socialist vision

Neptune and Socialism ☭

Socialism represents a political and personal ideal, an ideal that is shaped by Neptune vision. Rather than a matter of policies and ideology stemming from left or right wing, it explores the concept of world views coloured with delirium and model fantasies. We have the expression of Neptune in right wing ideology, a sort of delusional devotion to an evangelical God, regulation masked as compassion, the righteousness of theology infiltrating policy. On the other spectrum, Neptune paints socialism with romantic and idyllic concepts, it embodies the victim and the savior, humanity together to disperse funds and resources to the collective. The socialist vision is tainted in the Neptune longing, an emptying out, a reunion. This archetypal urge, to reunite soul with father God is powerful in Neptune, and played out through all her songs. And so maybe this urge to reunite, like a child conceives the government as being a loving parent, such as through welfare and social support. Personal responsibility is obliterated, funds are deceivingly recycled back to the usurpers and not the poor, and the red tape of bureaucracy become a maze. Socialism, in its elevated Neptune sense relies on the notion that every person in the nation thinks and feels the same. Socialism requires at the least, honesty in government. And Neptune the deceiver is never renowned for honesty.