her deeply, begging her not to leave him as she was all he had left)

he seems to run on his intuition moreso than intelligence come to think of it, just trusting his gut that he knows he right and shadow people are stalking them and the attic is the key to safety and whatnot, being up until now unable to really prove what he knew internally but never letting it sway him

for me he’s somewhere in between the area of Light and Heart, and as for a class I’m just not sure yet, I guess hell have to wait for hauntswitch

as for Dammek which is only ever seen briefly once and mentioned a fewtimes, I also didn’t get much of a vibe from him other than a slight Thieflike tendency because he seemed to have those theiflike traits of being uncaring about personal boundaries, seemingly brimming with confidence and bravado, being the person sort of running the show and being in the spotlight and also at one point just straight up stealing Xefros’s things and claiming them as his own, and you could also view his rebellion against authority as a very thieflike response, wanting to take some status for himself and away from the heiress all in one fell swoop by upstaging her

what things he steals and why he steals them do all seem to be things and feelings associated with breathy ideals as well, but im less sure of his aspect than his class, and even then im only like, 50% sure of his class at all, again, wait for hauntswitch i suppose.

lastly Xefros Tritoh himself as is the case with Joey I got much stronger vibes from in the sense that I am even more sure that he is a Page even more than I am that Joey is a Mage of Life, but as for his classpect, I see it as between Time and Doom but strongly in favor of Time with Doom as a secondary possibility

hes strongly adheres to patterns and routines and the way things have always been, but struggles to implement the rules and time related puzzles of other people, he both is completely focused on Time/Doom things and at the same time completely struggles with them.

the whole idea that he is fated to be a butler and nothing but a butler so he steadfastly studies for it at the same time hes halfheartedly in cahoots with dammek’s rebellion while dreaming of being on a gameshow or being a sportplayers or a gamer while also being so strongly used to being a part of the society he is rebelling against that he puts societal ideals before his own even when hes passionate of his own, hes very self depreciating and sees little value in himself but at the same times hes had close thoughts and interactions with things related to a Timelike nature but above everything he seems to happily complacent with a life of being possibly culled at any turn so its hard to say, but its definitely in that Time/Doom area for him and almost certainly a Page

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What does gender critical mean?

it means i believe gender is a harmful concept used to oppress women by forcing men and women into specific gender roles and punishing non-conformity. i want a gender-free world where girls aren’t expected to shave or be submissive or like pink and boys can wear dresses and like sewing. i want everyone to be free of gender so that everyone can be who they are without pressure to conform to cruel societal ideals.

Being Wiccan and LGBT

If you’re LGBT and Wiccan (especially if you’re trans or nonbinary) you know how frustrating it can be to navigate through the… bad stuff. I’m talking heteronormativity, terf ideology, general transphobia, homophobia, aphobia and misogyny. It’s everywhere. But I, being queer, nonbinary and more often than not sex repulsed, have managed to work my way through it successfully and still be able to find safe haven within the religion.

The Craft

I’ll start here because this can apply to any practice, not just Wicca. To dismantle the transphobic undertones of the gendering of craft tools (i.e. This cup is “feminine energy” because it’s a womb and this wand is “masculine” energy because it’s phallic) go for what you really mean. Passive energy and active energy. Chalices and cauldrons are passive because they hold and store energy. Wands and athames are active because they direct and move the energy. This can apply to any crystal, herb or tool. If you see someone claiming that lavender is feminine, just remember that they don’t mean woman. They mean passive.

The Wheel of the Year

My biggest discomfort with Wicca came with the lore. The wheel of the year was, to everyone else, a story of procreation. Woman gets pregnant and gives birth. That’s it. The goddess is a vagina, the god is a penis, so long and good night. This was harder to bypass because it was so ingrained in the rituals that I almost felt stuck here. But I promise you this isn’t the case. The Goddess isn’t a woman. She’s passive energy. She can manifest as a male buck or a female swan. The God can show himself in flowers or imagery of queens. The story of the wheel of the year is not “women make baby, man be strong” despite what some may teach. It’s simply the cycle of the earth. The earth grows fertile in some seasons, and dies in the next. When applied to humanity, our goals and knowledge has to grow inside us before it can be implemented (birthed) and utilized to make ourselves better people. Mythos is never ever literal, not even in Wicca.

