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  • Person: you have such a quirky personality, and I think your mannerisms are cute :)
  • Me: thanks, I borrowed them from my coworker, best friend, and the main character of the tv show I've been watching recently.

You still tried to get used to this new life as a vampire. The speed, the strength and the hunger. Now, you were a predator but you still felt like the shy little girl, always standing outside of the group of people.

When Raphael, your leader, came walking straight at you, you automaticaly tensed. Not because he wasn’t nice to you, but because it was part of character. Socially awkward wasn’t even close to explaining how you were.

“(Y/n)”, he said not stopping his steps. 
“Raphael”, you gave back, trying not to be too intimidated by him.
Your leader wasn’t tall but compared to you he was a giant.

Just a few more steps and you had to look up at him.
“Why don’t you come a little bit closer to the others. They want to get to know you.”
“I’m not good at making friends.”
“Don’t worry, mi amor, you’re doing fine.”
You laughed shortly. “Are you flirting with me?”

You were mostly joking because you were nervous. You always said stupid things when you were like that, but the way Raphael smirked showed you that you were right. He DID flirt with you. 

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I was thinking about how the popular asexual headcanons are often the socially awkward, clueless about sex characters. Which I’m not condemning, if you’re ace and identify with a character or just headcanon a character as ace, you do you, but it does kind of depress me how a lot of ace headcanons are the stereotypical awkward ace.
Which then made me really happy that Raphael Santiago, a suave, intimidating, confident leader, is also canonically asexual. An asexual who kicks stereotypes in the face.


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I put 4 different ones because I couldn’t decide which one looked better.

(I’ve been seeing A LOT of people drawing Wirt as the beast AU so I couldn’t resist X3)

Also, my friend keeps saying I’m Wirt XD


Art by me

Wirt belongs to Patrick McHale 

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Why Eliza Dooley is important : 

- socially awkward character

- socially awkward female character

- is not socially awkward in a “cute” way (a “New Girl” or “Kimmy Schmidt” way)

- in fact, socially awkward in a way many audiences found grating and far too unrelatable (hmmmmmm)

- not socially awkward because she’s “delightfully eccentric”

- not socially awkward because she’s a nerd

- not socially awkward because she can’t attract the opposite sex 

- not socially awkward because she’s unfashionable, uncool, unaware of pop culture, etc. 

- is socially awkward in a very specific way - 

- socially awkward because she doesn’t understand social niceties and social norms 

- socially awkward because she can’t read the tone of conversations 

- socially awkward because she can’t perform small talk and social scripts 

- socially awkward because she’s seen as self-absorbed by others 

- socially awkward because she doesn’t make eye contact 

- socially awkward because she doesn’t understand how to connect to other people 

- so socially “awkward” she has to be explicitly taught social skills that everyone else takes for granted 

- so socially “awkward” that it, again, isn’t “cute”, but is seen as troublesome to other characters and has led to very real loneliness, low self-esteem, and poor self-concept in her character 

- is more than just “socially awkward” - has a very real, very painfully real, too real for general audiences, difficulty with social communication and interaction

- I legitimately believe that while a combination of things led to the poor ratings and eventual cancellation of the show, that one of those larger factors was the criticism the show garnered for presenting what was a very autistic-coded, not super-powered or savant, female character to mainstream audiences. they weren’t ready. 

- but Eliza Dooley is important 

I’m crossing my fingers. But let’s be real. I’ve never seen good portrayal of it in books or movies, unless it’s all downplayed with a lack of symptoms and usually mixed in with teen angst.

Like Jeff Davis just uses Stiles as comic relief. Basically uses it as a reason for him to be socially awkward and an odd character, but past that, nothing. Not to mention in Teen Wolf, Stiles is supposed to be the 2nd smartest kid in school (at least before the whole Nogitsune trauma). And in the Archie comics, as far as I can remember, Betty is supposed to be one of the smartest in her school. I can’t even remember any other character that has had it, but it was probably nothing more than a comment about ADD. But nothing special.

