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Could you please explain the "help me" in the bottom of the groom's shoes and how it's a joke/poking fun at/is an example of toxic heteronomativity?

So I dunno if y’all have seen this, but I’ve worked a lot of weddings in my life and  there’s this super funny (/sarcasm/) thing where the groom will write “help me” on the soles of his shoes, so that when the couple kneel down at the altar, everyone will see it and laugh at the fact that this poor man has been trapped into the sanctity of marriage.

Sort of like those cake toppers where the groom is attempting to run away or is being forcibly dragged to the altar with words like game over on it cause he no longer gets to have fun with his life or something because he’s getting married:

Or quite literally, a ball and chain:

Basically the whole “help me” thing? Is a continuation of the idea that there are definite gender norms, and that those genders are in direct conflict with each other, and therefore predispositioned to eventual resentment and hatred. 

It’s the snarky sitcom hetero snide comedy where the wife is always nagging the husband who is the put upon joe average who had life and dreams until he got married and had kids, who now wants to just be left alone to read the paper while his wife looks after his home, his kids, his general emotional well being, and is still cast as the shrew for wanting something more from him than his dispassionate resentment that she won’t coddle him like one of the offspring.

Cause haha, it’s so awful spending the rest of your life with the person you are profess to love and adore…imagine that…imagine losing your freedom, your individuality and quite possibly your own autonomy to another person through a societal convention… *everyone not born male and white looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

Also consider, if a woman knelt down at the altar and had “help me” on her shoes? How drastically unfunny that becomes because we know, we know the way marriage is set up to give one partner the advantage over the other…

It’s just icky. It’s an icky not funny joke which I wish would die out.

Fluff and Loose Strings

Lily looks like she should be soft. Her body is all rolls and curves, not an angle or corner anywhere. Her favoured wardrobe is warm and faded, worn through and patched up, hazed over with fluff and loose strings. People expect her to be meek, to be sweet, to be kind. But Lily knocks into her friends a little too hard when she hugs them, squeezing their bones together.

Lily keeps her nails blunt and her fringe cut over her eyebrows, feathered out like Sarah Jane Smith. She keeps her lips smooth with chapstick whenever she can remember to slip it into her pocket. Her ears are pierced with studs shaped like stars: her mum got them for her when she was nine. Lily smiles a lot and laughs even more. Her bottom set of teeth are slightly crooked and she tries to hide it in photos.

When Lily was fifteen, Dorcas sat with her in the girls’ loo and cut her hair straight across her shoulders. It used to fall to mid-back and Severus liked to loop his fingers through the strands when they sat together in Cokeworth park. When it was long, it tapered softly to a point, and when it was cut, it was thick and straight at the bottom, too short to do much with except clip back. With the Scottish weather, it often fluffed up and left Lily looking like a candy floss with all the flyaways.

Now Lily is seventeen and her hair falls somewhere in between, and her lips are almost always chapped because she never remembers the vaseline, and her laughter is a lot more brittle these days, a little more sharp.

Sometimes she worries that because she has tightened her hold on everything important, it will shatter apart in her grip. Sometimes, James runs his thumb over her knuckles and she feels her breath hitch. Sometimes in Potions, she can see Severus in her peripheral vision and she almost wants to catch his eye. But last Tuesday, another muggleborn first year got attacked, and Katie, in the year below her, ends up in the hospital wing for the whole of February. McGonagall calls every head students’ meeting with a grim set to her face.

In Defense, Lily gets knocked off her feet by a well-placed hex and she scrapes her arm on a toppled over chair. Peter apologises. She is quick to brush it off, but they are both thinking it’s a good thing he can hold his own in a fight. Across the room, Marlene and Avery duel, wands slashing through the air, Marlene’s eyes narrowed and Avery’s mouth pulled up in an ugly smirk. The Professor stops them when it gets too violent.

“Give it six months and we won’t have a teacher to save our skins,” Marlene takes another mouthful of pie and continues, “they should lock up these loonies while they are still in school, still under Dumbledore’s control”.