Gender (or lack thereof)

Being nonbinary in such a potentially ciscentric environment can feel invalidating. The binary of gender is stronger than ever and to feel comfortable in between or far away can feel impossible. But, you must remember that you are energy. And energy can be passive or active, or it can be both or neither. Energy is what you make of it and human societal ideals such as race, gender and economics, are nothing to higher beings. You are you. That’s all you need to be. If you’re a woman, your purpose is not to make children. If you’re a man, your purpose is not to be a warrior and hunter. If you are neither or both, you should not feel obligated to force yourself into a certain role to please anyone. (I can guarantee you, your gods won’t care about your gender unless you intend for them to.) Your purpose in this life is to be as content and peaceful as you can and learn as much as you’re able to.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to strictly follow this. You don’t have to 100% agree with this. But I know for LGBT witches and Wiccans, especially newly out or young ones, it can be confusing. Not to mention, forcing dogma on the base of discrimination of someone’s gender or sexuality is not exclusive to Christianity. Dianic Wiccans got a famous bad name for excluding trans women from their spaces. Covens have discriminated against trans people because of the binary, attacked gay and ace people because of the belief that life is about procreation (when it isn’t). All I’m saying with this post, is that you are fine. Society doesn’t have a right to force you to be something your not and I promise you the gods won’t either. Gender is a human construct. The divine is beyond that.

Stay strong, and happy Pride

B.A.P Dating Someone Older or Younger

A/N: Age plays a great deal into South Korea’s social structure and of which I am, by absolutely no means, an expert. However for the sake of realism I tried to factor in my admittedly weak grasp of the subject into the reaction. 

Yongguk – Overall he wouldn’t care too much about age. Older or younger, he’d pretty much treat them the same. For him all that matters is personality and values. Since he is such an old soul he would probably be more compatible with someone his age or older. The only way he would date someone younger would be if, they too, were mature beyond their years. To be honest, being with someone immature would seriously annoy him once the hormones settled down. Also he’s had the position of being a role model for the younger members so much it might be a relief for him not to have to do that in a relationship as well. As long as that person wouldn’t judge him for being silly on occasion or try to ‘baby’ him, he’s good. Regardless of age he’d still be pretty protective and watchful over them.

Himchan – While he’d do well with someone younger, he’d look after them so much he wouldn’t get his own needs met. He’s too much of a nurturer to lean on them comfortably. Himchan needs someone he can vent his worries and frustrations to and be spoiled by on occasion. A relationship that’s fluid where the comfort and support could flow both ways as needed. Someone stable and not too confined by the traditional societal roles would be ideal. I think things are kind of rocky for him right now and he’d mostly look for stability as well as frictionless companionship. Things he may not find in an individual with a younger mindset. 

Daehyun – He wouldn’t care about age nor would it change how he treated his partner. Daehyun’s looking for complete acceptance going both directions in a relationship. The last thing on his mind would be whether there were a few years difference either way. But given his personality at this point in life he’d probably be a better match with someone younger. He’s been under a phenomenal amount of stress lately (they all have) and he just needs to cut loose and have fun for a while. Someone carefree to help him blow off steam and laugh would be what he’d need most.  

Youngjae – Youngjae seems pretty traditional as far as relationships go. Polar opposite of Dae, age would definitely have an impact on his behavior so he’d prefer someone younger. He’d want to be relied on, seen as a problem solver for someone he can take care of. The issue is that at his age he’d connect with someone older than himself. While he may act like a five year old at times, he’s pretty mature intellectually. He might be a little uncomfortable dating someone older because he’d flounder a bit in his ‘role’. If he had the ability to let go of some of his preconceived notions he’d do well with someone older. But eventually he’d spoil and dote on them as if they were younger than him.  

Jongup – Even though he’s young and still has some maturing to do himself, Uppie seems to have a pretty good idea of who he is and what he wants out of life. He’d prefer the poise and independence that can come with age. It’s not that Jongup wants to be looked after and being nagged would definitely get under his skin. But even more so, he really wouldn’t want to be with someone clingy or fickle. So if you’re younger than him but have your shit together, he’d be open to the idea. Otherwise he’d want someone older who’s chill, has a good understanding of themselves, and isn’t into drama. He doesn’t have the time or patience for it.

