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This isn’t about abuse per se but I know how tumblr loves its discourse.

All aspects of healthcare should be free, because healthcare is necessary to not-dying, and not-dying is a basic human right. In an ideal world, parents wouldn’t need to worry about whether or not they can afford to treat their children. Sadly, we don’t live in a socialist utopia, but that doesn’t change the fact that parents must ensure that their children’s basic needs are met.

reminder kids that Three Meals A Day was invented by capitalism to make you interact with your nuclear family, in socialist utopia you can eat all day every day or not eat all day and then cook yourself the most beautiful filet mignon the world has seen at 1 am


Vince Gilligan Is Making A HBO Show About Cult Leader Jim Jones And The Jonestown Massacre

Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Badand Better Call Saul, is working with HBO on a series about infamous cult leader Jim Jones and his group, the Peoples Temple, called Raven.

Jim Jones was a fascinating figure and the moral complexity of the story — particularly how the cult’s initial intention was to create a socialist utopia which celebrated racial equality and eschewed the aggression of racial-intolerant America — makes it perfect fodder for Vince Gilligan’s type of television.

William Morris (1834-96) regarded beauty as a basic human birthright. In this fascinating book, which accompanies a major exhibition, Morriss biographer Fiona MacCarthy looks at how his highly original and generous vision of a new form of society in which art could flourish has reverberated through the decades. In 1860 Morris moved into the now famous Red House at Bexleyheath in Kent. Here his ideas found practical expression in its decoration, undertaken with the help of his artistcraftsman friends Edward Burne-Jones, Ford Madox Brown and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who envisaged the project as the first stage in a campaign against the debased artistic standards of the mid-Victorian age. From these beginnings, MacCarthy charts the development of a revolution: the setting-up of Morriss shop (later Morris & Co.), his embracing of radical ideas of sexual freedom and libertarianism, and the publication of his visionary novel News from Nowhere (1890), in which he advanced his hopes for a dismantling of the stultifying structures of society and their replacement by a more equable and fluid way of life. Later chapters explore how Morriss ideas came to influence the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain, Europe and the USA, the Garden City movement, and numerous artists and craftspeople who sought to negotiate a viable place within the modern world in the troubled years that followed the First World War. Finally, MacCarthy explains the continuing relevance of Morriss ideals, as expressed in the planning and execution of the Festival of Britain in 1951, a regenerative project of the post-war Labour government that inspired a number of young designers such as Terence Conran with a direct sense of mission to bring the highest design standards within the reach of everyone.

Solarpunk - a tale of two worlds

I’ve been following this tag pretty much through its inception, I’ve seen here and there people throwing ideas and chipping on how the solarpunk world should be. I’m not trying to put anything new, but rather to give a nice summation of the two most popular ideas I’ve seen. The two worlds as I’ve seen them can be described as The Jeffersonian Yeoman and a Socialist Utopia (please do not make a negative association). 

The less popular one is The Jeffersonian Yeoman. As a world I’ve seen it described and it appears to be more of Libertarian/Wild West type, than it’s Socialist counterpart. In it people live lives independent of the community - they generate their own electricity (via green means), they produce their own food (aquaponics), they supply their own water, The world of the Jeffersonian Yeoman - as I’ve said it before - is a Libertarian Utopia. There is very little government, almost no taxes and almost no social welfare and negligible government regulation. However this is Solarpunk and thus it is optimistic. While the individual tends to be much more important than the community, The Jeffersonian Yeoman is raised better than the modern person. He is moral, he follows the law, he helps those down on their luck, because he feels a personal responsibility to help those less fortunate.

 The second and more popular version is the Socialist Utopia. In it, as the name implies, the government and community take much more active roles. In it you can usually see things like Universal Income, communal housing and eating centers. Charity and care for the downtrodden is still done by people, but a much more heavy emphasis is put on social programs and the welfare state. Communal projects also tend to be much more common - where the community as a whole would do something - where is the Jeffersonian would be less likely to engage in such activities.

I like both of them in their own unique way and hope to see them explore, Solarpunk is such a nice idea.

Swedish centre-right in 2018: We believe it is unfair that all of our daughters are given to be child brides of Muslim immigrants. Thus, we propose that only half of Swedish girls would be selected for the genetic enrichment/racism erasure programmes”


Tumblr in 2018: You think Europe is so great and free of racism? Look at these actual NAZIS in Sweden!

Look on the bright side (UK election edition):

- Larry The Cat retains much-contested Chief Mouser position

- Nick Clegg is now free to stand against Tory policy and fade into complete obscurity as fate has ordained

- Food banks are a great place to meet fellow struggling singles in your area

- Scotland to establish independent socialist utopia by 2017

- Nigel Farage banished back to the shadow void from which he was first summoned in 2005. 

- Cameron couldn’t possibly privatise everything in the UK in just 5 years, right?!?

- We’ll all be dead in 100 years anyway

- If George Osborne become Foreign Sec. then he can keep himself busy fucking up someone else’s country

- George Galloway is now just a creepy anti-semitic rich guy and no longer a creepy anti-semitic rich guy with a seat in parliament

- Danerys Targaryan maintains her rightful claim to the throne

- Still not America

Free markets are routinely denounced by leftists for being merely “profit seeking”. But what is profit?  How one sees it depends upon what end one chooses to look at. a company seeking a profit is in essence a company seeking a more efficient way to serve the needs of the masses . a free enterprise society is a society full of people competing to see who can best meet the needs of the masses.  Its fruit is modern society and all of its conveniences. Even when people dream of a Socialist utopia their dream begins on the platform of the quality of life brought to us through free markets.

Convincing Americans of ridiculous lies about Canada is actually a major national passtime.

Like, this one time, we managed to convince several hundred million of them that we were crime-free, peace-loving, socialist utopia with no racism.