Lily’s nail polish runs in different colours for every fresh coat, she bought it in Diagon Alley three years ago and the dregs of the bottle are still there despite the countless times she has worn it. It is a rainbow on her hands, colour bright against the dark school robes, against the brown skin of James’ hands. The shop she bought it from was boarded shut when she checked in the summer.

At some point in the last two months, James’ hair grew past the point of scruffily adorable and into birds nest territory. Armed with scissors and (some of) her muggle hairdresser Mums’ expertise, Dorcas attempts to corral it back to societal convention. It ends up being some floppy movie star nonsense Lily hates immediately. James loves it. It takes exactly one shower for any of the work Dorcas put in to be turned to a nest once more, although this one admittedly smaller and less haphazard.

The skin of Lily’s forearm is silksoft until she burns it in Potions and then it is discoloured and abrasive. Her hair, dark and red as the bloody scrapes she picks up every DADA lesson these days. The lipstick she borrows from Mary is as purple as the bruises she gets racing James on broomstick from goalpost to goalpost across the Quidditch pitch. She catches Mulciber toying with a second year on her patrol one day and feels bile rise behind her tongue. Her knuckles catch on his teeth and the scabs take a week to heal.

Lily trails her fingernails across the banister on the way down to breakfast each morning. The peck on the cheek James gives her while she eats her cornflakes usually knocks her a little bit sideways with the force of it. Dorcas jabbers about some homework or other and Marlene frowns over the Daily Prophet. Sirius stretches his feet under the table and props them on her lap. Occasionally Remus will take pity on her and let Sirius use him as a footrest instead. Each morning seems to arrive much quicker than the last, hurtling towards some endpoint that Lily hopes will never come.

From the journal of Commander Thrawn:

“There comes a time in every warrior’s life when he will find himself unquestionably trapped. Whether by an enemy’s cunning or by his own mistakes, a warrior must be ready to adapt to less than favourable circumstances.

He may be surrounded by enemy hostiles with rifles drawn. Or it may be that his environment has ensnared him and impeded his movement but there is a third, more sinister trap which the warrior must always anticipate. It is the trap of societal convention.

Eli has informed me of the unspoken rule among Humans that once a small animal comes to rest and falls asleep on your person, you must not move or disturb it in any way. And so I have become trapped.

It’s been three hours.

I can no longer feel my arm.

Send help.”


“It’s a dramedy, for sure, you don’t have to look for the jokes - the comedy comes from the drama itself. It’s really a story about three very normal people who have found something that makes them happy, and it’s very different from the conventional societal relationship. They’re really trying to figure it out, and you’re kind of along for the ride while these three people are like, ‘What’s happening?’” -  Priscilla Faia interviewed for InStyle Magazine 

I have ONE thing to say because it's bothering me:

We write reader inserts about getting it on with Cor, Drautos and Regis (etc…), but Prompto being involved with Aurora (@nifwrites OC) is gross apparently? It’s 5 am in the morning and I can’t slepp cos I don’t understand the backlash. I personally really like this soulmate AU because it delves into the crux of the lore. Societal conventions that indicate what is right and wrong shouldn’t matter with Soulmates. It’s a deeper, spiritual connection that can’t be explained. I dunno… its kinda hard to explain the concept. The title “Magnets” already hints at this non-discriminatory attraction and natural lawful bond between Prompto and Aurora’s souls. Its supposed to be sudden, raw, and confusing for both Prompto and Aurora AND the readers. Because its sonething seldom seen in this world- seldom spoken about too.

I dunno- I’m sad about the backlash I’ve seen. @nifwrites should be able to write and post what she wants to on her blog. Her blog should be something that brings her energy and happiness. For goodness’ sake, the darling woman was SOOO hype about sharing her work! I am of the opinion that if you don’t like what is being posted- don’t read it. Refrain from leaving nasty comments- constructive criticism is always welcome by writers- but there’s a line between being critical and being plain harsh.

