Graffiti Liberates…

Have you ever tried doodling on the wall and treating the walls like one huge, blank canvass waiting for you to fill it with all the wonderful lines and colours? Graffiti art or wall art can be liberating, almost carthartic.

Cartoons and caricatures inspired by characters from daily lives make excellent subjects. I saw this wall art all through the stair wells of SAM @ 8Q pretty awesome stuff.

Maybe you can get a graffiti artist to teach you how ;-)

Kezaar knows just who can help you do that.

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Move over Julia Childs, move in Nigella with her quick, easy receipe on chickpeas and scallops, this I’ve gotta try out this weekend, woo hoo!

Can’t wait to learn more recipes and how-to-cook tips on Kezaar…hoot out….



Gordon’s stab at making Japanese sushi in 2 Mins!!

Guess you could be next-in-line to learn the 2-minute-sushi roll on Kezaar! Look out for us soon!


Debbie on a Sushi-Mad-Tuesday

Gordon Ramsay learns to make Sushi (by gordonramsay)

Simpliciti boutique joins as location partner!

Fashionistas! You can now host fashion, lifestyle, beauty activities on! Simpliciti boutique is joining Kezaar as our newest location partner, an excellent venue nestled at the fringe of city centre, Orchard Road Singapore. Simpliciti offers users a cosy, spacious location choice at 10 Winstedt Road, all you have to do is to log on to Kezaar, signup, create a class relating to interests that women appreciate and book Simpliciti’s venue by calling or emailing them in advance.

Wow, it’s that easy!

Happy Thursdays fashionistas!



Team Kezaar 

New on Kezaar: Turn your Doodles into Comic Art

Everyone can learn how to sketch! Don’t we all love making caricatures out of ourselves, our friends and family or even our precious little furkids? Now you really can, just signup for Jerry Hinds’ class on and he will teach you to, in person! No kidding!

Sign up via and come meet Jerry Hinds on 28th July. Seats are selling fast!

We’re working hard to bring you more exciting classes … stay tuned!

Team Kezaar

Food connects, cooking socializes all!

Really hate it when I’m faced with the ultimate temptation of glorious home cooked food that’s right in front of me and no… I’m not talking about meals but rather the sexy food photos from home cooks and home chefs that are on Munch Ministry. The temptation prevails at all odd hours of the day. Yesterday, a particular dish jumped out right at me, it’s a all-time crowd-pleaser “He Bi Hiam” buns which is a local Singapore dish either topped with the yummy spicy fried mini prawns or stuffed with it, this really tugs at my childhood memories and a comfort food that I’m willing to offer a bribe for a good one.

Looks like I’ve gotta beg for some now… hope Pauline is reading this!

It’s marvelous to see so much of passion among "amateur" cooks or I prefer to call home cooks or home chefs. Everyone can learn and definitely whipping up a storm in the kitchen can be a learnt skill. 

So watch this space for and you maybe surprised how many ‘Julia Childs’’ in us may just wake up to the call to share their glorious recipes and cooking skills with others with a similar passion to cook not for trade but for those whom we love and treasure. Food is an ultimate expression of that love.

Float away in food dreams…