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Could you please explain the "help me" in the bottom of the groom's shoes and how it's a joke/poking fun at/is an example of toxic heteronomativity?

So I dunno if y’all have seen this, but I’ve worked a lot of weddings in my life and  there’s this super funny (/sarcasm/) thing where the groom will write “help me” on the soles of his shoes, so that when the couple kneel down at the altar, everyone will see it and laugh at the fact that this poor man has been trapped into the sanctity of marriage.

Sort of like those cake toppers where the groom is attempting to run away or is being forcibly dragged to the altar with words like game over on it cause he no longer gets to have fun with his life or something because he’s getting married:

Or quite literally, a ball and chain:

Basically the whole “help me” thing? Is a continuation of the idea that there are definite gender norms, and that those genders are in direct conflict with each other, and therefore predispositioned to eventual resentment and hatred. 

It’s the snarky sitcom hetero snide comedy where the wife is always nagging the husband who is the put upon joe average who had life and dreams until he got married and had kids, who now wants to just be left alone to read the paper while his wife looks after his home, his kids, his general emotional well being, and is still cast as the shrew for wanting something more from him than his dispassionate resentment that she won’t coddle him like one of the offspring.

Cause haha, it’s so awful spending the rest of your life with the person you are profess to love and adore…imagine that…imagine losing your freedom, your individuality and quite possibly your own autonomy to another person through a societal convention… *everyone not born male and white looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

Also consider, if a woman knelt down at the altar and had “help me” on her shoes? How drastically unfunny that becomes because we know, we know the way marriage is set up to give one partner the advantage over the other…

It’s just icky. It’s an icky not funny joke which I wish would die out.


💫Uranus in the 1st house:

Highly independent souls who strive for freedom over their personal behavior and actions. They often hold little regard for others’ opinions as they simply want to do their own thing. This can be evident in how they come across to others, how they dress, and how they regularly approach life. Desire for personal freedom could prompt them to seek unusual activities and meet unusual people. There can also be an indifference to personal appearance and in how they dress, or they could even be eccentric and unconventional in dress. There’s usually one thing about these persons that stand out to people whether it’s in how they dress, how they look, or how they approach situations. There can be sudden changes to the appearance and style. Their strong self will can manifest as leadership qualities or rebellious tendencies.

💫Uranus in the 2nd house:

Priorities and personal values may be considered strange or unusual in the eyes of other people. These persons attain money and possessions in sudden and peculiar ways. Can treat personal items with indifference and are likely to lose things often due to this attitude. Money is often earned through ones’ ingenuity and intuition and comes and goes on impulse, sudden gains followed by sudden loss.

💫Uranus in the 3rd house:

Despite strange and unusual thinking patterns, natives display speed and genius in thought and speech. Personal experience as well as empirical and scientific evidence is how you generally arrive at conclusions as you neglect the opinions and beliefs of others. Interests usually lie in science,technology, and even mystical subjects like astrology. Relationships with neighbors and siblings are usually friendly and often have some unusual quality to them but these relationships can also be prone to sudden changes. Objective and unbiased in thought. Definition of thinking outside the box.

💫Uranus in the 4th house:

Likely to be pretty rebellious at home. The home life is often prone to many changes, some unsettling. There can be sudden changes of residence, especially in early years. You’re likely to feel like the odd one out in the house, if not then your family itself could be described as odd or unusual in some fashion (maybe in relation to societal conventions). Some with this placement could be indifferent to family members. Some unusual quality about a parent (usually the mother figure). The house itself is also likely to be unusual in some fashion maybe in its structure or where it’s located. This placement can also bring friends into the home somehow, may live with a friend for some time, or the house could be a meeting place for ones friends.

💫Uranus in the 5th house:

Wants freedom in pursuit of pleasure. This could cause these people to disregard accepted norms in the realm of sex/romance, games, and partying. They are also likely to have strange hobbies for this reason as well (think of things related to technology, or peculiar subjects like astrology). The love and sex life is often considered unusual. Experimental attitudes towards love and sex. Romances are electric; often sudden and very alive but tend to end as fast as they begin and there’s often an unusual quality to their lovers. Lovers can be considered weird, eccentric, or stand out in some way. Genius and innovation is shown in art and creative expression. If these people have kids, there is likely to be some unusual situation in connection to them. Some with this placement are indifferent to children and see them as a burden when it comes to their personal freedom. It is said that Women with Uranus in the 5th house can have sudden and unexpected pregnancies if not careful.