But yeah it’s the shitty end of a stick when people can understand disabilities by relating to characters and all they see with ADHD/ADD is nothing but some pills and awkwardness. Takes the serious aspect out of it completely.

Our reference material links to self help books of people with it, but who dont struggle, and books about “how to deal with your hyperactive boy” as in: male kids.

I dunno, I’m sure there are some good resources out there that aren’t scientific studies or articles from ADHD specific websites. I’ve probably found a few in the past (can’t remember or think of them now, sigh). And there’s a youtube community now, and better links and of course the wonderful Tumblr blogs like






Ect. ect.

I’m just glad it’s growing.

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I think you sound like a pleasant person to have around.  Someone who is grounded and responsible is rare amongst people our age, imo at least. I'm basically Keith. The weird one. I think differently than the rest. Bad temper (but it depends on how I feel), I'm often alone, I'm untrusting, hate unnecessary things. Bad at bonding. People often think I'm a bland person (which I'm not) I like martial arts & sword fighting (I don't have the time to practice it tho) But I am not self assured xD

Aww, that’s very nice of you!!^^ I’m a very calm person so yeah, in that sense it’s easy to be around me. You pretty much don’t have to worry about making me angry or offending me, ever. The counter for that is that I’m usually a little too calm, unless you take the lead in the conversation or steer it to a topic that I know a lot about it’ll die out :’D 

Thinking different from the rest isn’t bad!! I mean, I’m not sure if there is a way of thinking that can qualify as “the rest”, but I get what you’re trying to say. The way you interpret or perceive things differs from the majority. But that’s okay, really, I’m like that too sometimes - I’m frequently confused or have to ask for clarification on stuff. I can’t count how often people have looked at me and started laughing because “yOUR FACE OH MY GOD THAT EXPRESSION” :P

Being alone also isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unless you’re lonely, of course. Most of the things you listed here seem negative at first but if you look at them from another angle they can have positive sides to them: untrusting -> you can’t get disappointed that easily; dislike for unnecessary things -> people know what they can expect of you; bad at bonding -> if you do bond people will feel twice as valued over it. The bad temper is probably something you should work on, if only so that you don’t say anything that you might regret later :P But it’s also not all bad, it makes you pretty aware of your emotional/mental state and you will realize when things become too much for you which is something I need to work on.

No person is really completely bland. It’s true that some people might seem boring at first glance but that’s the same as looking up at daytime and being like “yeah i know what the sky looks like” without ever having seen the night sky. Every person has more to them than you might think, even those that you dislike :’D But that’s not the point here, you know you’re not bland and that’s great. Don’t let people tell you otherwise!!

…since I sense a certain negativity surrounding this ask I’ll just remind you of a few other positive Keith-qualities that might apply to you too. Just in case, you know :P He’s fiercely loyal to the people that are important to him, he might not understand emotions or know how to comfort people but he is very empathetic, he’s practical and rational when his temper doesn’t get in the way, he’s a fighter, he thinks of the greater good more than himself; he’s selfless like that, he tries so hard to connect with people he likes, he’s self-aware, he’s protective, he loves with all his heart. He’s my favorite character for a reason, so remember that, anon :D ♥

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Shy anon again! Good day! What sort of role do you wish to see Josh Gad in? Personally, I want a role where he's not "the funny fat guy" I would love to see him play a villain actually! What do you think?

Hey, Shynon! Good to hear from you again! 

It does appear that Josh Gad has fallen into a category of roles. I’ve noticed that most times he’s typecasted as socially awkward characters of both extremes: obnoxious and loud, or quiet and shy. Although, when we think of Josh Gad, we think of the “funny fat guy” because that’s partly who he is. He’s a comedian who happens to be overweight. But a few of the roles given to him associate his weight with the socially awkward character personality. (A little fat phobic, eh showbiz?) Of course, Josh does an amazing job with every role he’s been given. But he has so many more skills that he could use if he were given the chance to branch out. 

