I don’t need feminism because feminism has produced effeminate men, masculine women, single mothers, and other problems. The point of feminism is to allow women to have the same rights as men and more respect for women (in which I support), but feminism has made men more disrespectful to women. Men don’t see women as feminine anymore. Chivalry has disappeared for the most part, and since promiscuity (or “sexual liberty”) has been promoted by feminism, men just see women as fuck-objects.
What's More Disturbing?

That socialrealist supports black patriarchy.. 


… that the person behind the blog claims to be a Black woman?

I read a few blog posts and it turns out that it’s not a Black man behind the posts. Well, I’m not really surprised if it is true.

I went back to that one post that called me a cunt for the lolz but I’m just like….wtf people do not misinterprete my points. Never did I ever try to imply that other slavery is justified calm the fuck down lol. All I’m saying is that African slavery =/= European slavery simple as that. That’s what I was taught in my college classes, and that’s what I’m sticking to until I take the time to do my own individual research. People who claim they are into that “realism” bullshit are no better than neo-nazis in my opinion.

You’re not helping my cause. Goodbye.