I typed this post on my own accord- I didn’t speak with Niffy before hand and am by no means being a keyboard warrior standing up for her. Tbh she didn’t do anything wrong to be stood up for! I’m just confused and sad about the fact that people didn’t let the fic play out before commenting on how the story and character development isn’t “ideal”.

It’s one of those unconventional stories that are beautiful in its own way. I personally love it and think it’s cleverly written because it makes me think and feel complex and imaginative thoughts- what written work is supposed to do!

I’m probs gonna get backlash for this post. I’m fine with that. I just needed to get this out because it bothered me and I wanted to share why I personally adore Magnets by @nifwrites 💜 And to all the writers out there- if J.K. Rowling wasn’t brave enough to publish her “out there” Harry Potter series (at the time of writing and publishing) we’d… not have Harry Potter! What I’m getting at is: be appreciative of everything you read. Value where its coming from. We sit for hours, sacrificing time with family and friends to write fics and getting nasty comments kinda invalidates the whole experience.

I’m off to try get some more sleep before work now. 💜

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Something of a more controversial subject that is unlikely to occur, but one that still concerns me. Considering his popular portrayal in Gotham, do you think The Penguin will end up redesigned within the comics to fit more in line with the slim, "pretty boy" Ozzy on the show? There's of course nothing wrong with his portrayal, but I'm worried that the comics will change him to resemble it more. TellTale's Batman did it, so I'm worried the comics will follow. Media does heavily influence it.

That’s a good question! You’re right that there’s been a recent push to make Oswald more conventionally attractive, as evidenced by the Batman: The Telltale Series game you mentioned. It is a bit jarring to see a character that is traditionally pictured like this…

…experience a complete appearance overhaul to the extent where he looks more like a male model than Danny Devito.

Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Penguin’s depictions in comics will follow suit; after all, Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Scarecrow remains quite popular among fans (myself included!) years after the Dark Knight trilogy has ended, but outside of a few comics Jonathan Crane hasn’t been made to resemble him beyond the business suit/burlap mask combo. For the most part Crane’s continued to be illustrated with the intent to inspire horror rather than physical attraction (although there’s many readers who still find him handsome). 

Personally, I’m not a fan of drastically altering a character’s appearance with the sole purpose of making them more visually appealing. It’s one thing if the portrayal is excellent and the actor/design just happens to be considered attractive (as was the case with Nolanverse Scarecrow) but the idea that comic book character must be sexy is frustrating, especially with villains. If a character is traditionally grotesque or doesn’t have chiseled abs and perfectly-groomed eyebrows then don’t force it on them–being a villain is about defying societal conventions, and that includes standards of beauty. 

The Seal Lullaby: Chapter 3

Next chapter! Long one this time.

Thanks to @minky-for-short @childofdustandashes @purearcticfire

Also a huge thanks to @brainypaperbullets who did some utterly fantastic fan art for chapter one that just completely blew my mind, excellent stuff.

For years, people in the village had tutted and shook their heads over the folly down by the beach, one of the slowly disintegrating and weathered cottages that were always found in little towns like this. In such a tight knit and curious community, often forced into close quarters in the bar or the diner or the café by the habitually bad tempered weather, such things were well thumbed conversation topics. They called it a waste, an eyesore, a pile of rubble that should have been swept off their coastline a long time ago or at the very least turned into something useful.

But of course, if it had, what would they talk about?

So, it was an expected but still odd twist of irony that when the young couple of strangers turned up and actually started rattling around in the old house, it caused more suspicion and exasperation than relief. Though the potential for grumbling conversation in the church hall was frankly delicious. Though now they muttered sullenly, chewing over who these two could possibly be, they looked like they were barely out of school, nothing more than kids really. And how on earth did they get the money to fix up that old place, the work it must be taking to make it habitable didn’t bear thinking about. The noise alone of them sawing and hammering and scraping was ghastly, must be scaring all the wild birds away. And lord above only knew what they were doing sleeping in the back of the banged up old car they’d arrived in, apparently until the cottage was complete; that was much too close of quarters for some of the older residents’ liking.