From the few times I’ve seen Josh act dramatically instead of comedically, I was moved to tears. He can do this kind of thing, and he can do it well. 

His portrayal of Steve Wozniak in Jobs really stood out to me. While Wozniak was another awkward character, he lacked comedy. During his monologue about his failing friendship with Jobs and leaving the company they’d started together as kids, Josh’s powerful delivery brought tears to my eyes. 

So did his role as Noah in Wish I Was Here, (yes, another socially awkward genius) a stubborn son who refused to see his sick father because he put his brother on a pedestal and never once told him that he was proud of him. Just moments before he passed, Noah gave in and came to visit him. His father gave him the words he’d always desperately wanted to hear, and died, holding his hand.

Every time I watch Josh’s performance in these scenes I’m just as moved and just as impressed. This man can do far more than make you laugh.

 So yes, I do like the idea of Josh playing a villain. It’s something different, and he would be perfect. Earlier this year he toyed with idea of playing the Penguin in an upcoming Batman film (nothing official, so don’t get your hopes up), so clearly he’d be interested in playing a villainous part. He has so much range as an actor, and hasn’t been able to use all of it yet. It would be a good challenge for him to play a scary or intimidating character. But, knowing Gad, he might still figure out how to make it laughable in the best way. 

cat actually likes children
in her own sort of odd way
she thinks they’re useless and boring
but also has a soft spot for them,
due to the fact she sees herself in them.
she would be a terrible parent
like HORRIBLE but not for lack of trying
just for lack of knowing ‘wtf do u do with a kid 24/7′
she would get bored
but if the kid was 8 or older
she thinks they’re okay
she likes little girls
likes to braid their hair and hold them
she always wanted a girl
not even as a child, just as a little sister.
(her baby is a boy in verse ii, btw)

[i want friends.]

“The Mad Hatter is my favorite Disney character. I especially loved the Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland, but don’t get me wrong I love the classic too. The Mad Hatter makes me feel a little better about myself in the aspect I am really socially awkward and it is hard for me to make friends. His energetic and fun attitude makes me feel better when it comes to meeting new people and makes me feel like I can be myself around new people and friends.”

I know I talk about autism representation a lot but I really want to reiterate this. When I was young I LOVED characters who “acted autistic.” All of my favorite shows and movies seemed to have a character who had special interests/obsessions, who had a hard time communicating with people, who got nervous easily around others, who couldn’t relate to people, etc. I don’t know if the characters were intentionally autistic coded or not but either way looking back on them it’s clear that they demonstrated autistic traits.

Shows like My Little Pony always had obsessive, talkative, socially awkward characters. The movie “Patch’s London Adventure” basically, for an autistic kid, was read as “his special interest saves the day!” Nightmare Before Christmas has a character who obsesses so intensely on something that he ends up accidentally hurting those around him. These characters and shows were so important to me because I thought, I’m like them!! And it made me feel like I belonged and people like me were out there and could exist in shows and movies.

(Honestly I still look for characters that act autistic now too, but as a child I couldn’t fully understand autism and I didn’t have a community of other autistic folk like I do now, so I was much more alone and desperate for people I could relate to.)

And I can’t imagine how much an actually autistic character could have meant to 5 or 7 year old me.

I really, really want more openly and explicitly autistic characters in children’s media. It would’ve meant the world to me as a child, while I was constantly looking for characters who were like me, and it would mean so much to so many autistic children now too, I’m sure. When I say I want autistic representation of course I mean in mainstream media that’s targeted towards teens and adults, but I also desperately want autistic representation for kids. Autistic kids deserve to see characters that are like them on tv and they deserve to feel like they’re not alone. (And while I don’t want to focus on allistics in this post, having autistic characters in kids shows and movies would also help educate allistic/non autistic children and families on what autism is like!)

Please, please add explicitly autistic characters to children’s media.