khemical-kitten asked:

Purple, red, grey

Oh, hi! Wow, I did not expect anyone to ask me anything, much less two people, so thank you.

Alright. *cracks neck dramatically even though I crack my neck even less than I crack my knuckles*

Purple: 10 facts about my room

1. It is hot pink, because my parents let me pick the color when I was 7.
2. It has a fringe of ladybug wallpaper, for the same reason as in #1.
3. It has two full-size bookshelves in it.
4. There is not actually a bed in it, because I sleep in the attic.
5. I have a collection of bottles on my dresser that I thought were cool at the time I collected them but really need to be recycled because they are gross.
6. I once kept a bunch of acorns in the drawer of one of my dressers, but they started to simultaneously sprout and mold so my parents made me throw them out.
7. I like having a neat room, which is unfortunate, because I can’t remember the last time it was neat.
8. I have 3 mobiles hanging from my ceiling.
9. My room connects to my sister’s room through the bathroom.
10. There is a ton of artwork on my walls, my favorite of which is a watercolor of a seaside town that my grandmother painted.

Red: 5 facts about my best friend

1. She is brilliant
2. She can win an argument with just about anyone
3. She is incredibly kind and thoughtful to the people she cares about
4. She is unashamed of who she is
4.1 She is a good artist
4.2 She is beautiful
4.3 She loves math
4.4 She really likes chocolate milk
4.5 She makes me feel better when I am sad
4.6 She is a good dancer
4.7 She has a really tall dad
4.8 She likes shopping in thrift stores and craft stores
4.9 She is the kind of person I would base a character on
5. She is awesome.

(yeah, I know I cheated, but I have a really fantastic best friend)

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things.

1. I get extremely obsessed with whatever happens to be my favorite thing at the time.
2. I hope that rainy days spent in the library will always be some of my favorite things. 

Thank you for asking! I hope you encounter one of your favorite things today.

In the Christmas episode of Beautiful World, when Canada gets asked by Britain to help fill in as a Santa, Kumajiro overhears and wants to help so he goes up to Canada and begs, “Let me help, Canada, let me help!” Canada laughs and when Britain asks whats so funny, Canada says “Wow, i think Santa dropped off my present after all.”


Kumajiro recognized Canada


Oh my gosh this is so cool to me! So i was outside with my dog to make sure she used the bathroom and since the porch, concrete, and ground were all too cold for me to keep my feet on, i layed out over the steps with my head on the porch edge and feet hanging slightly off a step so that they were in the air (the air was warmer than the ground) with the fashlight laying on my chest. Then i see this blur in the sky that i first though was just my eyes playing tricks on me but then it gets closer and its a barn owl. It flies over my dog, then thinking i could get its attention i made a sqeekish sound. It worked and it flew over and circled me several times trying to figure out what the heck i was. It was close enough that i could clearly see each of its eyes, beak, and curled up feet. After the 5th go around it finally flew off. It was awesome XD