The whole situation just reeked of something suspicious and would clearly come to nothing good and someone should probably do something.

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Why does zutara has this * moon fall in love with the Sun * name I really love zutara but I'm New to the fandom so i wanted to ask you about it since I love all your analysis about zutara and anti maiko because I damn hate this fucked up pair too lol

Why Zuko and Katara Were Going To Be Soul Mates

This is a very good question, and I’ve been meaning to do a meta on it for a long time. The reason Zutara is associated with the Sun falling in love with the Moon has to do with the concept of the Twin Flame. Historically, common depictions of Twin Flames use Sun and Moon symbolism. This is because the Sun represents Divine Masculine energy and the Moon represents Divine Feminine energy. Aaron Ehasz seemed to be directly inspired by the concept of the Twin Flame when he envisioned the Zutara romance. I used descriptions from these websites for this meta.

The concept of Twin Flames developed among the ancient philosophers, mystics, and sages. At the moment of a soul’s creation it was split into two halves, each exploring a different aspect of spirituality or duality. One side is the Divine Masculine spirituality; the other is Divine Feminine spirituality. A Twin Flame is essentially the other half of your soul. This person can be of the same or opposite sex, but spiritually they will encompass the yin or yang essence to complement yours.

A Twin Flame is like the ultimate soul mate. Although you can have many soul mates, you can only have one Twin Flame. Twin Flame connections are of a much higher vibratory frequency than soulmates. Even though they are two individual souls, they do complement each other very well, and they understand and connect in a very unique way.

The koi fish Tui and La represent the Sun and the Moon, as well as the yin-yang. Zuko rises with the Sun, and Katara rises with the Moon. Given this symbolism, Zuko and Katara’s fight at the Spirit Oasis seemed to be a deliberate foreshadowing of their eventual romance as Twin Flames.

In the depiction of the Kundalini there is the left pillar, representing the Divine Feminine, the right pillar, representing the Divine Masculine, and the spine – the Zero Point, where the two snakes become one in holy union (Divine Oneness). Activated Kundalini flow allows a deep soul-healing, can clear away pain and blockages, and emotes the frequency of Twin Flame Love. Within Twin Flames, Kundalini usually awakens either in both or one of the Twins prior to the Twin Flame Union.

Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. The Twin Flame is not ‘the other half of your soul’ but one soul (masculine/feminine) in two individual bodies. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally becoming enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate relationship.

Twin soul mates may sometimes share similar backgrounds to each other, and similar life experiences or events that occurred around the same time period. This is because the individual souls are working on similar issues to overcome or complementary lessons.

Though compatible in every regard, they will find themselves in drastically different circumstances. Their ages may be 30 years apart or they may come from incompatible cultures or religions. This is for the reason that Twin Flames are here to create a new template for all relationships on the planet. They unite to tear down the old societal conventions, traditions and belief systems in order to restore the planet to a state of harmony, balance, and unconditional love.

Any perceived negative karma between them will be required to be balanced first before they are capable of moving into world service together and the highest service of unconditional love that is capable of being given while in embodiment.

There are many lessons when one connects with their Twin Flame, but the one main reason is to teach each other about accepting love without fear, and to heal each other of pain and loss to eventually to bring their souls back together again.

Sometimes each twin soul may have the same emotional issues or karmic energies that need to be healed together, balanced within their own lives, or resolved with people close to them. The Twin Flames will often experience life tests and trials at similar times before and after meeting as their souls reflect each other’s lessons.

If you are seeking your Twin Flame, you must first work on self-development. When you focus on healing your body, heart and soul, chances are very good that your Twin will find you. Often your introduction to each other may seem coincidental; you will both meet when you are ready to work together. However, your first meeting is Divinely appointed. Twin Flames do not meet by chance, and the only reason that they come together in the same lifetime is to fulfill a shared mission.

There may be some unusual circumstances and powerful events that occur around the time when Twin Flames meet. Many twin souls may have even crossed paths at one time or another in the past, without even realizing it. There will usually be several signs, synchronicities, or ‘meaningful symbolic coincidences’ that lead up to the meeting of the Twin Flame, often guiding them both to one another initially and onward in the relationship.

