I was tagged by nick!

Name: Avalon!
Height:mso short aha 5′1
Favourite bands: uhhhai dont know…
Meaning of URL:ahai misspelledrime sociere
Last thing I Googled: i googledi think,”mark of grima temp tattoo’ ha
Birthday: feb12th!
Gender: ima girla

sexaul orientation: abrosexual

One place that makes me happy: my rooms.

What I’m wearing: black leggings and a men’s superman

Last book I read: uh…i dont remember
Last thing I said to a family member: “ROOOOXANNE’ (i was singing)
Favourite Beverage: ramune!
Favourite Food: Hawaiian bbq pork and white rice with gravy
Last movie I watched: Moulin Rouge
Dream Vacation: a shopping trip in japan or going to a west end show in london!
Dream Wedding: in a forest!
Dream pet: one million cats
Dream job: i would love my own little shop that i can live above and sell my art
Random:i really love my hair, but i can never feel like it is pink enough 

Tagging: yo readin this? ur tagged.