Preparing for the ASWB Licensure Exam

It seems like it was just yesterday that I finished graduate school and began licensure supervision, yet here I am with only a few more supervision sessions left before approval to practice as an LCSW-P.  The “P” is for provisional.  It’s provisional because there is one final hoop to jump through: the infamous ASWB licensure exam.  

It should come as no surprise that I have been using my iPad as my primary study tool.  

ASWB Clinical Exam Secrets is available in iBooks and I have been reading it little by little over the past few months.   The review content is presented in a straight forward manner and test taking strategies are covered in depth.  

In addition to the book, I have been using the ASWB Practice Exam App by Upward-Mobility every evening.  I usually set the app to 25 random category questions.  At the end of each test, the app will provide an itemized score with in-depth explanations for the questions I missed.

In Oklahoma, LCSW-P’s are given a one year grace period in which they must pass the ASWB exam.  I will be taking it as soon as I am eligible.