When Twin Flames come together there may be a sense of familiarity between them. They can feel as if they have met one another before, or like they are ‘continuing’ where they left off in the past. Since Twin Flames are always spiritually connected, the feeling of having known each other all their lives can be strong.

The connection between twin souls is often instantaneous and a deep friendship bond or a relationship can develop quickly between them. Both twins recognize one another at the soul level and feel as if they have met before. The Heart Chakras open and both souls quickly merge into a third unified energy.

Often one or both twin souls can be natural empaths and are sensitive to spiritual energy. One’s psychic abilities often manifest for the first time or become more enhanced after meeting the twin soul. Twin Flames can also develop the ability to heal each other on an energetic level.

You feel an overwhelming sense of love and attraction. This love is genuine and heartfelt and you feel magnetically drawn to their energy. This is not to be confused with lust or an obsessive love. Twin Flame love is unconditional and transcends the ego.

When Twin Flames meet, the chakra centers pull them closer to each other and ignites the eternal fire of Kundalini within them. This pull is even felt when you are thinking of your partner and it won’t matter how far away they are. It is often only through separation that their passion for each other becomes internally validated and their egos heal sufficiently to allow the merging to take place.

Unique conditions can oftentimes prevent the Twin Flames from being together in physical person. There may also be something that prevents a romantic relationship between them from forming, or that makes a romantic relationship difficult to maintain. This separation often also includes an incredible sensation of unconditional love, bliss and desire for our Twin Flame.

This does not mean that both Twins are ready for union at this point, it just means that the spark has been ignited and everything from this point on is preparation for their final union together. As the Twins adjust and balance their energies on all levels, these entwine and form one single being– with the physical level often being the final icing on the cake. Therefore, in reality the Kundalini Awakening is the awakening of the oneness they once shared.

Twin Flame soulmates will often share similar important beliefs and positive morals and values deep down, even if not apparent on the surface of the personality (sometimes due to issues with ego). There is an energetic polarization between Twin Flame souls that can be opposite, yet complimentary as a whole. Balance is often a recurring lesson and theme for the Twin Flame souls.

Twin Flames often share the same personal vision for the future, and may have a strong interest in personal and spiritual development. A common indication of a Twin Flame connection is that both souls may have a strong interest in helping others or serving humanity in some profound way.

It’s very common for them to resonate with similar or identical social causes and humanitarian issues. The Twin Flame experience only comes when we are at the end of our lifetimes on earth, and when our greatest service to humanity is being birthed.

Sometimes one or both twins will experience the ‘dark night of the soul’ either prior to meeting, during their connection, or immediately following. The dark night of the soul is a profound period of deep inner spiritual growth and soul reflection that can be accompanied by emotional pain, mental confusion and even physical loneliness.

The dark night of the soul acts as a type of spiritual initiation, or re-birth and can usually bring about a profound shift in consciousness, soul growth and transformation. Sufficient spiritual advancement is necessary to be prepared for reunion with a Twin Flame.

Synchronicities will occur throughout the Twin Flame connection, becoming more frequent during periods of heightened spiritual growth or when energetic shifts occur within the union. There are often cosmic and astrological events that occur around the time of the Twin Flame reunion and at major points during the connection.

Twin Flame souls can bring out the very best and the very worst in one another. When the twin souls are getting along in harmony, it can accelerate positive energy and growth. But when the twin flame souls are not getting along, or when there is constant disharmony, it can have devastating effects. Twin Flame souls can act as energetic mirrors to one another.

Twin Flames can each bring out the light and dark within each other. They can bring out old unresolved issues or unhealed wounds out from within each other, as well as push each other’s emotional buttons like no other can. Being aware of this Twin Flame dynamic can feel like one is coming face to face with one’s self, for better or for worse.

