Live Review : Aerosmith Live in Singapore Social Star Awards 2013

The legendary American rockers, Aerosmith came to play their first full-length concert in Singapore last Saturday for the inaugural Social Star Awards, which was held at The Meadows in Gardens by the Bay.  

I was invited by my friends to go to their concert 2 days before their official play and was so thrilled to be able to see them, the legend, to play and sing live. 

Aerosmith came to stage at about after 9pm, where Euphoria was playing before them for an hour. The venue was packed with people and it looks much more packed than during the Laneway Festival 2013. I was lucky enough to squeeze in with my friends but was quite far away from the stage sadly.

The best part of the night was when they played my favorite song, ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’. Everyone started singing and swaying to the song as some even held up their lit lighters in the air. 

As soon as the lights dimmed, the band went back stage and the crews came in and carried a white piano to the center of the stage runway. It was time for Steven Tyler to sing, 'Dream on’. The people around me were practically shouting 'dream on’ as though they were actually singing. Haha. I felt like my eardrums were gonna burst.

Youtube star, Marquese Scott, dubstep dancer came in and danced for the crowd during one of the Aerosmith’s songs and wow-ed the crowd with his moves. 

To add on to this great moment, fireworks were bursting in the air during one of the acts. The atmosphere felt almost complete. Although it was a heaty night, nobody cared about how sticky they were from all the sweat, they only cared about how lucky they are to watch Steven Tyler sing live. Extraordinary man. 

Let’s just say that this one is Legen- wait for it -Dary. Legendary.