Zelo – May have been indifferent to age a year or so ago. But lately he’s quite happy to be an ‘adult’ and would love to date someone younger than himself (but still legal, we’re not going there). Junhong’s confidence has grown and probably feels like he has more of a handle on life. He’d want to pass down the lessons he’s learned and be that influential older presence in someone’s life. I think he’s a little tired of being the youngest in many situations and desperately wants to look after someone else, which would be awkward with an older person. Another benefit would be that if he was out of his depth about something he’d be more motivated to handle things himself if someone else was relying on him, thus making him mature all the more.  ​

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No offense but your whole post on boundaries was pretty good but towards the end it came off as "let me validate your bigotry" and while you brought up that some of these things are because of societal ideals there was no method given for people to truly examine why they feel that way and how that is unfair to others. People should ask themselves why they feel uncomfortable with these normal things and whether or not it's been influenced. Just patting people on the back isn't helping.

(post on boundaries)

The point I argue for in that post is that we need a society in which people feel secure and validated in the choices they make about their bodies, no matter what, even if they haven’t given those choices appropriate thought, even if those choices touch on complicated societal thing, even if, frankly, those choices are hurtful and harmful.

And part of the reason we need that society is because examining your preferences and your discomfort and your influences will not succeed otherwise. Confidence that your body belongs to you, that you’re allowed to have your preferences no matter what, and that you should never ever kiss people you don’t want to kiss or touch people you don’t want to touch is a prerequisite. 

Once we have that, and once we have spaces where people can really truly trust they have that, then we can have useful and productive conversations about examining where your preferences come from and how they interact with harmful social messages. But if you try to have those conversations with people who can’t enforce their boundaries, the conversations are unproductive and scary and sometimes unintentionally coercive.

So “Just patting people on the back isn’t helping” is precisely the crux of our disagreement. I think that patting people on the back - or rather, affirming their boundaries and their needs and their categorical right to kiss only people they want to kiss and share only things they’re comfortable sharing - does help! I think people with access to that affirmation are better at examining their preferences and better at confronting oppression.

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Do you know any good anarchist books?

/r/blackandgold has a good infographic.

Much of it can be downloaded here. They also have a separate reading list here. (Along with good video links)

Tom Woods also has a good book list here.

I personally have only read a small fraction of those books, so I’ll just give my tops.

The first books to read, while simultaneously perhaps the least important, are For a New Liberty and The Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard. Now, before I get strung up for heresy, let me first explain. I say they are the least important because while they are bar none the best explanations of what Anarcho-Capitalism and the NAP are, respectively, the fact is that if you’ve been following me for any decent length of time, well, there’s nothing too new. While I’m not necessarily making the claim that my arguments on the internet are a perfect substitute for Rothbard’s libertarian manifesto, if you’re already an anarcho-capitalist for moral reasons, especially if I or someone like me was the person to start you on the path, you may be able to get away with skipping them. Maybe.

Next, this video, partially excerpted from David Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom. This is required viewing if you want to be able to properly understand and explain polycentric law. I will say that Friedman is neither an Austrian nor a Rothbardian and it shows. I’d also read Stefan Molyneux’s Practical Anarchy afterwards. Stefan works primarily within the framework Friedman provides, but comes to different conclusions primarily based on his own philosophy of what is essentially obligate pacifism. But just because I find his solutions sub-optimal doesn’t mean that they aren’t solutions, and his explanations of collective self defense and child welfare are valid and logically sound.

One book I’m (STILL!) partway through reading is Defending the Undefendable, by Walter Block. It’s not necessarily about anarchy, but just from the title, I think you can see why it is relevant to my interests.

Finally, last but not least, is Democracy: The God that Failed, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. I used to sat that this should always be the final Ancap book you read, because otherwise you’d start getting some weird ideas about monarchy being the ideal societal organization (instead of simply the true lesser evil, as he is actually trying to articulate). However, after having read it to completion, I’ll say that it can be read pretty much right after you watch that Friedman video. Hoppe’s reputation as the libertarian equivalent of a Salafist is somewhat overstated.

Listen listen listen….You can argue that it isn’t “Caitlin” doing all of these terrible things, but that doesn’t change the fact that the way they’re approaching it is entirely consistent with the notion that it is Caitlin. Yeah the CHARACTERS say that it’s a different person, but that is not what they’re showing at all. In fact, canon has literally shown that Killer Frost is a manifestation of Caitlin’s ID. If anything can tell you that it was 3.07. 