One is usually able to completely be themselves when they are connected to their twin. Trust, acceptance and forgiveness are also qualities that come easily in a Twin Flame union (especially as they evolve spiritually and connect on deeper levels). There can be problems in these areas in a Twin Flame relationship if there are any negative issues that need to be balanced in the union or healed within the self.

In Twin Flame relationships that are in the process of healing and balancing, it can seem like an energetic dance between them as they move back and forth away and towards each other time and time again. When twins reunite, both of them experience an acceleration of their spiritual growth and awakening.

Twin Flames can often have the most deeply profound and heartfelt conversations that can even last for hours at a time. If one were to meet their Twin Flame in this life then there would be a great level of intimacy, comfort and understanding of each other and a great sense of peace. It would feel like you have returned home.

You feel comfortable with them and you feel you can truly be yourself with them. Sometimes conversations seem to last forever and there is not much that Twin Flames are not willing to talk about. It’s as if you could share your entire life with this person and there is a level of openness and understanding between you that brings a comfortable yet intriguing sense of familiarity.

You feel a sense of completion that goes beyond words. This feeling is about wholeness on a soul level that is beyond the physical. Each Twin Flame is still an individual and is not ‘the other half of your soul’ as if you are a complete soul now that you have found them. You are meeting an energetic mirror of your own soul. You share a vibration and you resonate with them.

One’s life is usually changed in a profound way after meeting the Twin Flame. Romantic Twin Flame relationships can be especially dramatic. One is never quite the same after meeting their twin soul because it may be unlike any other connection they’ve had prior in their lifetime. A Twin Flame connection can transform one from the inside out, or even lead to a total breakdown of their life as they have known it prior to that point.

Twin Flames are a divine and sacred union being brought together to serve humanity by illuminating the world with the pure unconditional source love which they embody when their two flames ignite and become one. Twin Flames may also experience memories of past lives together or have visions of their mission together on the planet.

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Hi.. Any movie au + abo?

What a great idea! I can’t wait to read some of these. - Anastasia

Originally posted by retropopcult

Curly Top by themagnificent_ME

(2/? I 2,476 I Not Rated I Sterek I Curly Top)

When omega Stiles Stilinski’s parents die in a car crash, and the state takes away his younger brother, Isaac. Stiles is willing to do anything to stay with him. Including working as a drudge at the orphanage. Until one day a wealthy benefactor adopts both Isaac and him. Now he finds himself living under the care of their mysterious benefactors attorney, one Alpha Derek Hale and his uncle another Alpha, Peter Hale.

Safe Haven by FanGirl18

(1/1 I 6,104 I Mature I Sterek I Safe Haven)

Stiles is running from his abusive ex-boyfriend back home to his father with his new best friend Cora. What did Scott do to make Stiles hate him? Will Stiles open himself up to the equally damaged Derek? Will he find love? 

The lost city by UrbaneSunset

(2/? I 8,466 I General I Sterek I Atlantis)

Stiles is a lonely Omega who had dedicated his life to proving his late grandpa right. When the mysterious Mr. Parrish offers him just that, Stiles jumps at the chance. Who knows what he’ll find.

tumescent by kellifer_fic

(1/1 I 9,316 I Teen I Sterek I 10 Things I Hate About You)

“I would have to want to date Derek for your plan to work,” Stiles points out, secure in the knowledge that his logic is infallible and yes, he’s had a pointless and soul-destroying crush on Derek for as long as he can remember but nobody knows that.

Waterworld by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek

(2/? I 10,952 I Explicit I Sterek I Waterworld)

In the future, the polar ice caps have melted and covered the earth with water. Dry land is a myth that people tell their children about when they put them to sleep. People live on floating communities called atolls and merchant ships.

Over centuries, mutations have evolved from the human race to allow for their survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Stiles is a mutation, an omega, living in this world. But Stiles has a secret. He knows where dry land is. Or, at least, he might know where dry land is. He’s not sure if it’s real, but he knows that’s where he comes from and that his father is supposed to be there waiting for him. And he has a map that’s supposed to tell him exactly where it is.