💫Uranus in the 6th house:

Strange approach towards work and health. Could experiment with dieting and health. Can be somewhat scattered in approach to work and getting things done, however they can find new and innovative approaches to getting the job done. You need work that promises variety and much mental stimulation. Good for jobs related to science, technology, and possibly even metaphysical subjects. Could encounter issues of instability in the realm of work and health. Could be friendly and aloof in the eyes of coworkers or could come off as rebellious and indifferent to coworkers.

💫Uranus in the 7th house:

Highly independent persons, however this could cause problems in relationships and bring sudden changes. Close relationships have an element of instability to them. Partnerships with unusual, eccentric individuals. There can be an element of distance (mainly in an emotional sense) between the native and their partners in close relationships. You have an intuitive awareness of where you stand with others and what’s on others’ minds.

💫Uranus in the 8th house:

Naturally have the urge to explore the unusual and the unknown usually in topics relating to science or the occult. Prone to have many strange dreams. Powerful intuition. In sex, you need variety and experimentation to stay stimulated. You may have some pretty unusual ideas or interests that you most likely keep to yourself when it comes to sex. Sudden changes in finances can bring major life changes.

💫Uranus in the 9th house:

Beliefs and philosophies oppose the typical. Opportunities for travel are often sudden and for peculiar reasons. Religious/Philosophical beliefs could be considered strange or one may show indifferent attitudes towards religion. Philosophical beliefs based on scientific principles maybe. Occult philosophy. Science and technology in college. Study of metaphysical subjects. Could be indifferent to higher education and neglect it altogether. Scientific knowledge. Wisdom and intuition.

💫Uranus in the 10th house:

Career differs from the norm. Recognition could come suddenly. Sudden changes to reputation and/or career. Career in scientific,occult, or some unusual field. Highly independent and could even become leaders in their chosen career. A highly independent parent (usually father figure) with some unusual quality. May stand out, may have some unusual connection to their name. Not for the average job.

💫Uranus in the 11th House:

Many friends but don’t tend to identify too closely with one group. Attracts many friends, many of these friends are peculiar in some way. Humanitarian and scientific concerns and goals. Friends come and go suddenly. Friends over lovers. Aptitude for science and/or tech possibly.

💫Uranus in the 12th House:

Freedom seems elusive. Always feels caged in some how. Maybe fear standing out, could feel inclined to hide their unusual sides. Fears loss of freedom through large institutions like prisons, hospitals and others facilities which could make them feel inclined to rebel against them in some way. This placement often deals with handling private info in some fashion. Dreams are often strange but carry psychic information. Many ideas from dreams. Secret activities. Irregular sleeping patterns.

poe dameron refusing to say “FN-2187” and instead giving finn his first real name, thus rendering him human and granting him agency, is a metaphor for a gay man teaching his partner not to live by the heteronormative societal conventions that have trapped him all his life

The Definition of “Ugly” and Strange Magic

Something I began to notice, as I watched other fairy tale movies and compared them to my pedestalled wonder that is Strange Magic, is that the endings all hold the same lesson. 

Look past the ugly. The beauty is actually under the skin.

And that… always bothered me?

Because why did you have to look past the ugliness. That would mean that both parties, the romance and the romanced, have to come to an agreement at some point that either one or both of them is ugly. And that, whatever their definition of ugly is, they are, without a doubt, the complete and total example of that definition. 

That sort of sucks?

And then, like a beacon of light, Strange Magic came through and offered us an alternative lesson that made me realize what was missing.

The lesson, in the end, isn’t to look past ugliness. It’s to redefine it. 

That’s what a lot of these Beauty and the Beast AU’s are about. Look past ugliness. Which is, in a way, insulting. 

I know we’d all like to say that we don’t care how we look, as long as we’re nice on the inside. But that statement then allows for others to verify that “ugly” exists. And that just isn’t true. No one is ugly unless they are cruel. And someone’s physical beauty, while not appealing to some, will be downright jaw dropping to others. 

And Bog, to Marianne, is jaw dropping

He’s been living in the Classic Fairy Tale Rhetoric his entire life. No wonder he feels ugly! Any story would tell him so! He’s living in a world that tells him

Your physical appearance doesn’t matter! As long as you’re kind and honest and true, then who cares if you’re ugly

Bog cares. A lot. He wants to make someone’s head turn. He wants someone to kiss him because wow you look kissable today. He wants someone to honestly say, you are, to me, the most beautiful man in the world

And because of fairy tales, he didn’t feel worth that. 

