Why Fandoms Are Important

Harry Potter isn’t just a story about wizards; it is a reminder that goodness, loyalty, and bravery can succeed regardless of odds. Doctor Who is more than just a cheesy sci-fi show about time travel because it teaches us that we are all important. Sherlock demonstrates that our friends become our family, no matter how alienated we might think we are. Name of the Wind is an unbelievably flawed “hero” who we root for despite it all. Game of Thrones is about family, betrayal, and what you are willing to stand for (no I will not be talking about Twilight in this sanctuary!). By now, you might be thinking, “ok…we get it, you have some nerdy hobbies.” Yes, but that’s not my point.

We go through life waiting for things to happen, waiting for a chance to show our best traits and who we really are as a person, all the while forgetting that we have this chance every moment. Fandoms allow us to align with those concepts, see them played out and connect with characters in a way that opens our minds and our hearts again and again. Sometimes it is easier to heal from the pain in our lives by seeing the loss and gains of a character we identify with, realizing that things don’t always work out. You see that pain, the devastation and the losses in these fandoms. Sometimes the good and honorable man doesn’t win, sometimes they do. Life isn’t a fairytale where everything works out the way we want it to; we can’t escape the hurt, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have an amazing story.