socially sewn

Royal tumblr ending verse

A stern hit to your sternum gives me leverage in your cranium // open up your rib cage let me see what you are made of // blood and guts and fluffy stuff you soft like a teddy bear // teddy bear, build a bear they make you hoe then wanna // patched sewn with social norms to block your creativity // you’re a social butterfly but I’m a stinging bumble bee // coming out the box like this, coming out with balled up fists // punching in the air yeah I swing but I don’t miss // knocking out the notion that this sweet girl can’t spit // they wanna send me back cause I’m defective // defecting negativity like meta pod // yeah you got a man, can I have em? // cause I’m trying to catch em all // cause the pussy got some powers got him by the poke balls