I love this movie. I love that it sweeps aside the idea of ugliness. And I love that it never once says “you can be beautiful on the inside”. Because yes. You can be. And oh, that definitely helps make someone who’s attractive infinitely more attractive. 

But why can’t you also be beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, effervescent, too? 

Marianne, in all her lovely glory, makes sure to remind him of that every day. 

This movie is a treasure. 

Queer Evan Hansen: A Meta

Oooookay. It’s almost 3 AM here and I’ve been working on this post for the last four hours. I’ve been writing a bunch of analyses lately, but this is my most ambitious one yet, so I’m a little nervous.

I’m about to make the radical argument that not only are Tree Bros or Sincerely Three valid readings of the musical…in a sense, we’re also actually SUPPOSED to ship these ships. Well, maybe not exactly supposed to, but I’m going to explain why I think Dear Evan Hansen was meant to be read as a queer narrative. 

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Just hear me out! By the end of this, you may not agree with me, but hopefully, you’ll at least agree that it’s one possible interpretation of the musical we all love.

Warning: long, long, LONG post. If you need to use the bathroom or grab a cup of tea, go now. At least there are pictures?

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Fluff and Loose Strings

Lily looks like she should be soft. Her body is all rolls and curves, not an angle or corner anywhere. Her favoured wardrobe is warm and faded, worn through and patched up, hazed over with fluff and loose strings. People expect her to be meek, to be sweet, to be kind. But Lily knocks into her friends a little too hard when she hugs them, squeezing their bones together.

Lily keeps her nails blunt and her fringe cut over her eyebrows, feathered out like Sarah Jane Smith. She keeps her lips smooth with chapstick whenever she can remember to slip it into her pocket. Her ears are pierced with studs shaped like stars: her mum got them for her when she was nine. Lily smiles a lot and laughs even more. Her bottom set of teeth are slightly crooked and she tries to hide it in photos.

When Lily was fifteen, Dorcas sat with her in the girls’ loo and cut her hair straight across her shoulders. It used to fall to mid-back and Severus liked to loop his fingers through the strands when they sat together in Cokeworth park. When it was long, it tapered softly to a point, and when it was cut, it was thick and straight at the bottom, too short to do much with except clip back. With the Scottish weather, it often fluffed up and left Lily looking like a candy floss with all the flyaways.

Now Lily is seventeen and her hair falls somewhere in between, and her lips are almost always chapped because she never remembers the vaseline, and her laughter is a lot more brittle these days, a little more sharp.

Sometimes she worries that because she has tightened her hold on everything important, it will shatter apart in her grip. Sometimes, James runs his thumb over her knuckles and she feels her breath hitch. Sometimes in Potions, she can see Severus in her peripheral vision and she almost wants to catch his eye. But last Tuesday, another muggleborn first year got attacked, and Katie, in the year below her, ends up in the hospital wing for the whole of February. McGonagall calls every head students’ meeting with a grim set to her face.

In Defense, Lily gets knocked off her feet by a well-placed hex and she scrapes her arm on a toppled over chair. Peter apologises. She is quick to brush it off, but they are both thinking it’s a good thing he can hold his own in a fight. Across the room, Marlene and Avery duel, wands slashing through the air, Marlene’s eyes narrowed and Avery’s mouth pulled up in an ugly smirk. The Professor stops them when it gets too violent.

“Give it six months and we won’t have a teacher to save our skins,” Marlene takes another mouthful of pie and continues, “they should lock up these loonies while they are still in school, still under Dumbledore’s control”.

Lily’s nail polish runs in different colours for every fresh coat, she bought it in Diagon Alley three years ago and the dregs of the bottle are still there despite the countless times she has worn it. It is a rainbow on her hands, colour bright against the dark school robes, against the brown skin of James’ hands. The shop she bought it from was boarded shut when she checked in the summer.

At some point in the last two months, James’ hair grew past the point of scruffily adorable and into birds nest territory. Armed with scissors and (some of) her muggle hairdresser Mums’ expertise, Dorcas attempts to corral it back to societal convention. It ends up being some floppy movie star nonsense Lily hates immediately. James loves it. It takes exactly one shower for any of the work Dorcas put in to be turned to a nest once more, although this one admittedly smaller and less haphazard.

