Working on 3d models recently for Halcyon Plume, they take more time than the concept art but the results are rewarding


Fennians are the descendants of cats who have been altered by Halcyon Plumes. Nomadic and mysterious they move constantly, rarely finding a place to call home. Refusing to be controlled or subservient, they are often called confrontational because they don’t like taking orders. They rarely make friends in the human community, but to a select few they will be friends for life.

Being a polecat is actually a profession. Though the applicant does not have to be specifically a Fennian, four out of five of them are. They have a natural gift for balance and swiftness, jumping from ledge to ledge making paths through the terrain in Sociel. They are often times seen setting up Herring Markers that allow travelers insight into the dangers related to each path.