Serious-escapades asides, BronyCon was fucking awesome! It was my first time ever out of Canada, and I’m really glad that I did it. It was so awesome meeting the following in person (in no particular order): askpiratedash, fracturedloyalty, ask-frigiddrift, lil-mizz-jaye, fisherpon, ask-wiggles, sociallyawkwardpony, darnelg, sexuallyconfusedlyra-mod, askblacklin, askrustynail, askdukepony, pilkie, zestyoranges, trottingdeadmod, ahappypichu-mod and many others. (I’m still trying to figure out who else I met. XD)

It was amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone. :3

Now! To get back to normal SR-shenanigans!



((Mod: So this is one of the first messages I see when I got on DA today XD. Apparently Caramel has been going crazy with the mares or something and not taking care of his children. Also this has nothing to do with the Socially Awkward Pony Caramel. This is a completely different head canon from mine, I just wanted to share this because it was so out of nowhere and funny to me x3)).

Oh boy, 2000 followers?! It took me like one and a half years to get 1000 and that was back in August, only a couple of months have past I get another 1000?! You guys are truly the best~ :3.

I usually can’t really think of anything to say whenever these milestones come up, but thank you all again! This is really awesome and I can’t thank y'all enough. And sorry that it takes me forever to post on here, I still kind of want to continue whatever story I have going on here someday, I’ll probably just focus more on simple and silly post because those take way less time then story post.

Also hopefully I’ll post something special for this milestone later.

Once again thank you and I love you all~ :3

Socially Awkward Pony finally hit 1000 followers!

Got back home from eating dinner to see SAP at 1,042 followers.

*takes deep breath*…Yay~ :3

I love you guys so much, this means the world to me. And thank you for putting up with my shit all this time. Y'all rock!

I’ll make a thank you pic for you all whenever I get the chance :3

Once again thank you all so much~