The show has been hinting at her turning since SINCE DAY 1. Why are people acting as if this hasn’t been in the works since the beginning? Just because the way they’re approaching it now is a little different the way they’ve been slow burning it before doesn’t change the fact that this has been foreshadowed. Not as an alter ego but as Caitlin fucking Snow. There have been hints of KF since before she even got powers. Caitlin has always been a true neutral through and through, never concerned with actually being a hero, never willingly coming to help someone if it means putting herself or her interests on the line. And she has shown herself to be downright cruel when she’s upset, not just irritable, but cruel. And this is without Killer Frost. She’s literally a villain in the comics why are y’all so adamant about absolving her?

I will concede that Killer Frost is a slight deviation from who Caitlin is but it’s more of a slight modification than an outright change of personality. Killer Frost is a Caitlin without inhibitions, the restriction of sentiment or societal ideals because she simply doesn’t care about them anymore. But it’s still Caitlin. The writers have barely done anything to make a convincing argument that it isn’t Caitlin, so don’t get pissy with me if I can’t believe the bullshit excuses.
Husband’s Love Note To His ‘Curvy’ Wife Should Be Required Reading
"Guys, rethink what society has told you that you should desire. A real woman is not a porn star or a bikini mannequin or a movie character. She's real."

Read through this and hoo boy does it have some problems.  there are so many angles at why this wrong it’s hard to tell where to start, but let’s begin with the source of so many problems online, praise for white male mediocrity.  Liking “curvy” women doesn’t make you special.  Yet everyone is treating him like he’s special or making some big sacrifice.  There are far too many people who think all they have to do to fuck a fat person is call them attractive, this doesn’t help.  Especially considering that he likely has a weight limit.  If his wife was 50 or 100 pounds bigger would he still feel this way, or does he only like her “curvy.”

Which is another issue, everyone’s treating her like she’s fat when she’s a very average sized woman.  The Overton window of what is considered fat is always getting smaller (Especially for women) so that people who are in their “ideal weight range” are considered fat by societal standards.  This only shrinks the range of weight a woman can be and still be considered attractive by societal standards.  Ideally, there shouldn’t even be ranges, but until that day comes, we shouldn’t make the “acceptable” range even more exclusive.

There’s also how this is directed towards thinner women, or “small fats” as the term is sometimes used.  While fatphobia effects everyone, especially women, who exceed the “acceptable” range, there is almost always a weight limit where “positivity ends.”  When a woman gets to be 200, 300 400 or more the people who praise this man’s positivity for his wife will declare that she’s too fat or “unhealthy” to deserve love. 

Finally, there’s the underlying premise that beauty needs to be validated by a man.  It can’t be that she finds herself beautiful, or that he helped in her journey to feeling beautiful, but it was ultimately her work.  No, it’s that a man said she’s beautiful, so now she’s allowed to feel beautiful.

This is the kind of thing that looks good at first, then falls apart the moment it’s analyzed.  We need more fat positivity, especially for the fatter people who fall outside the range of “acceptable” but this is not it.

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Would a woman from the present be considered beautiful during the Renaissance? Even an averagely attractive one? Thanks, I adore your blog.

Beauty standards are a complicated business! They are always changing and very subjective to our personal preferences. I guess my response to your question would first be what do you consider averagely attractive? You could ask 10 people and would get 10 different answers. A lot of factors go into making up our preferences.  

I think one thing to remember is while definitions of beautiful change, the (mis)representation of said standards is fairly consistent. In the twenty first century we equate that with photoshop and ad campaigns, but it goes back to the Early Modern era! The best images we have of men and women (and their preferred appearance) are their portraits. That’s how we know high foreheads were considered attractive, but most women were not naturally born with that hairline- they plucked it to achieve the look (sound familiar?). This probably doesn’t answer your question the way you wanted, but take the appearance of people from the past with a grain of salt. Like us, they manipulated their looks to match societal ideals. Here is an article from on Italian beauty standards if you’re looking for more info

Roosterteehth Top 5 Favorite books

Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchet. Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies by Agnes Nutter, Witch 

Armageddon is coming, the armies of good and evil are amassing, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have been assembled, Atlantis is rising, frogs are falling, and the anti-Christ is about to rise. But an Angel and a Demon, both of whom who have lived on Earth with the mortals since the beginning and have grown rather fond of the lifestyle, are not looking forward to the coming Rapture. The fast-living demon Crowley who is described as, “An Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards,” and the sweet, bookish, and pretentious angel Aziraphale have developed a grudging fondness for Earth, humans, and even each other over the last couple millennia. After realizing that they have more in common with each other than their remote allies in the distant realms of Heaven and Hell, they form something of a friendship and work together to sabotage the upcoming apocalypse. The novel, which weaves together satire, cynicism, slapstick, and wacky unconventional humor is, to this day, the funniest book that Roosterteehth’s ever read.

