Everything is awkward!

Please don’t publicly ask on fb why we aren’t friends if we don’t actually know each other… Knowing 4 of the same people does not mean we definitely should be friends. If we meet in person through those people, then maybe! But it’s so awkward having to respond publicly that I won’t be adding you as a friend. That’s why my public page exists. For people I don’t actually know.

Also, sorry employee dude who hit on me yesterday then saw me roll up to morning bazaar with my husband. You were very sweet. I’m super married.

Not sorry patron dude who hit on me all day. I’m sincere that your compliments and attention were kind. I’m also sincerely not interested and sincerely married. Not information I will offer up unless asked while working. That’s just the nature of the job.

Seriously I do not want to talk. Please don’t make me awkwardly explain why responding to your questions after I’ve said I don’t want to talk right now is making me uncomfortable and irritated. You’re in my space on a day you know I want quiet. That’s cool, but when I day I don’t want to talk, I mean it. I want to be in my headspace and working.