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i am about to fall asleep but i would really love to hear about the summer you were a socialist plant in a meatpacking factory

It all starts with the fact that my mom’s favorite student ever was the product of two socialists. These socialists were such lovely people that they waited politely until their son graduated and then made overtures of friendship with my whole family. (While he WAS a student there was a skinny dipping incident on a field trip that involved my second-wave, ex-hippie mom making hilarious phone calls back home to parents as the prescribed punishment and the phone call to the socialists pretty much going: “oh, sorry he woke you up. we’ll have a stern talk about that with him” as compared to the other parents bewailing the loss of teenager morality etc. BUT I DIGRESS.)

Anyway. So they started being my parents’ besties after their son graduated. I was home beginning to look for a summer job between semesters at college and the socialist dad goes, “Oh, well, I could get her a job at the factory, but I don’t think she could handle that.” Which. Like. That’s my kryptonite. That phrase. I am super duper anto-competition in almost all forms except for that one. Then I see red and full steam ahead, to mix my metaphors.

So yeah. He had to ask someone else to pretend to have known my parents in high school to get me the job because the admin all knew he was an agitator and so they would never hire anybody he wanted them to hire. So I get hired under this lie. I am to not speak to socialist dad anywhere on the factory grounds or i could start being targeted.

Then it turns out that the factory is literally gender segregated. There is a women-only section. I mean, there were like three dudes who worked in that room, but no women who worked outside it. So yeah. Gender segregated. So dinner parties with the socialist parents and my parents are now me reporting in on the parts of the factory he’s never had access to. And there is some real bullshit going on there too. Like, most of the workers did not speak fluent English and so didn’t know that it was standard practice to put your hand into this one metal-teeth bit of one machine when it clogged despite the fact there was a big, red-letter sign that explicitly said not to do that ever. In English. Which none of them spoke.

Socialist dad decides that he needs a permanent plant in the women’s room. So another lie gets told only this time I’m the one asking the boss for a job for “relative” who is actually another plant from the socialist party.

Meanwhile socialist dad has used his fluency in at least three languages to translate the communist manifesto and start distributing it. He offers rides to anyone who needs it just so he can give them a copy. The bosses respond by putting him in the job most likely to get an injury in, a position that no one had held for longer than a couple months before socialist dad. Socialist dad held it for about three years until he was injured so badly the party rotated him out for less physical work.

But yeah. That was my summer working for the socialist party.

What types the signs are according to their elements

Aries: The killer
Leo: The self focused
Sagittarius: The carefree adventurus

Taurus: The one who wants everything to be what they want it to be
Virgo: The antisocial grown up
Capricorn: The hard worker

Gemini: The talker and socialist
Libra: The litsener and love giver
Aquarius: The advice giver and energy giver

Cancer: The sad one but understadible
Scorpio: The angry one with a sensetive and huge heart
Pisces: The stressed out stuck up