Stephen Hunt. The Court of the Air

The streetwise Molly Templar finds herself to be the target of multiple trained mercenaries and must go on the run in order to survive. It seems like the whole world is after her, but she doesn’t know what has marked her as special. Concurrently, Oliver Brooks has led a sheltered existence in the home of his wealthy merchant uncle, but finds himself framed for his only relative’s murder and forced to flee for his life accompanied by an agent of the shadowy Court of the Air. They find themselves entangled in a grave threat to civilization that draws on an ancient power thought to have been quelled millennia ago. While it falls into the steam-punk genre, the world Hunt has created blends the typical steam-powered airships and quasi-Victorian culture with a race of intelligent crustaceans; parliamentarian, royalist, and populist political factions; sentient steam driven robots with their own country and religion, magical weapons, and countless other charms just over-the-top enough to be wildly immersive and enjoyable. The story also makes stunning parallels to our own global current including historical events, politics, societal structures, and ideological references. It is a brilliant mirror of our world mixed with stunning magic and adventure. There were very few, almost no, aspects of the story Roosterteehth did not like. Orphans are always good. So are flying ships. Underground cities. Assassins. Crab people. Mutants. Communism. Robot warriors with souls. The dilution of Good vs. Evil. Unique political systems. Mind control. Exploding tree sap. Dazzlingly fun and a wonderful read.

Aldous Huxley. Brave New World

Brave New World takes placed in an idealized society where everyone is happy, everyone has what they want, and everything is based on logical principals. The fundamental tenets on which this society is built on are a caste system ranging from the esteemed and admired Alphas to the obtuse Epsilons, a non-existent family structure where babies are mass-produced on a literal conveyor belt, an education system where everyone undergoes hypnopaedia (sleep conditioning) that conditions them to fit into the ideals and beliefs of society, the act of predestining your future career before you are born and modifying your environment from pre-birth to make you adept and even enthusiastic for it, and a drug named soma that will make you happy even when all other routes have failed. Everyone is happy, everyone accepts their role in society and the caste system, everyone loves their job, everyone is always comfortable, and no one has any need to question this happiness. The major theme of this book probes the cost of stability and whether it is really worth living a shallow life if it means being free of pain. A classic dystopian novel from the genre that birthed YA dystopias, and an insightful and imaginative take on human nature.

Mark Walden. H.I.V.E. : Higher Institute of Villainous Education 

Roosterteehth read this at a slightly younger age, but still heartily recommends the book nonetheless. H.I.V.E is a top-secret school of villainy, where children with a keen talent for wrongdoing and a cunning disposition are sent to develop their talents into villainous mastermind. The school has four streams depending on the branch of evil best suited to your strengths: the Alpha Stream, Henchmen Stream, Technical Stream, and Political Financial Stream. When Otto Malpanese crafts a clever plan to save his orphanage that just so happens to include tricking the Prime Minister of Britain, he catches the attention of H.I.V.E. and ends up being forcibly enrolled. He and his new friends Wing (a martial arts fighter) Shelby (a jewel thief), and Laura (a technological genius) have been handpicked to enter into the Alpha Stream and take classes such as Tactical Education, Stealth and Evasion, Code Breaking, History of Villainous leaders, and everything else a future super villain would need to know. But within the luxurious campus with its marble rooms, steel doors, and floodlit hangars, Otto realizes that this is a six-year program and leaving is not an option. Problem is, he has no intention of staying. Otto and his friends attempt to do what no H.I.V.E. student has done before – defy the wicked Headmaster Dr. Nero and escape from the only school in the world run by super villains. In Roosterteehth’s opinion, there are far to many books in the world featuring boring, flat antagonists with zero depth or development. What charmed her about H.I.V.E. is how it took a setting entirely consisting of villains and made them relatable and interesting while still including the protagonist/antagonist dynamic. This is not a story of Black vs. White, but rather Black vs. Slightly Darker Shade Of Black, which you may agree is way cooler. If you often relate to antagonists in stories and are looking for a new facet of the supervillain story, H.I.V.E is what you;re looking for. 