Enter Derek Hale, an Alpha mutation that has adapted to life fully on the water.

Stiles and Derek set out on a lifetime journey to find mythical dry land and dammit, Stiles can’t help but be attracted to Derek and his intoxicating scent.

An Alpha Worth Fighting For by amazingpages

(3/? I 15,940 I Teen I Sterek I Mulan)

After totally screwing up in his mating ceremony, Stiles thinks finding a mate is the worst of his problems. As the Stilinski omega, it is his duty to carry on their bloodline, no matter how much he rebels against societal conventions and pack norms. But as news of the Alpha Pack invading California spreads, secrets and problems from the past begin to resurface, causing chaos within the districts. Stiles’ troubles increase ten-fold when his father enlists to fight, despite his injured heart. So, Stiles decides to take matters into his own hands and take his father’s place. By joining the war, he’ll prove to his father and everyone else that omegas are useful for more than just mating and breeding. It’s the perfect plan.

Something in my heart told me I must have you by bohemian

(14/14 I 20,893 I Teen I Sterek I Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Stiles is the omega never meant to be caged.

Derek loved him when he kept playing the same song in his guitar, loved him when he was another alpha’s mate, loved him when he abandoned his life over and over again, and loved him when he tried to abandon the alpha as well.

To See With Eyes Unclouded by mikkimouse

(17/17 I 47,770 I Explicit I Sterek I Princess Mononoke)

Cursed by a dying god, Derek seeks help from the great wolf Satomi. She lifts the curse with a Bite, but Derek can never leave the forest, lest the curse return.

Taken in by Satomi’s small pack, Derek finds himself learning more about the forest and navigating an antagonistic relationship with Stiles, Satomi’s only human child.

But darkness encroaches at their borders as the humans of Irontown delve deeper into the forest in their quest for iron, and the bad blood between the wolves and the humans threatens to breach the point of no return.

And Derek may well be the only one who can pull them back from the brink.

Sink My Teeth Into You by groffiction

(25/? I 69,393 I Explicit I Sterek I Cutting Edge)

Derek Hale is one of the sexiest Alpha’s to be in the Werewolf Olympics, held every four years. Unfortunately after this last Olympics, getting only the silver medal, his partner bails on him. In need of a partner, and being a total stubborn Sourwolf about the whole prospect, his coach and uncle, Peter Hale decides to go in search of one by himself. He finds Stiles Stilinski, an Omega who just so happens to work as a Stripper at one of the best gay bars around town and gives the boy an offer he can’t refuse. Peter figures that the mouthy exotic dancer would be good for his nephew. However, what he didn’t intend were for both of the wolves to not only start hating eachother, but to also have enough sexual tension in their ire to melt the whole planet’s ice rinks.

War Crimes by loserchic

(69/69 I 81,240 I Mature I Sterek I GI Jane)

In a fantastical military state, Stiles, an orphaned nobody, street smart omega was rescued as a child by war hero alpha, Commander Derek Hale. Six years later, Stiles still maintains an obsession with taking care of himself and a blatant mistrust of alphas. Stiles becomes the first omega to be accepted into elite training with the Black Wolves, the military’s special operations force. Derek has always intended to mate with Stiles and is furious at the idea of him entering training. However, Stiles’ guardians only agree to allow Derek to mate with Stiles if he allows Stiles to attempt Black Wolves’ training. Derek becomes Stiles’ commanding officer and the war between them begins. Also a lot of fraternization.

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hello! do you view resilience more as a slytherin trait, or as a gryffindor trait?

ooh shit this is a good question hm - 

I personally define resilience as flexibility with change (largely negative) and being able to adapt and spring back. The thing is, that could vary largely with each person’s disposition. 

I think Gryffindors would face physical/goal setbacks better? As in an injury or losing a match (eg. Oliver Wood). These things are personal to them, and they’re the type to push forward through these situations, to get back up and try again. and find that core motivation within themselves.