The skin of Lily’s forearm is silksoft until she burns it in Potions and then it is discoloured and abrasive. Her hair, dark and red as the bloody scrapes she picks up every DADA lesson these days. The lipstick she borrows from Mary is as purple as the bruises she gets racing James on broomstick from goalpost to goalpost across the Quidditch pitch. She catches Mulciber toying with a second year on her patrol one day and feels bile rise behind her tongue. Her knuckles catch on his teeth and the scabs take a week to heal.

Lily trails her fingernails across the banister on the way down to breakfast each morning. The peck on the cheek James gives her while she eats her cornflakes usually knocks her a little bit sideways with the force of it. Dorcas jabbers about some homework or other and Marlene frowns over the Daily Prophet. Sirius stretches his feet under the table and props them on her lap. Occasionally Remus will take pity on her and let Sirius use him as a footrest instead. Each morning seems to arrive much quicker than the last, hurtling towards some endpoint that Lily hopes will never come.

From the journal of Commander Thrawn:

“There comes a time in every warrior’s life when he will find himself unquestionably trapped. Whether by an enemy’s cunning or by his own mistakes, a warrior must be ready to adapt to less than favourable circumstances.

He may be surrounded by enemy hostiles with rifles drawn. Or it may be that his environment has ensnared him and impeded his movement but there is a third, more sinister trap which the warrior must always anticipate. It is the trap of societal convention.

Eli has informed me of the unspoken rule among Humans that once a small animal comes to rest and falls asleep on your person, you must not move or disturb it in any way. And so I have become trapped.

It’s been three hours.

I can no longer feel my arm.

Send help.”


“It’s a dramedy, for sure, you don’t have to look for the jokes - the comedy comes from the drama itself. It’s really a story about three very normal people who have found something that makes them happy, and it’s very different from the conventional societal relationship. They’re really trying to figure it out, and you’re kind of along for the ride while these three people are like, ‘What’s happening?’” -  Priscilla Faia interviewed for InStyle Magazine 

The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress

by @dr-dean
Summary: Lingerie Model Dean is pregnant with his Billionaire’s Alpha’s pup and he doesn’t know what to do. They just broke up and he doesn’t want to be where he’s not wanted.
Written for the @destielharlequinchallenge
Tags: ABO, Alpha Cas, Omega Dean, Mpreg, Happy Ending
 Word count: 3,357
AO3 link
Many thanks to my beta @wolveswingsthieves

 Dean didn’t know where to go. He was pregnant and his alpha had just kicked him out. Of course, his alpha didn’t know that he was pregnant, but that didn’t matter. Cas didn’t want him anymore and Dean didn’t want to stay where he wasn’t welcome. So here he was at the bus station, not knowing where to go.

 His cell phone rang. “Hello?”

 “Hey Jerk, whats up?”

 Dean relaxed into his seat in the bus station. “Nothing Bitch. Just thinking of coming out for a visit.”

 “Really? That would be great! When should I expect you?” Sam sounded excited.

 “I don’t know,” Dean takes a look at the bus schedule, “a few days?”

 “Sounds good. I’ll get the guest room ready.”

 “See you soon Sammy.”

 “Looking forward to it, Dean.”

 Dean bought a ticket to California to get as far away as he could from the love of his life.

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mbti based on people i know

ENTJ - You’re not an asshole, as everyone is so quick to say. You’re efficient and you know how the gears work. You understand that everyone has a place and a purpose and you like to be in charge of giving them that place because it irritates you to see time and potential wasted and people can trust you to be, well, efficient. A great example of an ENTJ (in my opinion) is Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec or Nate Ford from Leverage.

INTJ - People are ALWAYS typing INTJs as the villain and quite frankly this infuriates me because about 97.6% of the time, the person that you’re saying is an INTJ fails to be a good villain and that is not something an INTJ would do. Whatever they choose, they are good at it. They succeed. They are cold, rational, logical, calculating, brilliant – but that does not mean evil. They often are the kindest people you could meet – because they are logical, and being logical sometimes means being kind. Examples of an INTJ: Sam Winchester (I know, I know, surprising, but true – I wanted to give you an unusual example) and Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec.