Lisa McMann. The Unwanteds

The first book, Roosterteehth’s unchallenged favorite (she didn’t like the rest of the series), takes place on the island of Quill, which is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Citizens aren’t even sure there is anything else out there. The society is built on a social hierarchy of Wanteds, Necessaries, and Unwanteds, and your status is determined at the age of thirteen. Wanteds get more schooling and the chance to join the Quillitary or receive a government position. Necessaries keep the farms and other labor industries running. Unwanteds are sentenced to elimination. In the stark, gritty land of Quill, being creative is a death sentence. Alex is condemned as an Unwanted after being caught drawing in the mud as a child, while his ambitious twin, Aaron, is chosen to be a Wanted. As Alex boards the bus with the rest of the Unwanteds he makes peace with his fate- until he discovers that the lake of boiling oil he had been promised is actually a magical place called Artimé. There, Alex and his new friends are encouraged to cultivate their creative abilities, combine them with magic, and live freely on the colorful school campus. But when Alex attempts to reach Aaron, he exposes a secret that places Artimé and the Unwanteds in mortal jeopardy, and pits brother against brother in an ultimate battle for survival. Again, Roosterteehth read this at a younger age but the concepts laid out in the book still make for an exciting read. The stale society of Quill was juxtaposed against a magical world of creativity and art, and she found herself adoring this sector of the story independently from the overall narrative. Additionally, it placed two twins against each other in a much larger context of warring societal ideals. Worth based on societal contribution vs. freedom to invent and create is vital to a society’s success. Control vs. Creativity, but not necessarily Good vs. Evil. This book is a fast-paced, action-packed story of colorful magic and dark mental/emotional manipulation.

thought to have been quelled millennia ago. While it falls into the steam-punk genre, the world Hunt has created blends the typical steam-powered airships and quasi-Victorian culture with a race of intelligent crustaceans; parliamentarian, royalist, and populist political factions; sentient steam driven robots with their own country and religion, magical weapons, and countless other charms just over-the-top enough to be wildly immersive and enjoyable. The story also makes stunning parallels to our own global current including historical events, politics, societal structures, and ideological references. It is a brilliant mirror of our world mixed with stunning magic and adventure. There were very few, almost no, aspects of the story Roosterteehth did not like. Orphans are always good. So are flying ships. Underground cities. Assassins. Crab people. Mutants. Communism. Robot warriors with souls. The dilution of Good vs. Evil. Unique political systems. Mind control. Exploding tree sap. Dazzlingly fun and a great read.

“Leo is the radiance, glow and intensity that Aquarius reflects and sprinkles its beautiful air dust on the flames, creating something truly different but something truly beautiful.”

In Leo we become ourselves, and in Aquarius we splay across the universal web of consciousness. We become humanity, and it is strangely through this experience of separation that we become our spiritual selves. Leo is one microcosm and Aquarius is every particle, and these are separated by illusion only. We as humans exist with our own personal galaxies, but these are conjoined to every other galaxy, held together by the same spiritual currents. These are the currents of Leo-Aquarius, filtered through electric sunlight. The Leo-Aquarius axis relates to healing the broader wounds in society’s threads. The repair of mass inequality, poverty, cycles of abuse and homelessness, societal ideals and processes. So Aquarius is like the Leo heart of social structures, the soul in the tenth house establishment, the blood bank that ensures well being of the people and the distribution of wisdom. Leo is the establishment of self-consciousness and Aquarius develops community consciousness.


for more on Sister Signs please check out Cherry;s book ‘Cosmic Confectionary: The Six signs of the Zodiac’

Isn’t it wonderful what a little mindful healthy living can do?

It took a lot of sweat, tears, motivation, victories, failures, celebrations, good days, bad days, fruits, vegetables, mental changes, dreams, goals, runs, weights lifted, and love for myself to make this happen, but I did it. I did this. Single-handedly. Alone. I had the support of my friends and family, but at the end of the day, I am the one responsible for how I treat my body and my self, and that treatment’s effects. I have never been so proud of myself. It’s been a long year or so of dedication to a better, more mindful lifestyle, but I’m here, happier and healthier than ever.

Don’t strive for perfection. Don’t strive for the societal ideal. You’ll never be Kate Upton, or Kim Kardashian, or Adriana Lima. Why not? Because you are you. Strive for the perfect you, the ideal you, and not just physically, but mentally.

Weight loss is 75% mental, 25% physical. Because you can put in all the work in the world, but if your heart isn’t in it, and you don’t make lots of changes in terms of how you think about yourself, and nutrition, and exercise, you’re not gonna see worthwhile results.

You’re worth it. Trust me. It feels even better than it looks, especially because I’ve earned it.