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Hey! You probably get ask this a lot but o just wanted to know, what's the first steps to becoming a vet tech? I recently just finished PCT school but sadly it's just not my passion anymore. I've always loved animals and really think I should probably go with becoming a Vet tech.

Hey! The first steps would be to check out the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America website (they have tons of information about the career, lists of accredited programs, that sort of thing) and to shadow and volunteer at various clinics and facilities to get a feel for what it’s like irl. Loving animals is obviously an important part of the job, but you’ll still be working with humans and doing lots of sciency stuff. Also spend some time looking around my blog and also nerdrvt, helpfulhintsforrvns, socialpetworking, petwrestling101, and parvoandparasites :)
Good luck!