ENTP - Quite frankly, the stereotype of you being like Tony Stark is fairly accurate. But just like Tony Stark, there is much more to you than drinking, partying, and sleeping around. Sometimes you do those things because you, like him, are trying to cover something that’s wrong and you don’t want others to find out. You’re brilliant and often stay up all night to devise some way to become lazier and walk less. Examples of an ENTP would be Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Hardison from Leverage.

INTP - At first you seem like a heartless sociopathic robot, but when you look past that, there’s so much more. You’re a massive dork. A loveable dork, an evil and deranged insomniatic obsessive dork, who also happens to be slightly kinky and secretly cares more than you let on. Don’t worry, we all love you too much to tell you that we know you have feelings. Examples of an INTP would include Sherlock Holmes from the BBC version of Sherlock and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (she’s on the line between INTP and INFP but she sways more towards T)

ENFJ - You always seem to have a million binders for everything and they’re always SUPER organized but in really fun ways, like with colours and pictures of ice cream and stuff. You always have waaaaaaaayy too much energy and talk like you’re either best friends with everyone or are trying to sell something. You’re sweet and you try to do what’s best for others but you can often end up manipulating them because you think you know what will make them happy. Examples: Sophie Deveraux from Leverage and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec.

INFJ - You’re so selfless, what the heck, man! You’re a great listener and you really care about people. Unlike the stereotype, you are not actually a magical unicorn; you are a sweet little baby who actually is hurting a lot more than you let on and you certainly know a lot more than you say. You love puns and you’re pretty quiet but once you get going about something you’re passionate about, out come the giant hand gestures and the squeaky vocal stuff. Examples: Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings.

ENFP - Oh goodness. You’re like this giant golden retriever with a short attention span and a serious problem with manipulation and mind games. You are sweet and you’re a big dreamer, you make a great friend and you love to get other people to envision exciting things; after all, you play to the crowd and your favourite thing is inspiring other people. But with great power comes great…hurt. You inspire people so much that they are blinded to your bad side and think only of your fluff and it can sometimes be a bad and painful ending. Be careful and be aware of others amidst your dreaming. Examples: Rapunzel from Tangled, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

INFP - You are the sweetest and the dearest things, but surprisingly clingy and sometimes very selfish. And because you’re afraid of being clingy, you often internalize and blame yourself and start down a cycle of depression and self-hatred that comes out in some really unhealthy and scary ways. You are the best listeners and everyone just LOVES to be around you. You are imaginative, thoughtful, and you always know how to make someone feel loved. Nobody hates an INFP. Nobody. Examples in fiction: Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Frodo from LOTR.

ESTP - Sometimes, you ESTPs kind of scare me a little bit. You play people like life is a game and you want to see how many people you can get on your team, often by blackmailing or talking shit about people. You can be super sweet and sensitive, but you can also be a little bit two-faced. You internalize things a lot more than people realize and you see the world in a cold light. But you truly do love the people you are loyal to and yes, you are capable of loyalty although not many see that. You’re also insane. And I like that. Even though it scares me. Examples: Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean, Korra from Legend of Korra

ISTP - Suuuuuuuper laid back and evil. I’d say be more worried about ISTPs than INTJs but I’m honestly not sure which is worse. ISTPs seem super chill and then they murder you in the most horrific ways. ISTPs make the best friends, though, because they’ve always got your back and they don’t bother being nice to anyone unless they actually like them, and if they like someone, then they’re loyal to them. ISTPs make the best lowkey friends and if you get close enough, you may even learn their deep dark secrets – ISTPs are notoriously mysterious. Examples: Eliot from Leverage, Wolverine from X-Men.

ESTJ - Like the ENTJ, you’re not an asshole, but unlike the ENTJ, what you prize most is not necessarily the saving of time or effort but instead doing the job WELL. The ENTJ is concerned with how to efficiently run their organization; you are concerned with how to run it so that you can produce the best results, no matter how long the process. You don’t concern yourself with finding the person best suited for each individual position; instead, you rapid-fire assign tasks in order to get to the end result. You are organized but like to be seen in a softer light; you are more concerned than the ENTJ about how people view you. Your reputation is important to you and you want people to like you. Examples: Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter, Boromir from LOTR.

ISTJ - So many people are so wrong about you and it’s very frustrating to me. They see you as a one-dimensional character, like Javert or something, when in reality you are a complex individual, who is driven yes by duty, but also by your inner dreams and desires; which are actually often surprisingly endearing and emotional. People can see you as a cold, practical robot, who does whatever the law says and works the same stuffy office job with a cup of black coffee for 40 years; but ISTJs have a whole treasure trove of great traits. You are dedicated, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to be dedicated to something boring. Also, every friend group needs an ISTJ, as you are very practical and grounded and bring sense and dependability to the group. Examples: Tiana from the Princess and the Frog, Martha Jones from Doctor Who.

