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Look at this piece of shit my boyfriend got from work (he works at a large retail chain, we won’t say which)

It reads:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Customer.

I am the person that makes the economic engine turn. I am the reason you take home a paycheck. I am the reason you are able to feed your family, pay your mortgage, go on vacation, buy a car, and contribute to your church or synagogue. Because of me, gigantic corporations and small businesses alike have risen and flourished. Because of my absence, they have faded from existance.

The roads you drive on, the police and fireman that protect your community, the teachers that teach your children all exist because of me. Politicians and postal workers, sanitation workers and soldiers all owe their jobs to me. Without me, no taxes would be paid and any and all societal advances would come to a halt.

The wise come to know, respect, and love me. The foolish disregard my importance and suffer accordingly.

By the way, you’ll notice that I didn’t introduce myself as your Customer. That’s because I don’t belong to you. Even if I make a purchase from you, that doesn’t mean that I will do it again in the future. You are always on trial and I am always evaluating, measuring, and testing your product and service.

So pay attention to me. Get to know me. Learn my habits. My likes. My dislikes. My desires. My dreams. My values. Learn my language. Learn to recognize my moods.

Above all, treat me with respect. I will not be ill-treated, and why should I be? There are too many businesses vying for my attention. Every time you turn on the television, open a newspaper, or listen to the radio, you see and hear multitudes of companies competing for my attention. There are too many people who are willing to treat me right in exchange for my business.

And know this, I am not easily fooled. Businesses treat me right or suffer the consequences. Sooner or later I always discover dishonesty, disrespect, or disinterest. Most of the time, I don’t announce my displeasure. I simply take my business elsewhere.

Occasionally, we will have disagreements. I don’t like mistakes but I understand that you sometimes make them. The manner in which you handle my complaint determines any future interaction I have with you. And, in my mind, it also determines the character of your business. I rarely ever give you a second chance to make the same mistake twice.

So, watch for me in your business community. If you’re fortunate enough to see me, do everything in your power to woo me and make me your own, because I hold the key to your financial success. It is no exaggeration to say that when you interact with me, your future hangs in the balance.

Learn me. Know me.

I am a Customer.

© 2012 Charles Marshall

I’m dying omg this is so bad

Societal Issues Vocab 사회적 문제에 관련 단어 (1)

미혼모 single mother

인신매매 human trafficking 

매춘/성매매 prostitution

고령화 사회 aging society

단일 민족 사회 homogeneous society

남존여비의 사회 male-dominated society

사회적 약자 우대 정책 affirmative action

학력주의 credentialism

연쇄살인범 serial killer

총기 난사 mass shooting

총기 규제 gun control

재향 군인 war veteran

상이용사 disabled veteran

조손 가정 grandparent-headed household

육아 휴가 parental leave

가출 학생 runaway student

낙태 시술 병원 abortion clinic

정부의 통제 government control

체벌 corporal punishment

맞벌이 부부 double-income couple

A Note on Realistic Vegans and Consumerism.

As in every section of society we are exposed to radicals of every movement. Veganism is no different. The majority of Vegans do not boycott non-fully vegan companies, and they don’t have the time to research the origins of every single item of clothing, make up, hand wash and shampoo they own for animal testing on every single ingredient. 
Vegans in Britain have not refused to use the new £5 note, and they still sit on leather backed seats in restaurants. 
In the modern world with all our advances and societal acceptance of western diets like vegetarianism, veganism and gluten free foods - and i specify western due to the lack of halal and kosher meats available - it is still impossible to live a perfectly vegan life style. 
The thing is, if you’re prepared to stray from the spotlight vegan blogs and out of context media posts, you’ll find that Veganism includes a pinch of salt as you will, an acceptance of the will to live the most realistically vegan life possible. 

Being Vegan is not about boycotts and protests but becoming a better self, becoming someone that is happy with their own morals and ethics trying to decrease their effect on a rapidly dying planet and example stewardship over the animals we care for. (Don’t worry, i’m not trying to say earth’s about to explode, we have a while left yet) At times this can be hypocritical, buying organic vegetables from countries such as Zimbabwe and increasing carbon footprints by not buying locally grown foods, but then again non of us are perfect. 

I often struggle with the dilemma of converting to what many vegans like to call a plant based diet. As a science student i have always ingrained in my head that we have evolved to eat meat, and that our appendix -believed to be used to digest grasses - has since become useless. But nothing will change the fight in my head after seeing the effects of battery farming, i often tell myself if i can see the animals are being treated well that i’ll be happy to carry on eating meat. I like the taste, and it keeps me healthy. But recently I have made the decision to start cutting out animal products where i can.
As a 17 year old living with her parents I know it’ll be impossible for me to fully convert to a vegan diet, and I’m not convincing my household to get rid of our leather sofas anytime soon. 

When i first heard of veganism i conformed very much to the idea that all vegans were radical hateful social justice warriors, yet over the years i’ve come into contact with more and more people conscientiously objecting to the use of animal products in their everyday lives. Many vegans keep hold of their old leather jackets, bracelets and shoes as a constant and blatant reminder of why they’re doing what they’re doing. This is where the consumerism aspect of veganism really comes into play. Although they no longer endorse the killing of animals for clothing, food, and various other luxuries they once contributed towards the consumer chain of supply and demand. Their items, and pain of the animals they fight for have gone through would be futile if they did not acknowledge their own contributions. If they bin that leather jacket, or pair of Docs they’re wasting that life that has been lost, yet if they sell these items they’re further contributing to the consumerist chain. 

The reality of Vegan life is not a mindless mass of people yelling and blaming omnivores for suffering and pain on the planet but to reduce their own effects on the suffering they feel that they induce by contributing to these supply chains. And every single being will chose to live this lifestyle the way they see fit for them. These people have chosen to follow their hearts and heads in the way they will live their lives with careful consideration of their past and futures. There is no right or wrong way to be a vegan outside the perimeters of buying animal products for themselves after conversion. And they should not be penalised for their actions or opinions on this subject by their own community or anyone outside of it. 

The main message I have found from veganism and the people I know who practice this is to live the best today, tomorrow, and future for both themselves and the life forms that we as humans are trusted with. 

Okay, but having another ‘Fish out of Water’ character is going to be so..


Part of Ichabod’s charm is the fact that he is the only man from his century thrust into the present having to cope with societal advancements and call out things that we all take for granted. It’s quirky and charming. It worked because it was one person and Tom Mison is flawless with it.

But throwing Katrina in the mix along with Abraham and even Henry to a fault made Ichabod’s circumstances seem generic. It took away those moments.

So if we got Betsy Ross thrown into the mix, it takes away from Ichabod’s origin story. It seemed like it was really powerful magic that kept him in stasis, but now it seems like anyone can hop on the bandwagon and make it to the 21st century. So anyone from the past can just come back? Is Washington going to pop out of a birthday cake with a big fat ‘GOTCHA’?

The horse is dead. Stop beating it.