Whereas for Slytherins, I see the resilience more applying to a change in environment, in status, or in societal conventions. Laying low during the war and coming out relatively okay on the other side? I’d pin that as resilience. I personally also see self-interest as resilience, to a certain degree, as getting yourself to a place you once were before a setback takes a lot of doing what it takes for your best interests.

So I guess as a tl;dr - Gryffindors (and Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws) can still have resilience as a trait, but the way I value resilience and the way I apply it makes it a Slytherin trait for me. 

Once On This Island
  • Prologue/We Dance: "yay dancing" 'sobs sadly'
  • One Small Girl: "WHAT KIND OF BIRD IS THAT?!?!"
  • Waiting For Life: You could leave the village at any time
  • Ti Moune. Annny tiiime.
  • And The Gods Heard Her Prayer: The gods don't care about you Ti Moune, you're just a puppet to them. Also: Mangoes.
  • Rain: Agwe is a dick.
  • Pray: Te gods and the rich are gonna fuck us over again.
  • Forever Yours: Here comes Papa Ge, ready to steal your man('s soul). See also: creepy sexual tension.
  • The Sad Tale Of The Beauxhommes: The rich were dicks to us during the times of Napoleon, and always take metaphoric race curses seriously.
  • Ti Moune: 5/10 on the crying scale.
  • Mama Will Provide: Don't worry Ti Moune, Mother Earth will keep you from dying.
  • Some Say: We don't know how she got to the city, but
  • __/\_(..)_/\_
  • The Human Heart: AWWWW!!
  • Pray (reprise): She's "HEALING" him!
  • Some Girls: Well, Daniel's two timing.
  • The Ball: "HOLY FUCK SHE CAN DANCE?!?! Well this plan backfired".-Andrea
  • Promises/Forever Yours (reprise): Here's where the little mermaid analogies come in. You will cry.
  • The Following scene: I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE.
  • Why We Tell The Story: The biggest change in tone EVER.
Expectation v. Reality: DMMD Edition
  • aoba expectation: "It's super awesome day to be an innocent protagonist who doesn't know what he's in for!" /sunshine and rainbows and late to anime school
  • aoba reality: "fucking shit im so fucking done just knock me out and carry me home i wanna nap for 12 hours and eat donuts and dicks until i pass out fuckin dON'T TOUCH MY HAIR GODDAMNIT"
  • koujaku exectation: "hello llllladies I have a dark tragic past but awesome swordplay skills ill use to defeat my sworn anime rival" /brooding angst
  • koujaku reality: /drops aoba 12 times "I-I-uuuuuhh kjshdjksd s-so embarrassed DONT LOOK AT ME YOU'RE MAKING ME NERVOUS" /trips over himself hits his face on a curling iron and cries in a pool of his own blood
  • noiz expectation: "im the stereotypical computer nerd going outside is illogical" /uses math in mario kart
  • noiz reality: "Hehehe you like my dick piercings dont you you cum-thirsty twink yeah fight me in rhyme and bite my cock while I hack into your asshole with my fresh meme skills" /stuffs face with pizza and churros and then buys all of mexico
  • clear expectation: "herp derp im a robot i don't understand societal conventions" /zany antics and comic relief
  • clear reality: "Allow us to engage in sophisticated conversation about the particulars of life and death whilst I serenade you, making you fall deeply in love with me before I crush your heart by dying a tragic -- HOLY BALLS A SHINY THING" /vibrates and giggles excitedly "PUPPIES!"
  • mink expectation: /silent brooding character who only says one or two words and beats up everything
  • mink reality: "my navajo ancestors are talking to me and THEY SAID TO KNOCK YOUR SHIT OUT" /punches someone half his size repeatedly in the face "COMMENCE THE PURIFICATION RITUAL" /decapitating people while motorbiking over buildings

choosing to call yourself trans because you don’t fit into societal gender conventions only reinforces the idea that to be a certain gender, you have to act/look a certain way.

if you want to send a big “fuck you” to gender roles, go ahead and rebel against them, be gender-nonconforming.  you don’t have to appropriate trans terminology to express yourself or make a political statement.