ESFJ - Nobody gets as bad a rep as ESFJs and I’m here to fix that because HONESTLY ESFJs are the best and out of all the personality types, this is the one I see getting bashed the most. For that, to all you ESFJs out there, I just want to say I’m sorry. You are lovely lovely people who fiercely protect your own and express your emotions in a clear and free way that’s really inspiring. You also always have a plan and you are extremely perceptive and compassionate and unlike the ENFJ you don’t try to manipulate other people because you think it will make them happy. You can be a little overprotective and overcontrolling and intense, yeah, but you are the best hosts and hostesses and you are good at whatever you put your mind and attentions to. People need to stop hating. Examples: Dean Winchester from Supernatural, Bones McCoy from Star Trek.

ISFJ - Ahhhhh, you ISFJs. I really don’t have that much to say to you, except this: would you PLEASE stop being so worried about societal conventions, people-pleasing, and appearances? You need to treat yo self once in awhile! You are the loveliest, most organized, self-sacrificing, hard-working people, and I can’t express how much I appreciate what you do behind-the-scenes for other people, but you need to stop being so paranoid about what society thinks. Step out of your box! Examples: Samwise Gamgee from LOTR, John Watson from Sherlock Holmes

ESFP - You ESFPs are honestly so endearing. You are bubbly, energetic, bright, enthusiastic – you bring so much joy into a room and if you ever hurt anyone, it’s either unintentional or it’s done so straightforwardly that I really don’t mind at all. I mean, if you’re gonna be a jerk, at least do it to their face, not behind their back. You are a sweet ray of sunshine and you make all the rest of us really glad to know you. I’m sorry that sometimes the happy, carefree exterior can be a mask for the pain and darkness you’re going through. Examples: Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec.

ISFP - ISFPs are the most complex and layered personality type. There have been many occasions where people have said to me that every time they felt like they knew me, they found a whole different side to me. Honestly, the most defining feature to an ISFP is NOT their artistic ability (which isn’t even a trait in most ISFPs) but instead their multifaceted, ever-evolving, adaptable, layered mysteriousness. They are fiercely independent and individualistic, having a live-and-let-live approach to life, and they do appreciate sensual things and aesthetics that they can experience through physical senses, which I suppose is where the “artist” stereotype came in. Examples: Harry Potter from Harry Potter, Parker from Leverage.

It occurred to me today that I’d never asked my dad if he liked flowers. We’re so pre programmed to think of flowers as “girly” that it never even crossed my mind until today.

But he brought me flowers at work on my birthday, so I decided to return the favor. Found some carnations with his birthstone colors on them and decided to heck with outdated societal conventions, imma buy my dad some flowers.

Turns out he loves flowers. Which I never knew. And I’m kinda mad that I never even thought to ask before.



The sign on the cusp of the tenth house (your ‘Midheaven’ or MC) shows what you aim to achieve in life, especially in a professional setting. It offers a clue to how you will find your ultimate success and contentment. Conjunctions and trines to the Midheaven affect this too.


People with an Aries Midheaven, Mars conjunct the Midheaven, or Mars trine the Midheaven, aim to be strong, resilient, and above all, themselves. They want to stay true to who they are. In a professional setting, they are determined, enthusiastic, and brilliant at coming up with new ideas. They work best in a group. They will feel happy in life if they have stayed true to themselves through everything. They should consider becoming a businessperson, police officer, sportsperson, or surgeon.


People with a Taurus Midheaven, Venus conjunct the Midheaven, or Venus trine the Midheaven, aim to find safety and contentment in their lives. They want to achieve their fair share of simple pleasures. In a professional setting, they are stubborn, intellectual, and very good at coming through with a project. They work best with a partner. They will feel happy in life if they reach a point where they are completely content. They should consider becoming a cook, artist, estate agent, banker, or singer.


People with a Gemini Midheaven, Mercury conjunct the Midheaven, or Mercury trine the Midheaven, aim to learn as much as possible. They want to be the smartest person they know. In a professional setting, they are changeable, optimistic, and amazing at out-of-the-box thinking. They work best in a small team. They will feel happy in life if they have experienced eveything they can. They should consider becoming a journalist, lawyer, presenter, dancer, salesman, travel agent, or teacher.


