FlixFling and Kevin Smith are giving away a paid trip to join Yoga Hosers!

FlixFling and Kevin Smith are giving away a paid trip to join Yoga Hosers!

Kevin Smith is hard at work on the next film in his True North Trilogy, Yoga Hosers. With his daughter Harley and Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose; the two girls team up to fight the forces of evil. The film sounds like it will be a blast, and probably a bit easier to swallow than Tusk (Which I loved, and Clay hated).

In order to get fans more engaged with the film, as well as offer them an…

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The Entitled Few

In misery or kindness

from what loamy soil does attachment grow?

How many are the mutual benefits,

and to what do they attend to?

There are so many sycophants

whose plunging depths force false relationships with those around them.

The best cannot be among the worst,

there must be true ambivalence

It cannot always be that magnanimity is the source

of all human likeness in soul.

But it seems, with so many hardships,

that many are just the burden of another,

And the house is likely to break down

with the corner stone.

Still there is the mouse and the lion

or the lion to another.

This thing that binds us

must be more than agreement

or terms accepted;

There must be a candle that burns

just as brightly in some,

and for others it is the light that draws them in.