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Don’t act like you’re a good person for not reading killing stalking but then turn around and bully someone. I’ve seen y'all call people ugly, fat, disgusting, horrible human beings, etc. Y'all preach about being woke yet you go around making fun of someone’s appearance just bc they enjoy something you don’t? I’ve seen people literally tell others to kill themselves just bc they enjoy KS. You’re saying you hate killing stalking because it has abuse yet you want someone to die bc they like it? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me. You’re saying people who enjoy killing stalking are “the worst human beings you’ve ever encountered” yet YOU’RE the one bullying people. If it bothers you so much then block people who post about it, stop going through the tag, DON’T FUCKING READ IT!!! Get over yourself and stop acting like people can’t write about situations that could very much happen in real life just because it triggers you.


Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

Side Note: Do you guys like me posting these visual tie-ins to the fic?  Be honest…anon is on in my ask box if you wanna be anon.  I haven’t done one in a really long time, but it’s mainly because it took me a long time to find the perfect visual for what I had in mind for her dress.  I have a few others, but I really don’t know if I’m being super annoying with these or not.  So let me know?