People with a Cancer Midheaven, the Moon conjunct the Midheaven, or the Moon trine the Midheaven, aim to grow to a good person and nurture themselves and others. They want to be emotionally healthy and well-rounded. In a professional setting, they are quiet, focussed, and brilliant at coming up with new ideas. They work best alone. They will feel happy in life if they have raised a metaphorical or literal family. They should consider becoming a caterer, hotel manager, estate agent, antique dealer, or archaeologist.


People with a Leo Midheaven, the Sun conjunct the Midheaven, or the Sun trine the Midheaven, aim to have as much fun as possible. They want to be kind-hearted and enjoyable to be around people. In a professional setting, they are positive, creative, and very good at coming through with a project. They work best in a group. They will feel happy in life if they never miss out. They should consider becoming a actor, manager, jeweller, fashion designer, or action worker.


People with a Virgo Midheaven, Mercury conjunct the Midheaven, or Mercury trine the Midheaven, aim to be the best that they ever can be. They want to stick to a good routine and regulate themselves. In a professional setting, they are hard-working, clever, and amazing at out-of-the-box thinking. They work best with a partner. They will feel happy in life if they are constantly improving. They should consider becoming an accountant, secretary, writer, computer scientist, nurse, or doctor.

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People with a Libra Midheaven, Venus conjunct the Midheaven, or Venus trine the Midheaven, aim to make good connections with others, especially romantically. They want to be an attractive and friendly person. In a professional setting, they are creative, encouraging, and brilliant at coming up with new ideas. They work best in a small team. They will feel happy in life if they are loved and can love in return. They should consider becoming a beautician, fashion designer, musician, artist, lawyer or mediator.


People with a Scorpio Midheaven, Pluto conjunct the Midheaven, or Pluto trine the Midheaven, aim to endure everything life throws at them. They want to be a healthy and resilient individual. In a professional setting, they are intelligent, diligent, and very good at coming through with a project. They work best alone. They will feel happy in life if they have learnt from their mistakes. They should consider becoming a psychiatrist, detective, police officer, military commander, or stockbroker.


People with a Sagittarius Midheaven, Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven, or Jupiter trine the Midheaven, aim to really understand themselves and the world. They want to have a lot of fun and not be restricted by societal convention. In a professional setting, they are creative, positive, and excellent at out-of-the-box thinking. They work best in a group. They will feel happy in life if they always appreciate and exercise their freedom. They should consider becoming a commercial traveller, pilot, philosopher or writer.


People with a Capricorn Midheaven, Saturn conjunct the Midheaven, or Saturn trine the Midheaven, aim to achieve the goals they have set themselves. They want to do what they want to get. In a professional setting, they are hard-working, focussed, and brilliant at coming up with new ideas. They work best with a partner. They will feel happy in life if they do what they have set out to. They should consider becoming a politician, researcher, jurist, scientist, engineer or administrator.


People with an Aquarius Midheaven, Uranus conjunct the Midheaven, or Uranus trine the Midheaven, aim to really be someone. They want to matter to the world. In a professional setting, they are original, alive, and very good at coming through with a project. They work best in a small team. They will feel happy in life if they leave a significant imprint. They should consider becoming an astrologer, techonological developer, astronaut, psychiatrist, actor, or electrician.


People with a Pisces Midheaven, Neptune conjunct the Midheaven, or Neptune trine the Midheaven, aim to truly understand themselves and others. They want to be compassionate and spiritually in touch with the world. In a professional setting, they are creative, imaginative, and excellent at out-of-the-box thinking. They work best alone. They will feel happy in life if they can achieve inner peace. They should consider becoming a sailor, traveller, musician, social worker, or doctor.

The Seal Lullaby: Chapter 3

Next chapter! Long one this time.

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Also a huge thanks to @brainypaperbullets who did some utterly fantastic fan art for chapter one that just completely blew my mind, excellent stuff.

For years, people in the village had tutted and shook their heads over the folly down by the beach, one of the slowly disintegrating and weathered cottages that were always found in little towns like this. In such a tight knit and curious community, often forced into close quarters in the bar or the diner or the café by the habitually bad tempered weather, such things were well thumbed conversation topics. They called it a waste, an eyesore, a pile of rubble that should have been swept off their coastline a long time ago or at the very least turned into something useful.

But of course, if it had, what would they talk about?

So, it was an expected but still odd twist of irony that when the young couple of strangers turned up and actually started rattling around in the old house, it caused more suspicion and exasperation than relief. Though the potential for grumbling conversation in the church hall was frankly delicious. Though now they muttered sullenly, chewing over who these two could possibly be, they looked like they were barely out of school, nothing more than kids really. And how on earth did they get the money to fix up that old place, the work it must be taking to make it habitable didn’t bear thinking about. The noise alone of them sawing and hammering and scraping was ghastly, must be scaring all the wild birds away. And lord above only knew what they were doing sleeping in the back of the banged up old car they’d arrived in, apparently until the cottage was complete; that was much too close of quarters for some of the older residents’ liking.

The whole situation just reeked of something suspicious and would clearly come to nothing good and someone should probably do something.

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Expectation v. Reality: DMMD Edition
  • aoba expectation: "It's super awesome day to be an innocent protagonist who doesn't know what he's in for!" /sunshine and rainbows and late to anime school
  • aoba reality: "fucking shit im so fucking done just knock me out and carry me home i wanna nap for 12 hours and eat donuts and dicks until i pass out fuckin dON'T TOUCH MY HAIR GODDAMNIT"
  • koujaku exectation: "hello llllladies I have a dark tragic past but awesome swordplay skills ill use to defeat my sworn anime rival" /brooding angst
  • koujaku reality: /drops aoba 12 times "I-I-uuuuuhh kjshdjksd s-so embarrassed DONT LOOK AT ME YOU'RE MAKING ME NERVOUS" /trips over himself hits his face on a curling iron and cries in a pool of his own blood
  • noiz expectation: "im the stereotypical computer nerd going outside is illogical" /uses math in mario kart
  • noiz reality: "Hehehe you like my dick piercings dont you you cum-thirsty twink yeah fight me in rhyme and bite my cock while I hack into your asshole with my fresh meme skills" /stuffs face with pizza and churros and then buys all of mexico
  • clear expectation: "herp derp im a robot i don't understand societal conventions" /zany antics and comic relief
  • clear reality: "Allow us to engage in sophisticated conversation about the particulars of life and death whilst I serenade you, making you fall deeply in love with me before I crush your heart by dying a tragic -- HOLY BALLS A SHINY THING" /vibrates and giggles excitedly "PUPPIES!"
  • mink expectation: /silent brooding character who only says one or two words and beats up everything
  • mink reality: "my navajo ancestors are talking to me and THEY SAID TO KNOCK YOUR SHIT OUT" /punches someone half his size repeatedly in the face "COMMENCE THE PURIFICATION RITUAL" /decapitating people while motorbiking over buildings

spooky-little-boy  asked:

Something of a more controversial subject that is unlikely to occur, but one that still concerns me. Considering his popular portrayal in Gotham, do you think The Penguin will end up redesigned within the comics to fit more in line with the slim, "pretty boy" Ozzy on the show? There's of course nothing wrong with his portrayal, but I'm worried that the comics will change him to resemble it more. TellTale's Batman did it, so I'm worried the comics will follow. Media does heavily influence it.

That’s a good question! You’re right that there’s been a recent push to make Oswald more conventionally attractive, as evidenced by the Batman: The Telltale Series game you mentioned. It is a bit jarring to see a character that is traditionally pictured like this…

…experience a complete appearance overhaul to the extent where he looks more like a male model than Danny Devito.

Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Penguin’s depictions in comics will follow suit; after all, Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Scarecrow remains quite popular among fans (myself included!) years after the Dark Knight trilogy has ended, but outside of a few comics Jonathan Crane hasn’t been made to resemble him beyond the business suit/burlap mask combo. For the most part Crane’s continued to be illustrated with the intent to inspire horror rather than physical attraction (although there’s many readers who still find him handsome). 

Personally, I’m not a fan of drastically altering a character’s appearance with the sole purpose of making them more visually appealing. It’s one thing if the portrayal is excellent and the actor/design just happens to be considered attractive (as was the case with Nolanverse Scarecrow) but the idea that comic book character must be sexy is frustrating, especially with villains. If a character is traditionally grotesque or doesn’t have chiseled abs and perfectly-groomed eyebrows then don’t force it on them–being a villain is about defying societal conventions, and that includes standards of beauty.